This is THE Missing Piece for Most Aspiring Internet Marketers

By | February 13, 2007

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and I don’t think the product is even available any longer. I have removed the links from this article, however the principles I explain in this article are timeless.

Edition #112 – 2/13/2007

I was going to make a video to show you just how excited I am about this, but I have a cold at the moment and I’m afraid my sniffles would have distracted from the message 😉

But make no mistake about it, I am FIRED UP about this topic.

As the headline of this article states:

This is the missing piece!

And NO, it doesn’t have anything to do with SEO, PPC, AdSense, list-building, joint ventures, product creation, resale rights, software, blogging, back hat, white hat, or any other hat!!!

You could have ALL those things I listed above, but without THIS you would most likely not become a successful internet marketer.

I’m not kidding, and I hope you don’t think I’m exaggerating.

The missing ingredient is this:

Being able to think like a marketer.

I can hear the collective groan of a thousand readers right now…

“You’ve got to be kidding me Eric! Are you trying to insult my intelligence?”

Listen… I’m not trying to insult anyone. I realize it sounds like I’m overstating the obvious, but please don’t miss the point because this is probably the most important newsletter I’ve written to date.

The reason it’s so important is that it’s going to turn a light bulb on in some people’s heads. Some people are going to say, “why didn’t someone just tell me this a long time ago?”

This will also be the day that some people realize that internet marketing is NOT for them. That’s OK too, because those people can stop wasting their time, and begin to focus on areas that ARE for them.

Here’s my “profound” statement that these strong feelings are based upon:

If you want to be a successful internet marketer, you need to be a marketer.

I’ve been feeling this way for some time now. You could ask my friend Joel who would confirm that this is exactly what I said last year.

We were talking about product ideas, and talking about what people really “need” in order to be successful in this business.

We were talking about the fact that such a high percentage of aspiring internet marketers fail to earn a sustainable living, and we were trying to determine what it would take for those people to become successful.

I said, “Joel, there’s a missing ingredient that they are not getting”. They aren’t getting it from all the ebooks, CD’s, videos, and even seminars.

“The missing ingredient is “how to be a marketer.”

If you think about it, I bet you’ll agree with me. You’ve probably read ebooks about all sorts of STRATEGIES, METHODS, SYSTEMS, and TACTICS… all of which involve making money online, BUT… none of which teach you how to BE a marketer.

There’s a reason for that.

The general public does NOT want to be a marketer. Yes, they want to MAKE MONEY on the internet, but deep down they don’t really want to be a marketer.

There’s a problem with that.

Trying to build an internet marketing business without BEING a marketer is like trying to build a house with no foundation. It’s no wonder so many people fail!

There are also a lot of people who *think* they want to be a marketer, but they don’t know what it really entails.

Let me give it to you real simple. I looked up the term “marketer” in three different dictionaries, and they all had essentially the same definition:

A marketer is someone who promotes or sells something.

In other words, a marketer is just a salesman (if I was politically correct I would say salesperson).

Sure, a marketer could be involved primarily in “promoting” rather than the act of the sale itself, but promoting IS selling, and if you don’t understand that then you’re probably not a marketer 😉

Perhaps you’re beginning to see why those who sell “how to make money” products typically do not emphasize the prerequisite of knowing how to think like a marketer.

It’s not “sexy”.

After all, who wants to be a salesman?

On the other hand, “Internet Marketer” has a nice ring to it. Who wouldn’t want to be an internet marketer? You get to work from anywhere in the world, doing work that your friends do not understand, and making the kind of money that keeps them guessing. Yet it is this very perception that enshrouds the Internet Marketing title with the mystique it’s been given.

Don’t get me wrong. Being a successful internet marketer IS all that.

But being an internet marketer ISN’T just about the internet. It’s about marketing. And marketing is all about selling.

Do you know why salespeople are one of the highest paid occupations on the planet?

Because NOBODY makes money until somebody sells something.

I’ve met a lot of highly successful internet marketers who make ridiculous amounts of money. The most commonly held attribute I have found among them is that they are marketers.

Sure they each have their own personal areas of expertise. Some are software experts, while others are good at joint ventures. Some are copywriters, and others might find their strength in delegating tasks as a business manager.

But they are all marketers. MOST of those I’ve met have come into internet marketing from a prior involvement in sales and marketing.

