LESSON #4: 18 Ways to Make Money Online

By | June 16, 2008

Thus far, I’ve given my definition of what an online business is, and I’ve given you what I feel are a few prerequisites to becoming a successful online business owner.

So now let’s get more detailed as we drill down closer to what you’ll actually be doing. A lot of people say they want to make money on the internet, but they really have no idea what that looks like in real life.

One of the problems is that there are literally thousands of ways to make money on the internet…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • There are thousands of ways to make money online.

  • My way is NOT the only way.

  • Being able to follow a blueprint is great, but I also want you to be able to create your own blueprint when the lessons are over.

  • I want you to see the big picture so that you can look at my business model in the proper context.

  • Avoid the “bright shiny objects” and focus on one opportunity at a time.

    Some ways to make money online include (see video for details):

  • 1) Ebay

  • 2) Info products/Digital products

  • 3) Physical products

  • 4) Affiliate marketing

  • 5) Work from home job

  • 6) AdSense or other contextual ads (Ok here’s one affiliate link… If you really want to learn all about AdSense I do recommend my friend Joel who is the foremost expert: AdSense Secrets)

  • 7) MLM

  • 8] Coaching/consulting

  • 9) Service site

  • 10) Web hosting – Here’s a free 114 page ebook I wrote about how to be a web hosting reseller.

  • 11) Membership site

  • 12) Social network/web 2.0 site – maybe you will start the next facebook?

  • 13) Freelancer – My favorite freelancer site (where I hire the most people from) is vWorker (formerly known as RentACoder). Another good one is Odesk

  • 14) Paid Blogger – here are some blog posts listing a bunch of paid blogging sites: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (UPDATE: The link I mentioned in the video is no longer valid, but the links here should work)

  • 15) Domainer – my personal domain registration site is LifeDomains

  • 16) “GPT” sites

  • 17) Sports betting arbitrage

  • 18) Trading (Stocks, commodities, forex, etc) – If you decide that this is an opportunity you want to pursue, I highly recommend my Trading Pro System

  • (This is by no means an exhaustive list)

    Action steps:

    Your action step today is optional. And it’s simple:

    1) look around and see how big the picture is, and how numerous the opportunities are.

    If you want to look around and see what else is out there, now is the time… NOT when we’re on lesson #55 and you’re in the middle of following my online business blueprint. Because once we get started, I want you to commit to following through and finishing it, because if you don’t finish it you won’t succeed with it.

    Now IF you do go out and research some of the opportunities I’ve just mentioned, remember what I said in Lesson #3… don’t buy stuff unless you know what you’re doing!

    I know this goes against the grain of what most marketers would do in my situation. I should be reeling you in and hooking you on my own idea. But I don’t want to do that. I want you to understand the scope of opportunity out there, and then choose to follow my lessons because you WANT to. Not just because you feel like its your only option. And if you’re confident in your decision to follow my blueprint, you’ll be much more focused, and you’ll be more likely to stay the course.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 499 thoughts on “LESSON #4: 18 Ways to Make Money Online

    1. Roberto Torres

      Great lesson. I think Info/Product/Digital is best for me. After one year, my fan Facebook page http://www.Facebook.com/ComoVivirUnaVidaMejor has 33,000 plus followers. However, I have not been able to monetize this page. My target audience is the Spanish world and 80% of the followers are women.
      I hope your model will help me!
      Roberto Torres
      Reseda, CA

    2. Janice

      That ahha moment is for what I am aiming. Leaving myself open and hopeful.

    3. Elsie

      Um – this video didn’t load – at all! Got the first 3 minutes then it stopped.

    4. Leslie Denning

      Hi Eric. I’ve been around the web for awhile, and I know what areas I am focusing on. Right now it’s affiliate and information marketing with coaching to be added on later. Thanks for this list.

