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By | April 12, 2008

UPDATE: This offer is now over, so I’ve removed the links from this article. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. Thank you to all who helped!

Edition #162

I’ve been incredibly blessed.

As you may have noticed, I’ve promoted several products in this newsletter lately, and I’ve done quite well with those promotions.

So today it’s time to focus on giving again.

About two months ago I asked for your help raising funds for a fellow marketer who was experiencing some hardships, and many of you helped by ordering her product.

Today I’m asking you to help give a young man the freedom he deserves.

Petey is a 12 year old boy who suffers from a fatal disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

I learned about him from Jason Marshall, who was a contestant on The Next Internet Millionaire (the reality show I produced last year). Jason is a full time one-on-one aide for Petey, and he is passionate about giving this young man the best life he can.

Petey uses a power wheelchair. The problem is that a special van is needed to transport him and the wheelchair anywhere, and they don’t own a van that will accommodate him.

Jason can’t afford to buy the van for Petey on his own. He makes a very small salary, sacrificing his time as an act of service.

Petey’s family can’t afford to buy a van. Why not? He lives with his mother, who is a SINGLE MOM with NINE children! She’s doing the best she can, but they don’t even have a car.

I can hardly imagine being in that kind of situation.

We do have freedom, and that’s why I think we should help give Petey freedom.

Whether you can give big, or give small, let’s help Petey get a van.

Jason managed to get over $2000.00 of digital products donated by internet marketers to help with this fundraiser.

If you give the standard donation amount, you can download them as a special gift for your contribution.

If you want to give a different amount, you will not download the gifts, BUT your donation will be 100% tax deductible as a charitable donation for US tax payers.

I want you to know that I am not making anything from this, and neither is Jason.

100% of the proceeds are going to help Petey.

So please take a look at this, and see what you can give.

(link removed)

If you don’t feel comfortable giving $47, then give $20, or $10 or whatever.

On the other hand, some of you may be able to donate $1000 or more, which would make a huge impact.

Secondly, I would like to challenge you to get involved by posting this to your blog, or sending it to your subscribers in the next few days.

I would also like to personally send a challenge to some others in the internet marketing world to send some serious traffic to Petey’s fundraiser… especially those of you who were mentioned on the site by Jason: Mike Filsaime, Frank Bolella, Stanley Tang, Joel Comm, Mark Joyner, etc.

And I know that there are other prominent marketers who read this newsletter. Please take a moment to pass this along to your subscribers.

Together, we can reach the goal and make a difference in a life.

As always you are welcome to leave your comments here on my blog.

Have a great day!

23 thoughts on “Help Give Petey Freedom!

  1. Jeanne

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    went down to normal levels, The product takes all the stored metals out of the body. This could help him.
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  2. Loz

    Hey Eric

    Loz here, just got your email.

    I purchased the power pack ($47.00) and donated another $200.00 🙂

    A cousin of mine also suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, he was 33 when he passed away, just short of his 34th birthday, last sept, 2007. Doctors said he would never last that long, he was diagnosed with this terrible disease when he was 6 years old. I remember one time when I went round his house ready to cycle to school (when I was 8 years old), as we walked with our bikes across the road, jumped on the bikes, cycling on the pavement, half way to the school we both attended, he fell off for no reason. It was like as if the disease decided to kick in right there and then, no warning, nothing. Miss the guy heaps, he was also my best buddy.

    I this money helps Petey out, and wish him the best for me and ask him to keep his head up, and stay strong!