Admittedly there are a FEW who stumbled into internet marketing without any prior marketing history, but in virtually all cases those individuals also possessed a rare natural marketing ability.

For those who have excelled in the arena of sales in the offline world, the internet is an attractive option which offers an unparalleled opportunity for low overhead costs and high profit margins.

In case you didn’t know, I came from a sales and marketing background. I sold knives, newspapers, and even mobile homes.

What many aspiring internet marketers don’t realize is that the SAME principles of closing sales in the offline world apply to the online world.

While there are some online techniques that need to be applied (thus all the ebooks and learning material), the same PRINCIPLES of marketing apply.

When I read an ebook about internet marketing, it goes through a filter in my mind. That filter is comprised of all the sales and marketing experience I have gained in my lifetime.

As it goes through the filter, I can easily see HOW to apply the new knowledge I am gaining. But if you don’t have that filter in place, it’s easy to see why the very same information could mean tens of thousands of dollars for me, and nothing more than confusion and frustration for you.

So I’m going to ask you point blank…

Do you know how to think like a marketer?

Hopefully you’ll know and recognize whether you do, but if you’re not sure, let me offer a few additional questions…

Can you look at a product and get a quick picture of how it will make money for you?

Can you look at a product and see the market for it?

Can you look at a market and see a product for it?

Do you know HOW to bring the product to the market?

Do you know why people buy?

Do you know the sales process?

If you can’t answer those questions with a certain YES, then maybe you aren’t thinking like a marketer. And if you ARE a marketer, then you should be making money.

If you’re a true marketer, you will always have opportunity to make money. You’re recession proof.

I know that even if the internet disappeared tonight, I’d be making money again tomorrow. If you’re a marketer then you have that same confidence.

Even if you DO have sales and marketing experience, you need to be honest with yourself and consider; are you a GOOD marketer?

Were you the top sales person everywhere you ever worked?

Did you win local, regional, and national sales awards?

Do you feel confident that you could sell almost anything to anyone?

I don’t want to be harsh, but those are the kind of things that would indicate to me that you are an excellent marketer, with the ability to jump into internet marketing with no further training.

I used to believe that ANYONE could jump into it and be successful, but I think differently now. I now realize that not everyone has the same predisposition as me, and therefore what worked for me might not work for you.

I DO still believe that virtually anyone can *make money* online without any prior experience, but I think that their opportunity will be limited by their marketing proficiency. In other words, there are techniques that anyone can follow and make money (like PPC marketing), but they will have a disadvantage compared to those with marketing experience taking advantage of the same opportunity.

Let me make another distinction so that there is no confusion. Marketing expertise does not automatically equate to internet marketing success. It is the prerequisite, not the measure of potential success.

I needed to say that because I know there are some people reading this article right now who are thinking… “I’m an expert marketer, so why am I not making money on the internet?”

There could be various reasons including the need for accurate information about how to apply marketing to the internet, or it could simply be that you haven’t struck your niche yet (so to speak).

Okay, now for those of you who still WANT to be an internet marketer, let’s talk about this new product.

It’s aptly named How to Think Like a Marketer, and was created by industry veterans Bill Harris and Brad Antin.

I met them and saw them speak last year at an event, and one thing I’m certain of: they are masters of marketing.

The sales page goes into detail about what’s included in the package so I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about the content, but I’ll give you a quick overview.

I did receive the package already, and I must say that it is probably the heaviest home study course I have ever received.

How to Think Like A Marketer

Everything is organized into three large binders.

The first one contains the course itself: How to Think Like a Marketer II. This includes all the DVD’s and CD’s from the 4-day live event that they conducted last year. It also contains all the seminar notes in a notebook format.

Unlike most home study courses I’ve seen, this is NOT just a *few* DVD’s and CD’s. This thing has 29 CD’s and 17 DVD’s! They are well arranged, and I was happy to see that the videos are good quality (shot on two professional cameras, not some shaky camcorder).

The second binder contains Brad’s course: Your Marketing MBA on A Silver Platter.

He claims doing the course is like having an MBA in marketing. I would beg to differ, by saying it’s probably BETTER than an MBA in marketing if you plan on being an internet marketer.

If you go to college, you’ll learn marketing from an academic standpoint. It’s sort of like looking at the industry from 30,000 feet.

The difference with this course is that it’s a street-level sales and marketing education for the real world. The things you discover in this course are things that you can apply to any marketing opportunity, including internet marketing.