      All the best,
      Leslie Denning

    5. Sam Bralley

      Hi Eric,

      I’m a newbie! This is just my 2nd tip, but I find myself already looking forward to the next one. You friendly, not pusher, demeaner appears to be genuine and I like your casual approach in presenting your material. You ask for suggestions and the one thing that I first noticed about your videos was the inability to ‘blow up’ or make screen size. Maybe it would be an added expense or any number of other reasons and maybe to most people it doesn’t matter all that much. I’m 71 and well past the age of most of your membership but I personal like to be able to ‘maximize’ the videos each chance I get. It’s just a little thing maybe, but I thought I would mention…;)

      I wish you and your beautiful family a ‘happy life’.

      sam bralley

    6. Andrea Shadd

      I started working from home in 2012 by starting a company to take calls partnering with Arise Virtual Solutions. This video made a lot of since. I got frustrated with that because I was having a hard time recruiting others to work from home. This year I started selling on eBay by drop shipping and I actually like it but not making much money at it. However the marketing techniques that I have learned doing the affiliated side of the business is helping me to recruit for my first business. Right now I am focusing on my work from home business. I would like to learn more about affiliate and info marketing.

    7. andrew gutierrez

      hey erick ,beloved of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, i just recently started listening to your videos…..so far i am very interested in learning more from you….i currently have some CHRISTIAN t -shirts in production, i puchased my domain name ….i need free help building my website . can you recommend any one ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,brother andrew

      1. Micah

        Hello Andrew,

        We recommend that you hang in there with Eric’s free video lessons at http://www.ericstips.com/. Eric’s lessons have helped many people to go from beginners, to successful online business owners!

        The lessons are presented in a sequence that starts at the very beginning, where the very first things you need to learn about online marketing are shown in the first few lessons!

        If you’re interested to go even more in-depth with marketing, you might also want to take part in Eric’s coaching club:

        Eric, Paul, and Jeff are expert marketers. They will be a great resource for you!

        What is included in the Coaching Club:
        – 2 Live Coaching Webinars Per Month with Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts, and Eric Holmlund
        – Access to the Archive of All Coaching Calls
        – Monthly High Quality PLR Product
        – Massive Video Training Library
        – Community Forum (JV’s, Support, and More)
        – Articles, Bonuses, and More

    8. Tim

      Hi Eric,
      Just started to work through your lessons and wonder whether you are doing any update since you uploaded it? The internet world is changing rapidly and continuously… the 100 lessons from your Autoresponder might need a ‘brush-up from time to time? Please comment and thank you for your support.

      1. Micah

        Hello Tim,

        Yes, Eric updates lessons as needed. He also works hard to make each lesson as “evergreen” as possible!

    9. Arthur Phillips

      Hi Eric.
      My answer is, yes !
      This is my first response .
      Your teaching is very simple and encouraging .
      I’m soaking it up.
      Thank you.
      Looking forward to the next lesson.
      God bless.

    10. Charles Springer

      Great course! I commented a lesson or so ago but for some reason it didn’t go??
      I started once on the lessons and because of illness had to stop for a while. I’m back at it now and glad
      you are still sending lessons.
      Thanks Eric

    11. Henry

      Hi Eric and Micah plus The other EXPERTS! Thank you very much for your lessons. I am newbe and want to learn from the beginning. I did already lesson #6 and could not find next lessons. I would like to learn at faster speed, because I am 76 years young and have a good spirit to do that and help my Family. In 2008, I lost my retirement and am only on SS check. It is very hard, but with your help, I will be able to earn some money to make our life more normal.
      So, please let me know, how can I get a few more lessons ahead to study and understand the new terminology.
      Thank you very much and HAPPY THANKSGIVING FOR YOU GUYS and YOUR FAMILIES!

    12. Roberto Camara

      Hey Eric thanks a ton, no waffle only crisp clear honest to goodness info.Cant wait to hear more.

      Happy Thanksgiving.



