LESSON #22: Branding and Naming Your Product

By | August 27, 2008

In the past few lessons, we’ve gone through the process of selecting a niche market, and defining the topic of your information product.

Now we need to talk about your branding strategy and come up with a title for your product…

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Main points:

  • You can come up with your product name AFTER developing the product, but I personally like to do it at the beginning of the process because…

    1) It allows you to begin with the end in mind, and have a strong vision of the finished product.
    2) It enables you to get a jump start on some marketing activities.
    3) It helps you determine how the product fits in with your overall brand.
    4) If the product is being outsourced, a title helps provide focus and direction.

  • A brand is a collection of words, images, and ideas which represent and identify a business.

  • Branding is the process of integrating a company’s brand into everything they do.

  • We often associate branding with logos. Companies like Nike, McDonald’s, Mercedes, and others have shown the power of branding with a logo… BUT you don’t need a logo to have a good brand, especially when it comes to information marketing.

  • Example of Eric’s Tips. What kind of branding have I done? Compare consistency of my website, emails, videos, etc. Not just words and colors, but also the style.

  • Here’s what good branding does:

    – Invokes trust
    – Builds loyalty
    – Connects emotionally

  • Examples on the video of branding by Armand Morin, Jeff Alderson, and Brad Callen.

  • TOMA = Top of Mind Awareness

  • You only need to worry about gaining TOMA in YOUR niche.

  • The method by which you brand yourself really depends on your target market. That’s why you need to know WHO they are.

  • Convey your image in a way that resonates positively with your target market.

  • Consider your branding strategy before coming up with a product name.

  • Naming a product can involve in-depth linguistic science, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

  • If you ARE planning on doing some serious branding, then a trademark is something you may want to look into.

    – Trademarks can be registered directly through USPTO government site
    – If you want help, try Legalzoom

  • In general, you do NOT need to worry about registering a trademark for an info product. However, you should search to make sure your brand/product name is not already a registered trademark. You can search for free using the TESS system at www.uspto.gov

  • Here are some guidelines to help name a product…

    1) Brainstorm adjectives

    2) Get synonyms (http://thesaurus.reference.com/)

    3) Focus on the benefits (not the features)

    4) Make it easy to pronounce, and easy to remember

    5) Must be catchy enough to stop a member of your target market in their tracks

    (think shocking, provocative, exciting, controversial, motivational…)

    6) Look at the ClickBank marketplace to see the titles of best selling info products (just don’t get suckered into buying them)

    7) Consider “How to…”

    8] Try my reduction method. (It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does)

    – Write down exactly what the product is.
    – Condense it into 1 sentence.
    – Then condense it into 4 words or less.

    9) Play with the title scorer: http://www.lulu.com/titlescorer/
    *Just DON’T put much stock in it (seriously), because information product titles are different from bookstore best sellers.

    10) Split test titles on Adwords

    11) Consider a traditional title/subtitle format. (Title gets attention, subtitle explains what it’s about)

    12) Google it in quotes to see if someone is already using your title.

    13) Get feedback.

    Action steps:

    1) Think about your branding strategy, and decide whether it will affect your title

    2) Come up with a title for your product

    Keep in mind that you CAN always change the title later on. It’s not set in stone!

    After you’ve come up with a title for your product, it’s time to stake your claim on the web and register a marketable domain to go along with it. There are good domains and bad domains, and I’ll be talking about all of that in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 178 thoughts on “LESSON #22: Branding and Naming Your Product

    1. Anne

      Yes Anne is my real name. Thanks for such valuable information. I do not yet have a website and I am looking forward to a lesson that covers this topic. I am interested in affiliate marketing and will also like to create a product that assists with high school level mathematics. Any advice will be welcome.

    2. Emily

      Find something your recipes have in common. There are lots of different ways of cooking. I have a cookbook in mind, and several potential titles. Let’s say you had checkered patterns and a Raggedy Ann doll: Kitchen Kitsch.

    3. Benn

      Yeah I really like this idea too.
      I am re-branding all the Ninja products so it will be great to hear how our doing.
      I havent worked out to use the rebranding tools yet but I am sure Eric and his people will help out since its one of theirs.

    4. Rose

      Eric you have a great voice,some videos are hard to listen to because the person’s voice is not smooth like yours. You do a great job with these lessons! Thanks!

    5. Ginny-Lynn Leimbock

      Hi Eric:
      Yes Eric, my name is Ginny-Lynn. I enjoy your lessons, as I really am a newbie. Also I am quite computer illiterate,I put some of my purchases on my hard drive and some in a folder.
      Where should these go? Also how do I get into my hard drive? However with a little help from my friends and determination, I’ll get there. I’m behind as I needed to take an emergency run to Alberta………..Ginny-Lynn

    6. Jorge

      Eric a great lesson, I have some ideas of my brand and product, still researching and working thanks best wishes

    7. Bill

      I don’t drink coffee but I believe that one parcial logo was starbucks but I’m not sure.I’m marking down which lessons will help me make a website and which ones I need to study at the last minute so I can get everything in order after I learn more but I will let you know so you can see it and tell me what you think about the site and what I can do for improvements for my next site. Thanks From Texas

    8. domeinnaam check

      Hey This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always talked about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good day. Thanks

    9. Chris

      I’m new to all of this, I still don’t have a product, I’m just going through the lessons right now, but can’t wait to get started

    10. Diana Rosalez

      Ok but if i in trouble how i do that do i have to do money order because I don’t have no credit card

    11. er0ck

      Eric thanks for all the help your awesome.

      I’M suffering from information overload …


    12. carl stifter

      Hello Eric,

      As usual, another great educational training. Good suggestions on how to establish & research the naming of my product s. My niche is natural health products. I will start with ‘ Turmeric’ . I have several others.
      My website will be titled,

      Natural Health Your Way!!

      Thank you
      Carl Stifter,

        1. Brenda

          Thank you for your lessons. Learning so much! Cannot wait to put all to use.

          Thanks again,

    13. Pancho

      Your product is great and your emails consistently come. Now with regards to subscription, I know you have reasons for it. There is also the scholastic model where students pay only for courses at a time.
      Keep it going Eric. Thank you so much.

    14. Roger

      Hey Eric, I’m the 60-year-old guy in a wheelchair LOL. No offense taken I know it was done as a training exercise. I am actually thinking of pursuing a venture in this area.

    15. Simone

      Hi Eric yes Simone is my real name and I’m a newbie to all of this. So much to learn also it made me realised by signing up to newsletters and such that a list was actually being established! Clever! Taking my time with this and marking the lessons as I go, so much good information to take in, thank you.

    16. Cathy I Davis

      Darn, Eric, a lot of these links are dead. I know you’ve been around awhile. But, can’t you, at least, keep things up to date? After all, you benefit/prosper from us clicking on your links, etc.
      Would appreciate current and viable links, etc……just saying….

      1. Eric Post author

        Hey Cathy, sorry about that! Currently the most up to date info is in my Inner Profit Circle. I basically created a new version of Erics Tips for IPC members, called the Weekly Plan.


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