The third binder contains over 500 pages of the Antin Marketing newsletter. I like his subtitle on it; “Secrets From the Lost Art of Common Sense Marketing.”

That’s really what it’s all about. You’re not going to find a bunch of SEO tactics, or magical “systems”. What you will find is a solid marketing foundation to build those other things upon.

From an internet marketer’s standpoint, I must say that this product was somewhat of a “risky” thing for Brad and Bill to create.

After all, is this something that people WANT, or is it something that they NEED?

In general it’s good to analyze people’s wants AND needs when creating a product. But in our internet marketing niche, I’ve found that most people will buy what they WANT, not what they need.

I’ve seen it time and time again. Someone will spend an excessive amount of time crafting a beautiful product that over-delivers on content, and truly gives its customers an education.

But when the product launches, it’s a dud. Why? Because people don’t want an “education”. They want a magical system.

They NEED the education in order to be successful with the systems, but they want to skip that part and go right to the systems.

I hope you don’t think I wrote this entire edition just so that I could recommend a new home study course. I was going to write it anyway, and the product was a good fit so I put it together with what I’ve been meaning to say.

And regardless of whether you decide to invest in the course, please don’t think that I was exaggerating my point of view just to help sell the course.

That wouldn’t make sense for my business. By writing this newsletter, I am in some ways alienating a large percentage of my subscriber base because I’m saying, “You hate sales? Then internet marketing isn’t for you.”

That’s a bad move for my business. I’d be better off saying, “You hate sales? No problem, just buy this magical system for $97.”

So don’t think for a moment that this is all a sales pitch. It’s not, and if it was I’d be a fool.

In fact, this will probably be one of the most “unprofitable” newsletters I write this year. I could have taken this time to recommend another $97 system, and made a boatload of commissions. But I felt that some of the things I’ve said here have gone unsaid for too long, and some people needed to hear it.

Do you WANT to be an internet marketer?

If you want to be an internet marketer, then you NEED to THINK like a marketer.

Friends, the internet marketing opportunity is real, and there is no better time than now.

I’ve talked with several other successful marketers in the business lately, and they all agree: We are living in the glory days of internet marketing.

Many years from now, people are going to be talking about our time. They’ll be talking about an era where the common man could literally create his own destiny and make untold fortunes on the internet.

I wanted to finish with that, because I don’t want to discourage you from becoming an internet marketer if it’s in your heart. But don’t waste any more time. If that’s what you want to do, then you need to transform yourself into a marketer.

As always you can post your comments on this blog.

Have a great day!

28 thoughts on “This is THE Missing Piece for Most Aspiring Internet Marketers

  1. Joe

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for those words of wisdom.

    You hit the nail on the head when you said “people buy what they WANT not what they NEED”. It’s the cornerstone of sales and marketing psychology. We make decisions based on emotion, not reason and then try and justify it by reason.

    Can I add one more missing link? Whatever industry you’re in, you must learn the rules of the game to be successful. You need to do the apprenticeship, run the hard yards, become competent.

    I’ve observed that most people who’ve succeeded have brought a certain skill set with them or they’ve worked damn hard to learn the ropes. On the other end, there are those with loads of cash who can afford to pay experts to do everything for them and outsource the lot. You still have to do some work somewhwere!


    PS: Thanks for all of your reviews. I really look forward to them.

  2. Beth E.

    Eric. I really think this is probably a most valuable resurce for anyone that wants to succeed on the internet. I firmly believe you have to build a contact list…but you also have to get those people to buy from you, no matter what the product or service. This is where this course provides
    the mindset to do just that. That being said, I have one problem with it, I think they have priced it out of the reach of the people who need it most. Not that I don’t think it is worth that much. It certainly is. However most of the struggling that need it would be hard pressed to come up with that and perhaps would not want to go in debt for it. I think it would be better if they broke it down and offered the three parts separately.

    The gurus who can afford to get it probably don’t need it. Just an observation..but I think a valid one. Enjoyed your discussion above also.

  3. Ed

    I think that service is the cornerstone of marketing. You can sell every day, but if you make someone really unhappy, they are never going to trust you enough to buy from you again.
    But then again, maybe I’m wrong, a real marketer will never cease to find more suckers out there right?

