LESSON #66: Capturing Subscribers from “Non-Squeeze” Pages

By | April 19, 2010

In the previous lesson we looked at some advanced tactics to add some extra juice to your squeeze pages.

Today we’re going to look at how to capture subscribers from other pages of your website… including all your pages that are NOT squeeze pages 🙂

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

(See video for specifics)

  • Opt-in Forms

    You should put opt-in forms on every page, AS LONG AS it does not significantly detract from the primary objective of the page.

  • Pop-Overs (also known as Pop-Ins)

    -Pop-ups and pop-unders are not recommended.

    Recommended variations:

    -Hover windows (available in AWeber)


    -Light Boxes (available in AWeber)

    – “Tool-bar mimic”

    Magic List Bot (Makes your pop-over appear on site that you’re sending traffic to)

    -Exit Stoppers, such as…

    Exit Splash
    Virtual Smart Agent
    Psychic Popups (It’s a light box pop-over, NOT a pop-up. I’ve used this one a lot.)

    Corner Peel Scripts

  • WordPress Comment Plugins

    Action Comments from Robert Plank

    Action steps:

    1) Identify some page(s) on your website that you would like to utilize to capture subscribers.

    2) Implement a list-building strategy on those pages.

    We’re not done talking about list-building yet, because I’ve got some more powerful strategies to reveal in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 68 thoughts on “LESSON #66: Capturing Subscribers from “Non-Squeeze” Pages

    1. Mady/Joshua

      As a uni student who been so exposed to millions of free and paid stuff i have to say that amoung all the tutorials out there this is by FAR the GREATEST most EDUCATIONAL FREE TUTORIALS!!!

      Thanks Mr. Holmlund

    2. aida c. suarez

      Eric, Roslyn’s letter could have been my own writting. I love also her sincerity. Hey girl follow your heart forever! Wao! I will copy and paste this letter to read it later. Wao! And I feel that the way you anwered to her… well you’re guided. Hey those words were also talking to me. Wao! Coincidences? No, God has a plan for all of us. Some people are leaders others are followers. And that’s okay! God knows why the game of life is like this. We only have to pay attention. And His Will will be done on us. Then we’ll the find our way to happiness. Let us be diligent!Yes! But also content. Aida

    3. Micah

      Hello Song,

      If you wish to unsubscribe from the Eric’s Tips newsletter for now, you may simply click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any of any newsletter issue.

    4. Gena

      Hello Eric when people click on a redeem button on my menu bar I need a popover box for them to enter there name, email and phone no. them click submit and be directed to a payment area please help how on how to do this Thank you Gena

    5. Canditj

      I think this the element I struggle with the most, because I personally don’t like ANYTHING other than a simple opt in or payment button.

      Anything else feels aggravating and manipulative. Is that just me or do customers really like these annoying interruptions?

      I remember one site that was selling something and there were 3 options. One option was including a membership. I specifically chose the option without the membership, but the site kept checking that one option. So when I tried to get off the site wouldn’t let me. All these pop ups kept coming up. I just left! I really wanted that product too!

    6. Anirudh

      I don’t have WordPress on one of my pages. How can I create an exit pop up for that page to grab leads using Aweber opt in form and that form shouldn’t appear when the PayPal buy button is clicked? Please help me.

      Best wishes,
      Anirudh Bahadur

    7. Matt Ensor

      Hey Eric

      would you recommend having a site that is just a squeeze page (with a free report) to build your list??

      or would you recommend having a product site with a squeeze page??

      Warmest Regards

    8. Micah

      Hello Mans,

      The second option is more accurate, as your home page is not the thankyou page.

      However, you will need to remove the “space” as it is a non-valid character.

    9. Micah

      Hello Matt,

      It’s best if you have a product that you can promote right away.

      If you take to long in contacting your list, they might not remember why they even signed up.

    10. Anonymous

      Hello Eric,

      I bless the Lord for your good work here for especially me 🙂 i didn’t know much, but through your teachings and products i bought from you guys, i can say that my path is cleared out of every doubt, fear, confusion etc.

      but one thing i will like to know, is how to sell and make money with the products i got from you, (re-branding them with me name) as i have resell right for them.

      Thanks for your help in advance, and may God bless and keep you guys and your families in strength, in perfect health, and even more wealth that comes with no sorrow, in Jesus name, Amen.

    11. Roman

      Hi Eric as always…You Rock!
      I use your lessons for my business as an offline marketer (internet marketer for local/small businesses and private contractors).
      I noticed recently that about 99% of the local businesses here in Calgary, AB, Canada don’t have any “lead capturing form” (opt-in form).
      what kind of provider from those you demonstrated at this lesson (#66)
      would be the best for local businesses? (some are “brick and mortar” style such as: massage therapist, ice cream shop & pizza joint. while others are: plumbers, dentists, builders, cleaners, landscapers and fitness trainers)?

      p.s. I realize that pizza and ice cream joints would offer a coupon while private contractors will offer PLR FREE report in order to create credibility and turn a prospect into a lead, im just wondering what kind of form and provider would you suggest for the “mobile contractors”, and which one for “real/physical/local/small business?

    12. Micah

      Hello Roman,

      Just a basic Aweber form, and a message about the coupon or giveaway would do just fine!

      It might also be a good idea to include a nice graphic on the squeeze page that also reflects the brick and mortar business!

    13. hans

      Hi Eric,

      We are at lesson #66 now and with every lesson I start to appreciate your good effort more and more. You are really one of the few persons who are giving away a complete internet and information products training course for free.
      Besides this, the information is really useful and can be applied right away, not like high class bla bla from other entrepreneurs.

      Great stuff Eric,

      With respect and friendly greetings,


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