    All the best


  3. Tim

    I thought long & hard about buying the package for Petey, but I didn’t & I’ll tell you why. My wife has just changed jobs (she’s a teacher). She has started teaching at a place called Cares, Inc. It’s a school for foster children who have it harder than most other foster children. It’s hard for me to imagine life as a foster child, much less a foster child who has it worse than most. She was there on her 2nd day, when they brought in a little 6 year-old girl. When they were unpacking her things, she got kinda embarrased, & told the principal, in a quiet voice, that she didn’t have many clothes. The principal told her that that was usual, not to worry. The little girl then told her, further, that she didn’t have any panties. Sure enough, there were none in her things that were packed. She also, in a minute, told the principal that she had never had any panties. She didn’t have any packed, sure enough, but then on further examination, it was discovered that she wasn’t wearing any either. She said that she had NEVER had or worn any panties; she had ONE change of clothing to her name, & it was worn-out. I HAVE to contribute to THIS cause; it broke my wife’s heart to see a 6 year-old girl with nothing–no clothes, no PARENTS, no hope.

    I wish I could help both, but I’ve GOT to help a little girl that my wife will see every day. I hope you understand; I DID think harg about it, but with my limited budget, I HAD to make a choice.

    Write if you have a chance or a suggestion.

  4. Eric Post author

    Jeanne- Interesting info. You can donate via Paypal using the button on Petey’s site.

    Loz- On behalf of Petey, thanks for your generosity! Perhaps with advancements in science, he will be able to live as long or longer than your cousin.

    Tim- Of course I understand. You can’t give to everything that comes along. You have to decide which ones you feel most led to contribute to, and that seems to be a good choice for you.

  5. Russ

    well I would love to help, but I myself am disabled. I do not have a job nor do I get disability checks. my life is pretty empty. All i want is to have a decent life. I have never experienced what it’s like to be free from want and desire. all my life i have known poverty, shattered hope and dreams. while every one else has a life of abundance, i am left in the pits of poverty. no one even cares.


  6. Brian M. Ellsworth

    I will definitely send out to my list, but I want to offer more.

    I suffer with Muscular Dystrophy myself, so I’m well aware of the difficulties one experiences.

    Fortunately my affliction didn’t manifest itself until I was 40, so I was able to enjoy a fairly normal life until that point (loving wife, children, etc), Petey isn’t so fortunate and needs every ones help!

    I don’t have the connections to Mark or Mike to contact them directly to donate a product to the cause; if you have a way to reach them for me, please do. Otherwise …

    If you don’t have a line to Mark or Mike, please let your list know that if they purchase the $47 offer to support Petey, to send a copy of their receipt to and I’ll make sure they get a free copy of my latest software (Your Mini Site Creator V2).

    Eric, bless you for helping Petey.

    Your Success Creator
    Brian M. Ellsworth

  7. Eric Post author

    Russ- Try to stay positive, and know that true happiness doesn’t come from wealth. I recommend requesting some people to pray for you over at PrayWay

  8. Eric Post author

    Brian- Bless you, and I’ll email you with Jason’s email address (Jason is the one running it).

  9. Gene Ilten

    Hi Eric,

    I’m just starting out and I have a list of about 100. I have sent out a broadcast to them with Petey’s site on it. I hope it helps. I am going over to get make a donation now.


  10. Jason Stanley Marshall

    WOW! I have to say I am literally blown away. You all are absolutely awesome. My wife and I were amazed when we checked our email and saw all the donations and purchases.

    Eric – Thank you so much for all your help. You have gone above and beyond the rest. I also want to say that your list has been the most responsive. You have done an awesome job pouring into them.

    You all have played an important role in this cause. Every little thing counts and adds up. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    Jason and Petey

    PS – You can also check out our blog. We have updates and posts from Petey.

  11. Paul

    Hmm …

    While I always support good causes .. this one gives me pause.

    Since he is here in the U.S., there ‘are’ programs to help with
    acquiring a wheelchair accessable van.

    Has this even been attempted?

    Perhaps that should be done first before asking for money
    from the general public.

    If there is proof this has been attempted but turned down for some
    reason … then .. heck .. I’ll even throw in a product only available
    on my web site.


  12. car donation

    I don’t have the connections to Mark or Mike to contact them directly to donate a product to the cause; if you have a way to reach them for me, please do.My wife and I were amazed when we checked our email and saw all the car donation and purchases.