  4. Loren


    Thinking like an internet marketer is very important in this business – but let’s not confuse internet marketing with an MBA in marketing. It is vitaly important for IM’s to not lose focus on their purpose and forget to make that distinction. Your 30,000 foot analogy is applies. An MBA covers far more territory than an internet marketer should ever need to*. The sales and promotion you refer to that make up so much of internet marketing are a small part of what stuffy ‘MBA marketers’ would refer to as the Marketing Mix. MBA marketing courses study all aspects of getting a good to market, which includes things we normally may not think about or need as internet marketers. When you are developing an e-book the last thing you need to worry about is managing complex distribution channels involving fleets of trucks, retailors, and international trade regulations.

    As internet marketers our distribution channel is relatively easily acquired via a website and a few scripts. Success hinges on making sales. The tools to do that can be found in the programs promoted on this website. Learning to communicate the value of a product and getting visibility for that product is the most important part of our succes. We need to make sure the biggest part of our effort (and resources!) goes to the most important piece of the puzzle of success. A $60,000 MBA isn’t going to give you those tools for IM success – just as being an internet marketer will not prepare you to be an executive marketing big shot in a corporation.

    * As you master the foundations of being an Internet Marketer and see your business grow you will need to learn more about the broad field of marketing, just don’t get those things out of order!


  5. Ken

    Hi Eric,
    Well said! If anything your analysis may be little short of reality rather than an exageration. I find that when some one says “salesman” the image that pops up in most peoples minds is the slick, plaid jacketed used car salesman, a very negative conotation. This happens because what most people don’t realize is that we are all, to some degree, salesmen. To the extent that we successfully market ourselves, we are successful in our chosen profession, what ever it is, actual sales or othewise. The failure that most people experience is just that, the failure to correctly market themselves.

    I think too, that most people who market on line are happy not to talk about this deficit because it creates a pool of happy prospects who will snap up the next “system” that will guarantee their success, regardless of whether they have the skills or foundation knowledge to use it or not. I have for several years been disappointed with online purchases. I have purchased courses that were suppose to fill in the gaps in my experience and help me to become a marketer only to find another “system” that talked all around the subject but basically took me no where. I come from a background not related to sales or marketing, other than as I stated above, and so must learn, late in life, how to be a marketer. I am happy to see that someone is aware of the problem and is willing to talk about it.

    The funny thing is, when I was a kid, I had a natural ability to market. All the way through high school I had one business or another and seemed to do fairly well at them. It has been a life time of being bombarded with ideas like “salesmen are inherently dishonest” that eventually buried that ability. Trying to recall that ability from my youth has so far been mostly unsuccessful. I hope this course can help.


  6. Valentin

    Eric …

    You did it again.

    Recently I received an invitation to “run” for 1 of 3 position of copywritting private training. To apply, was required to post a comment into a specific blog (“why I want to learn c/w and why should I be selected one”).
    I posted there that, to be able to become top copywritter, something native is required. To have the “gift”.
    Well, with some training (and constantly keep training), may reach to write some killer ads time to time. But copywritters MUST be marketers also. As in your

    Can you look at a product and see the market for it?
    Can you look at a market and see a product for it?
    Do you know HOW to bring the product to the market?

    Nice (written) post, Eric.
    I`m a fan of “name things with them name” and/or “say things up-front”.

    Keep it up, Eric.


    ps : Since this seems to be only way to “shoot” it (I tried another one but ….), I have a question :
    What You`ll choose – for promoting same item, no matter what, one sale make 1$ for you – :
    1- a mlm premade site – prewritted letters – full stuff – not made by you, but by a “big name” ;
    2- make your own site full with scripts and host (and the “run for traffic at beggining” incuded 😛 ).
    Condition and terms : you have ZERO investments money; you have no list; NO loans allowed; you must choose only one from above two options; MUST (trough this activity alone) reach 100$ / week in 90 days.

    ps2 : Inside my very tight close friends circle, we have a beliff : if have a properly well designed packing and good promotion, anybody can sell air from Mars in plastic cans.

  7. Walter Gavurnik

    Another excellent article Eric!
    As Loren said above, communication is a KEY element to marketing.
    The first thing to gain is the trust of all your subscribers. Without it, you
    will fail instantly.

    Yes, you need to become a “Sales Person”. You also need to differentiate
    between product and prospect. Does the person I am talking to have any
    desire to purchase this item?

