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By | April 8, 2008

Edition #161 – 04/08/2008

Today my friend Dave Guindon is launching his Virtual Smart Agent program.

I know that nobody really likes reading a bunch of “hype” on a review blog, so I’ll try to spare you the superlatives.

The bottom line is that this is one of the most helpful products that I have seen in a long time.

Unlike most products (which don’t live up to their claims), this one really will help your business.

It has been tested by many people, and proven to increase sales by up to 40%. Additionally, it can help build your list for you, and it can also be used by affiliate marketers.

Dave is known to be a very ethical marketer, and I consider this strategy to be 100% “white hat” and should be well-received by the general public.

Because of the power that this program holds, and the proven track record to back it up, I am recommending this product for anyone who has a website.

Very RARELY do I classify something as being a “no brainer”.

Quite frankly, I think the term “no brainer” is often offensive, because it insinuates that a person is not intelligent if they choose to not buy something. That’s why I almost never use the term.

However, I have officially rated this product a “no brainer”, with the only qualification being that you do need to have a website, and you have to be trying to make money online in some way.

In order to make it even more of a no brainer for you, I’ve created a special bonus package to go along with it.

You can get the details at…

Click Here to See My Bonus Package…

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on my blog.

Have a great day!

NOTE: This bonus is over.

5 thoughts on “Virtual Smart Agent Bonus

  1. Roy Wheaton

    Hey Eric,

    You guys are light years ahead of me.

    I am more into let me pay to plug and play.

    I am looking for a turn key system that would just allow me to write my newsletter and answer emails on my topic for a price. You name your price for doing the marketing and management of the list you develop?



  2. Garry

    It looks interesting, and I want to see it in action. Is it possible to see it in use on one of your websites?


  3. Ian del Carmen

    This is the year’s MOST POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL.

    If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, do it now before it’s too late…

    Ian del Carmen

    PS: Thanks bro for inviting me to the JV program… 🙂


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