    13. Anthony

      Hi, i just purchase your course im guru plr package.
      if i know what i know now I would not have purchase your course
      I am interested in learning two things affiliate marketing and building an e-commerce store

    14. Haydee

      Thank you for all the information that you are given to us. I am a woman of the third age and it is my intention to make a living of Internet Marketing. However my economic situation is not the best and it is extremely urgent that I produce an income right away. May you please help me by letting me know the easy, fast way to make some money?

    15. Dale Howard

      Hi Eric, your lessons are great but is there no way of getting them faster than waiting for the daily email?, I really want to get stuck into this.

    16. Susan Slaughter

      Where’s the free e-book on being a re-seller??? I clicked the link and got taken to the HostGator site????

    17. Gertrude Onwukwe, Nigeria

      Thanks Eric,
      I am interested in; product creation,affiliate and domain marketing. I would like to optimize these, though am a newbie,however I was listening to someone precisely last week who said that traditional affiliate marketing is dead.Considering that this course is old as regards to the date of production, do we still hope to get to the promise land? Thank you.

      1. Micah

        Hello Gertrude,

        Many website visitors are “banner blind” and “ad blind,” where straightforward advertisements and links are not as effective.

        However, if you build a relationship with your customers, and create related content and thoughtful reviews, you can still do quite well.

    18. Timothy W. Bethune

      I think I am going to try working mostly with 4,7,8 and 12. They seem to be the ones that strike me as been the most profitable. and rewarding to do.

    19. Marc M. Demers

      Hi Eric,

      There is a lot of ways to make money online, thanks for this great video.

      My interest is focusing primary on : Info products/Digital products, Affiliate marketing and Membership site.

      I hope one day to be able to help as many people as you do.

      Thanks again for all the tips.



    20. elzie

      Erick i have tried MLM not for me seems like scams ebay is good i like selling there but i have over the years of me messing around online i have come to the conclusion i want to do info and digital product so this is where i am focusing my business

    21. Michael L. Richardson

      In for a penny, in for a pound. Start to finish.

    22. Oguji Madueke

      Hi Eric! Thanks So Much For Your Teaching. Please Am Looking Foward To Creating A Social Networking Site Just Like Facebook But Dont Know How To Do That. Please Can You Guild Me?

    23. Pingback: Tales of an e-commerce newbie – Tale 2 | Tropical Expat

    24. Rita Malhotra

      Hi Eric, thanks for wonderful info learning something new from each lesson. Just wanted to get some advice I have written 2 books on diabetes as I have been suffering from it for last 42 years. Just not sure which is the best way to launch then. They are both digital.

      Any advice will be very welcoming.


      1. Eric Post author

        It’s a good topic, as there are a lot of people looking for help with it. I go in depth on how to launch, later in the lessons.

    25. Terri Watley

      Hey Eric,

      Your offer for this training seems to good to be true. I keep thinking that at some point you’re gonna say you have another course that is really the way to go and it cost only $1997. They all say what you are gonna get free of charge before and at the beginning of the webinar. But at the end it’s a very expensive product that can actually do the things promised. I do enjoy your teaching style. So for now I thank my lucky stars. And wish only the best for you.

      1. Eric Post author

        You won’t find that in this training series. The only things I really say you *need* to buy are a domain, web hosting, and email marketing host. I do believe in providing a lot of value for free. That having been said, I’m not against expensive programs, especially those that provide good coaching. Of course a lot of the ones you see on webinars aren’t worth it. But some may be. Stick around and you will see me pitch higher dollar programs eventually. It wouldn’t be realistic for me to be able to offer individualized help to people/businesses for free, so an example of something I would sell in that range would be a coaching program. But these lessons are a free gift 🙂

    26. Nathaniel Wills

      Can I do the Trading Pro System as a LONG TERM business? Is it for Beginners?


      1. Eric Post author

        As a long term business, yes. For beginners? Maybe. It’s an advanced options trading method, but Dave does cover most of the fundamentals in the course. A beginner’s options course (which could be found for free) might be a good supplement.

    27. Fred

      Thank you for the great information. It’s something to do research on for use at a later date.


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