    This goes back to the ability to sell an ice cube to an eskimo. Tough sale
    and most likely will not occur. Now a hand warmer………you have a possibility! 😉

    Think like a marketer. This is very important! If you can’t, you won’t! Simple as that.
    So how do we begin to think like a marketer? Think about how all those people in
    stores sold you your TV, cell phone, refridgerator, etc that you really did not want all
    the extras. You got them though…..didn’t you. It’s the biggest, the best, the fastest,
    the “in thing”, and many other reasons. The “sales person” hit the right chord for YOU!

    Think about the idle chatter which happens when you are looking to purchase something.
    You are asked seemingly useless questions which you freely respond to. COMMUNICATION
    PEOPLE! You have allowed some personal information to help create the sale.

    One other important thing to remember is mind set. How do you think about yourself? What
    do you want to accomplish in life? Where are you headed? These are all things you must
    answer and be lead by to accomplish anything in life.

    I posted this on my blog:
    It’s a free ebook to start you thinking correctly. From that point, decide if
    How to Think Like a Marketer is right for you, or affordable.

    Once again, wonderful article my friend! Everyone is not a marketer, but all could be
    with the correct guidance.


    P.S. Take care of that cold. Take 2 bowls of chicken soup and call the doc in the am! 🙂

  8. leon

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for sharing the info.

    I downloaded the free report “How to think like a Marketer” from Brad Antin & Bill Harris. The report is a great read, very well written. I personally find it too academic though. I totally agree that we MUST think like a marketer if we want to be a marketer.

    But I also believe that as an Internet Marketer, we must know exactly HOW to make money online so that we can do the RIGHT things everyday. Nowadays unfortunately it’s hard to find a book that honestly revealing what exactly we need to do to earn money online. There are simply too much hype and noises out there. Sometimes, putting our blinder on and just focus in doing ONE single thing is much more productive.

    It’s like swimming… we must first learn how to swim. Either learn by ourselve, learn from a friend or hire a swimming coach. If we know how to swim, we jump into the pool swimming and enjoying ourself. Thinking like a swimmer will not teach us how to swim.


  9. Charles


    What ever you are being is just that.
    We are creators of our choice.
    There is nothing we cannot be,
    Our talents are endless.

    Your words Eric are nothing more than a mere utterance.
    Thought,Word,Action=Marketer or what ever we choose.
    You see Eric what is the soul really after.

    Money or Connecting.I Bless your Comment Eric and keep my money good opening line. I give you my highest energy.


  10. flwong

    Hi Eric,

    Firstly, hope you will well soon from your cold. Take good care of your health.

    This a best post that i have seen from a marketer pint of view and you as always is the one and honest one to give us all you great views and experience. I totally agreed that to success you have to think like a real marketer.

    Just like a chef, you not only think like a cook, but you have think out of the box too. ie. what is the best incredient, spice, your customer taste etc….

    Keep it up.


  11. Dallas

    Success truly does start with the mindset doesn’t it? However. I personally don’t think one can get that mindset from a home study course, not in the sense that you read the course and do the exercises and poof! you’re a salesperson.

    Doesn’t work that way, sorry.

    Some folks are born with the love of sales in them, and others have to learn it. And the learning of it takes time, and determination, and discipline, and being willing to fail a little bit better all the time, and some significant growth in self-esteem. I mentor of mine said to me that I could double my income as fast as I double my self-esteem. He was right. I had to work on myself, learn to get out of my comfort zone, and learn over time to see sales as a noble profession. I’m still learning — I’ll never stop. And you just can’t get that kind of thing from a home study course. No matter how good the sales letter and pre-sell are, or how many CDs are in it.

    Just go work on yourselves, people. If you want to learn to be a success (in sales or in life), go check out Jim Rohn. He’s the real deal.