  13. Eric Post author

    Jason- glad I could help 🙂

    Paul- It’s not that easy… its not like there are government grants available for anyone who needs a van. This is a program. They set up a non-profit specifically for Petey.

    I just did a quick google search for wheelchair accessible van grant and you will see that many of the related web pages are regarding other people who are trying to raise funds for vans for a private parties (like what we’re doing). There are a few stories of government grants being used, but all the cases that I found which received grants were for organizations like schools, Native American Tribes, and other non-profit orgs. I did see some possible grants available for van “lifts” from MD association, and from auto makers, but those are only like $1500 for the lift, and do not cover the van…

  14. Selene

    ok, i have a stupid question.

    when i read your email, Eric, i knew i was going to donate. i don’t have much but wanted to give what i little i could. i didn’t really think about the software, just wanted to help. so i went to the page and scrolled through but was pulled in by the copy and thought, “wow, i would love all that software. maybe i’ll just go ahead and do the $47 and get all that stuff, too.”

    so here’s my question, (i even wonder about this everytime PBS and NPR are doing their fundraising campaigns) shouldn’t i just donate my money without getting all this stuff in return?

    i guess i’m having an internal moral dilemma.

  15. Eric Post author

    Selene – that is a good question. In this case, all of the products are donated by 3rd parties, so it is not costing Jason or Petey anything. It’s totally up to you, but if you like the products being offered I’d say go for the products, and don’t feel bad about it.

  16. Graham

    I just have to let Petey know that i am sincerely sorry,that i wish him untimely recovery.

    As a newbie,inspite of nothing to donte,i owe him that God in his mercies,stretch out his healing hands where ever he is,and that whatever the realization of the fundraising is,it will be less possible time with his GRACE.

    Once more,thank you Mr.Eric for your care and support towards Petey.


  17. Jason Stanley Marshall

    Thanks Eric, you are correct. Either way you do it the money goes to the cause. I am going to talk to my tax guy and double check on the situation with these 3rd party marketers giving the gifts and not the trust we set up. It should be fine. Meaning you won’t have to subtract the gift amount from the donation.

    If you are still having a dilemma just go ahead and make the donation and then email me and we can work something out. Thank you for your heart to give Selene!


  18. Jeff Wellman


    I dontated one of the products for Petey’s cause and please do not even feel a bit bad about getting the products provided. The marketers that gave products I know are people that just like to give and this is a way for them to just plain give to others that are in turn giving to Petey.


    God Bless


  19. Russ

    well with that altitude eric i will say you can just go to hell.

  20. Pingback: Jason Marshall and Petey at Elliot Lee


    This is great that internet marketing can help us reach out to those in need and I’m very impressed Eric that you have posted this blog and I hope it will make us all pause to think: what really is the end aim of our personal goals?

    What ultimately are we trying to achieve through our online efforts, our internet marketing? I suspect none of us, myself included have really reached out to that higher goal of creating a far better world by using our means to support and care for the needs of others. I ask myself, what is behind the facade of my daily and long-term goals? Am I only working for my future, or am I wanting to reach out and make the world a better place, a place of love and spontaneous giving without fear?

    This is the ultimate goal indeed, I think, for humanity, and I thank you Eric for bringing this vital thought to my mind today. God Bless You! zowoco

  22. Shirley

    Dear Eric,
    I know you are only trying to help, but I’m feeling less and less adequate with every e-mail I open.
    I haven’t even gotten my website figured out or published, barely acquired a domain, trying to decide on hosting, worrying about product quality, etc… I’ve spent a fortune and now there is this new ‘Conversion’ product costing a small fortune, at least to me. I haven’t even started making any money yet and already feel like a failure, because I don’t understand most of this stuff yet.
    With every ‘newer, better product’, coming I can’t slow down enough to just get started and I already feel like giving up!! (I said feel like it, not am going to)
    I just wish someone would say slow down, this will help you…..’
    Anyway, I know you mean well, I ‘m just overwhelmed. I appreciate your consistent efforts.\

    Shirley Ferlaak


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