  12. Micheal Savoie

    You write well, and you are definitely talented as a marketer.
    That being said, I disagree. To be a marketer online, you have to have the desire to succeed, a drive that will allow you to get out of your comfort zone and do those things that you need to do to be able to sell. Without that driving force, you can think like a marketer, have all of the book knowledge you can afford, and still never make two nickels to rub together.
    The mark of a winning marketer is to make a decision to succeed, then either learn the methodology or hire the person who has the ability. The operative condition is that the person with the drive will take a situation and turn it to his advantage. Anyone else will quit at the first sign of failure or just continue to deliver half-hearted information to those who will put up with them, but not actually buy from them.
    You obviously have both of these. You have the talent and the drive to make it happen. You make people see what you want them to see not because you think like a marketer, but you think like a successful person. Your life will continue to be a slave to your will, because you are not afraid to take action, and you use those abilities that you have acquired, and if you lack any ability, you probably mastermind with someone who does.
    Lets not fill people’s heads with the idea that only if they buy that course will they have the thought process to succeed. Many of the people who will blindly purchase the course will unfortunately STILL not do anything with the new thought processes that they purchased.
    I think I will create a product that will help define the will to win. That is what people need, because with the will to win comes the action and then the results.
    I still believe in you, Eric, you are still one of the few people I will read every time I get your email. Your opinion is one that I respect. If I didn’t respect you, I would not have taken the time to write this. I would have unsubscribed, but because you do have the track record that you do, you can teach me a lot. Thanks for keeping us all informed!

    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

  13. skeptic

    Eric you are always looking for ways to make more money. Your email had a attention grabbing headline, that leads to your very own sales page, this page. You jump on an opportunity to add to your income stream any chance you get. That’s not a bad thing that is a good thing, intact I would probably do the same thing, but I’m not in your shoes and your not in my shoes and I’m not making the money that you are. My click bank commissions are horrible my adsense income is just as bad, so I’m not a good marketer like you, sometimes I get a little irritated at all the people who continually try to make money off of me, when I hardly have any to give. Ok with that said, what is your commission on this new product, 30% 40% or maybe 50%. If you are truly who you say you are your will accept this post to your blog.

  14. Lisa Preston

    Hi, Eric –
    You’re dead-on about having to think like a marketer, but there is even more to it than that.
    I also come from a deep marketing/sales/advertising background, and when I first delved into Internet Marketing, the sales principles applied but the technology created a boundary as well.
    Most courses provide only bits of the puzzle. It takes a long time to fit all the pieces together to create a financially sound online business, one you can count on to pay the bills.
    I think a very close second to thinking like a marketer is another often unspoken requirement – you need to value your time. It’s easy to jump in with a valuable skill, hoping to turn it into a viable business, but I see people every day getting bogged down in details, attempting to master all kinds of new things. I’m all for education, but I am much more likely to make money when I maintain focus – concentrate on what I am really good at, and JV or outsource for the skill sets I lack.
    I excel at graphic design and sales. I simply love doing it. I regularly charge between $35 – $50 an hour for these services, with many repeat customers and referrals. This is what my time is worth. If a task I am doing does not translate to this figure or higher in some way, I need to give it to someone else and concentrate my efforts more effectively.
    It’s one thing to create a job – another to build a business. I personally want a business, and that means far more than simply thinking like a marketer.
    Sorry about the “ramblings”, but I watch so many of my clients flounder because they try to “do it all” and end up doing very little, frustrated and poorer as a result.

    God Bless,

  15. Chris

    Hi Eric,

    I just got back from town, and immediately got on the Internet. Your mail is actually the first item I’m looking at. That’s how much value I put on your comments / reviews. True.

    I guess it’s just a coincidence, but for the past few days I’ve been looking at myself…. inside out. Yes, I think I need some mental re-structuring……got to get into thinking like a Marketeer! There’s been too many years spent on engineering (and physics).

    So I was in town early this morning and got myself a book…Selling on the Web! I think it’s on marketing, certainly hope so; took me 2 hours to decide (could have taken longer, but my daughter was getting angrier by the minute – we hadn’t had breakfast even).

    The book’s probably not as indepth, and wide ranging, as the material(s) contained in the CDs and DVDs that accompany “How to Think Like a Marketer”. But truth be told….. the latter is priced beyond my reach.

    “Selling on the Web”, though fairly expensive in terms of the local currency, when converted to USD, is just $7.

    Best regards.


  16. shoti

    well said eric! thanks for the reminder.. been a salesman since high school, now i’m looking for things to sell. my allowance is not enough to sustain my needs and wants.

    thank you very much!

  17. Mada


    Well said, but I found that online marketing is a LOT harder than offline marketing…

    What if you are an excellent offline marketer and aren’t even a good internet marketer? Will this course be the “magical system” to change that person into one?

    Looking forward to more reviews about this.

  18. said hassan


  19. Don

    Hope all is well with you and your family:

    In regards to the cold you are having, a nice bow of chicken soup will do the job.

    In regard to internet maketing there will always be something to buy and sell on the subject.

    What people have to understand is when you buy any marketing material from any of the so called guru as long as you keep opening up their mail you will be buying what they are talking
    about. To make money you have to be ready for he long term. All of these short money fixes
    are a waste f time and money.

    What ever you are working on stick with it and don’t give up, and when you buy from them
    make sure you do your due diligence, and when you do watch what happens.

    Other possibilities will open up for you.

    I would like to know if there is any one who has purchase Joel Comm IAT package?

    This software is giving me problems in my basic html index to insert my google id# in
    the video eric explaine that the word “YOUR ID HERE” in video #1 you replace your code
    in the the box; etc. I can not find it in either of the CD’s.

    The main part of his program is the the 15 videos that explains how to do everything from inserting your google adsense ID#, your clickbank ID, and your amazon, CJ ID# ; etc into your basic html source code to upload your choice of 150 templates to choose from that is included. After inserting your ID# to the templates you ftp to your server.

    My problem is my computer is having some setbacks with openning up and veiwing these videos. At this point I would like to build a basic gateway , landing page from using this system, his method is a marketers dream for the newbes to start with.

    If you are fimilar with Joel Comm templates, i would like to upload, the rs feed, the articles, googles search box, clickbank ID#, etc, on one landing or gateway webpage page for starters, and then build and add to it as I go along.

    If you are a savy webdesigner/programer that has an internet markerters eye and can also assist to build a list that will grow to a snowball effect before the spring, let’s get busy.

    If you have done similar work like this i would like to see it, and if i like your offer and your ideas, we can go to the next 150 plus projects i have waiting for you 🙂

    Don Hayes

  20. Franck Silvestre

    It was a good read Eric. It’s true. I see many people trying to make money with really strange principles. They’d better learn marketing basics.

    Amazon is also a good place to find grea marketing book for pennies of the dollar.

  21. David

    Hello Eric and All

    It’s no great surprise people hate to sell something, but Eric is right no one makes any money untill someone somewhere sells something! True salespeople (just being PC here) have a bad reptutation some derserved some not. In this day and age people are so used to instant this and instant that we have started looking for “push button wealth” and I’m affraid it just doesn’t exist. In most people’s defense our time is in such high demand with work/career, kids and everything there’s very little time left over for ourselves. I’m not making excuses for myself or anyone else, but it is true. This does mean that if we are going to make this happen then we must find it in ourselves to just “just do it”.

    The ironic part is that we all are salespeople everyday but 98% just don’t know it. Seriously, think about this for a moment. When we interview for a job we are making a sales pitch to a potential customer (potential employer), the product is our services as an employee. When we successfully make that sale (get hired, yea!) we then go into customer service mode (which most IM’s hate right) providing the service (as an employee) we sold at the interview. We continue to do this everyday for usually years at a time. Now that we’re in customer service mode (employee), we have to prove (or continue to resell) to our employer (client/customer) that we are doing a good enough job to want us to come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next etc. So we really are salespeople after all most just never knew it. We all have been taught or brain washed to believe that we should get a good education (myself I actually have an MBA) and get that job with xyz corp. that will last for 30 years ending with the famous “gold watch”. I think any one reading this already knows that formula no longer works, yet so many people pursue it.

    Why do we still pursue it? Sometimes, lack of vision, time, lack of dedication, somepeople NEED a taskmaster everyday (like Eric once said) etc. These are not meant to be excuses but just seems to happen. They all can be overcome.

    I just think it is kinda funny that so many hate to be salespeople when that’s exactly what we are everyday without even realizing it. It’s much smarter to get a $10 bill from 10 different people (clients) than to get a single $100 from one person (employer/client). We are very much at the mercy of the single client if we receive all of our income from them and that’s exactly what most people do as an employee. Of course I’m preaching to the choir here, so I’ll get off my soap box now.

    P.S. I’m certain that even if someone doesn’t start with the “marketers mindset” they can accomplish this with enough determination and focus. So, to everyone reading this including myself just continue to Take Action Everyday.

    Godspeed Everyone!

  22. Robert

    I agree and I just came from Rich Shefren’s Live “Startup to Freedom” Seminar. He expounds many of these points. I also agree with the other poster that this should be broken down for those that don’t have $1500. Also, it is hard to absorb so much at once. They could break it down and send a section or module every month. Maybe $250 a month for six months. Or $175 a month for 8 months. I can break it all down to three things:
    Be unique, have a written, unique vision and mission for your business.
    Use a USP, a simple and impactful unique selling proposition to market your business
    Test, test, test and win, win better, win better, win better, win better…
    Thanks, Bob L.

  23. Jeff

    For the cold, as Don said, chicken soup is the way to go ! It works.

    From my 5 years of internet marketing experience, I can say making enough money to
    live on is tough for most people and thats going to be true for 95% of the folks who
    attempt it. Reasons are many – you pointed out just one of them
    Even if you get good at being a marketer…it still needs consistent application of time,
    effort and money to make money. Driving targeted traffic is the next big challenge.

    I’m not saying give up trying your internet marketing adventure….but its risky unless
    you get a mentor to show you all the steps and stand by, to help you, if you have a
    question. And you must be prepared to do you part of the deal.

    Develop a system – its easy to say, but once you get it right then you promote the hell
    out of it and reach all or most of your prospects and you can make money.
    But its tough….it can be done, if you are prepared to learn the basics and apply
    it …and improve on it as you go. There is a price to pay if you are prepared for
    it, go for it.

    The Only other realistic option is for most people to invest their way to wealth like
    the pro’s do. I mean, if you can get access to the kind of research and investment
    warren Buffet, and succesful investors have done and made their millions and billions.

    Did he build a business ? Did he sell/promote any products offline or online ?
    No way.
    I found a way to get this kind of research at very low cost…you may be shocked how
    easy, zero risk and profitable it can be with good solid insider information to make a
    fortune. I’m using it and seriously look forward to retiring in next 4 – 7 years. Not a get rich overnight scheme.

    The only Tough part of the deal is the patience required to wait for your investment to
    give above normal returns. The kind of return you won’t find any bank or mutual funds can
    offer and with no real risk.

    If anyone is interested, for more info, you can mail me at

    All the best in your money making adventures !

  24. Gary Martin

    Well, yes indeed. It IS bout sales and selling. However, net marketing is a heck of a lot
    easier than going up to a stranger’s door and trying to flog some product, or telemarketing.
    Therefore it is easier to be successful with it.


  25. Chris Carpenter

    I really think this is probably a most valuable resource for anyone that wants to succeed on the internet.It’s no great surprise people hate to sell something, but Eric is right no one makes any money until someone somewhere sells something! your tips are excellent,this article is very interesting for Internet marketers,
    click on the following link to find similar articlesInternet Marketers

  26. Donna

    I am a little behind on reading, with college and all. I am 6 weeks from getting my Associates in Business, which is not on e-business by the way. Eric I can sell in person. A lady come into my yard sale and she was not sure about the car massage equipment. I say let’s try it out. I put it in her car and plugged it in. She sat down and I sold the item on the spot.
    I do not know how to take that asset and turn it into a internet selling point for my website. Land sales is not the same as internet marketing. You have to be able to have a knowing after trial and error in the internet field.
    I have sold items in person from a very young age and I am now 49. This internet selling has to be learned, targeting the right individuals at the right time. Providing them with what they think they want not necessary want they need. The internet is a wordly version of personal sales where people see your face, the way you move, and the tone of your voice. Even the best salesman has to be able to write that in a way that the person does not think twice about spending their money or they might not.
    People want to feel important, feel good about themselves, that they are helping someone else, and that they are getting somewhere in life. People are addicts to things that make them feel great. A discount, a free item, a bargain, or more for their money.
    I am getting my BA in behavioral science for two reasons: (1) Why do individuals do what they do, and help them through groups to improve their self worth; (2) I want to have a business and if I do not understand people I will not sell a thing.
    Most importantly, they want heard and have someone reply to their posts or when some hits ‘contact us’ someone answers in a reasonable amount of time. Customer service on the net sucks in most businesses because they want a revolving income with no work involved, and that is why I think sales are declining.
    To be a good salesman you have to talk to the individual, remember their names, get personal with the customer, how are the kids, your family, and etc., and all these aspects are missing on the net. Corner stores, a family owned business still make money because ‘Hi, Joe,” is the most important factor in that man’s life after teaching 25 years at the local high school. He does not give a ‘xxx’ about possessions, he wife has passed away, and he just wants a ear to listen. He would even pay for a person to just listen. That is how most cleaning folk get their jobs around here is their listening abilities.
    How do you put these aspects in the internet marketing playing field?


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