LESSON #65: Advanced Squeeze Page Techniques

By | April 17, 2010

In the previous lesson we looked at how to put audio and video on a squeeze page, which can be a great way to make your squeeze pages more effective.

Today we’re going to get into some advanced “ninja” tactics to take your squeeze page marketing to the next level…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

(See video for specifics)

  • “Ask the Expert” strategy.

  • Fake video strategy.

  • Split Focus or “Hybrid” Landing Pages.

    Possible alternative objectives:
    – Search Engine Optimization
    – PPC Quality Scores
    – Other methods of contact
    – Click-throughs on an affiliate link

  • Pre-populating fields.

  • Host and Post.

  • Collecting additional information:

    1) To customize their immediate experience on your website/sales page…

    a) By directing them to the information most relevant to them.
    b) By dynamically altering your website, based on their responses.

    2) To customize your emails to them.

  • Monetizing with OTO’s. (See also lesson #55)

  • If you haven’t yet signed up for a list hosting service, I recommend AWeber Communications

  • For additional education on list building, please see my List Building Pack

    Action steps:

    1) Decide if you’re going to use any of these advanced strategies.

    2) Implement them.

    Beyond squeeze pages, there are some other methods you may want to use to add subscribers to your list, and we’ll be talking about some of those methods in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below, and be sure to show us your squeeze pages.

    Have a great day!

  • 51 thoughts on “LESSON #65: Advanced Squeeze Page Techniques

    1. Hamant Keval

      Hi Eric

      Some incredibly powerful ways you show today.
      The Pre pop always gets me though because I do a lot of CPA marketing and I tend to get bogged down with the tech stuff.

      Anyway that you can post the on the comments – would be great

      Many thanks Eric.
      These lessons are proving to be really awesome and I mean it !

      Take care

      Your emails are one of the few I make sure I leave enough time to make sure I watch the lessons and thanks.

    2. Jeri

      Thank you so much Eric!
      I can’t believe how much time and effort you have put into these lessons.
      Thank you for your generosity and expertise!
      Kind Regards,

    3. B T Heath Sr

      You just can’t help it can you? Your lessons just keep getting better! I admit that I have only implimented a fraction of the great information I have recieved, but I am slowly becoming more productive. It now takes me less than an hour to build a working webpage with working images and links, video and downloadable zip files. I can build any type of webpage, minisite or squeeze page I want thanks to you! Just a few months ago it took me days to do what now takes less than 2 hours. You are a great teacher and give generously Eric, thank you!

    4. Eric Post author

      If you’re doing CPA stuff, it really depends on the particular CPA offer, and whether they have enabled pre-pop.

      Your best bet is probably to contact the vendor and ask them if they allow pre-pop and if so, how to pass the data into their form. If they do allow it, but cannot help you with it, then your bext best option is probably to hire a php coder to set it up for you. It shouldn’t cost much.

    5. Leo

      Hi Eric,

      I enjoy your lessons. Many times good and clear information. Lesson 65 stands out!

      Thanks Eric,


    6. Andy

      With regards to the quiz-type opt-in page, I’d recommend Eben Pagan’s free software, the Psychic Sales Letter… http://www.gurumastermind.com/software/

      You may want to get a programmer to customize it to your needs but it’s better than getting it done from scratch.


    7. Hamant Keval

      Many thanks Eric,

      Yes, there are quite a few cpa networks that I am a member of that allow prepops.

      Looks like its probably going to be be a php coder.


    8. Eric Post author

      I did check out that software before making this lesson, as I was hoping to mention it. But it had a problem running on my computer. But if you can get it to work, you’re right… it’s better than starting from scratch.

    9. TrafficNymphomaniac

      Thanks for a great lesson.

      The quiz or question technique was great.

      You could use that technique when giving away a free report. and then customize a low cost OTO on the thank you (confirmation) page.

      Best of success,

      Robert A. Kearse

    10. Angelina

      Thanks Eric for the great lessons today . Some are really a bit advanced and I would like to employ some of them soon. Really I hope to…

    11. Eric Post author

      It looks good 🙂

      I would remove the subscriber counter until you have at least 100 subscribers. I would also remove the GetResponse link if possible. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a link that says “Email Marketing” right below the subscribe button. After all, most people don’t like being marketed to. To the left of the form, I’d put a few powerful benefits or secrets that they’ll learn from the videos, and make a red arrow pointing to the opt-in form.

      I would also set the video to auto-play.

    12. CJ

      Thanks for the lessons Eric,

      One thing that I have not seen anyone talk about is getting analytics from your Aweber account. How can you tell which customer from your broadcast email list made a purchase from a website that is not yours especially when it is a CPA offer?

      Thanks again,

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    14. Ray

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the tips. Done in record time. Well 90mins is good for me! I’ve got your monthly program on the back end, so let’s make us some money! 🙂 I’ll start writing some articles. When are your free traffic lessons due?


    15. Eric Post author

      Hopefully in the next month. I’m planning on making them in a batch like I did for these list-building lessons 🙂

    16. Ray

      Hi Eric,

      Just a final couple of questions. Would you link the article resource boxes to the main site for seo or the squeeze page for list building?

      Would you change the light box on the main page to a link to the squeeze page?


    17. Eric Post author

      I would do both. If you’re doing a lot of article marketing would link some articles to your main site for SEO, and some to your squeeze page.

      No I would probably keep the opt-in directly in the light box. However, you could split test it. You would be comparing the percent of optins on the opt-in version of the light box to the percent of click-throughs on the other version. You would then have to take those click-throughs and track them to see how many end up opting in (or at least use that # to create an estimate, based on the overall opt-in rate of the squeeze page)

    18. Eric Post author

      If you’re tracking sales for your own site, then it is fairly simple, as you’ve probably already figured out.

      But you’re right it gets tricky to track sales on other people’s sites.

      In order to do that, you would need either one of two things…

      1) help from the vendor to put your tracking code on their thank-you page. (This is ideal because then it’s just like your own site, but this usually does not happen)

      2) utilize the tracking provided by the CPA network/affiliate program.

      Most affiliate/CPA programs allow you to make your own tracking ID’s on the fly.

      So what you would need to do is give each of your subscribers a UNIQUE tracking ID. One possibility that comes to mind is to use a PHP script to randomly generate an 8 digit number (or go sequentially to guarantee no duplicates… in which case it would need to be tied to a MySQL database), and insert that number into a hidden input field in your opt-in form when the subscriber opts in. The field might be called “Custom Tracking”.

      Then when you send email to the list, you could use an affiliate link like…


      Wherein ‘tid’ is the tracking ID, as allowed by the affiliate/CPA network.

      Then you can download your stats from the CPA network and see which tid #’s resulted in sales.

      Obviously it’s not ideal, which is why the vast majority of affiliate marketers don’t do this kind of tracking.

      If you think of an easier way, let me know 🙂

    19. CJ

      thanks Eric. Do you know if prosper 202 has this tracking feature?


    20. Eric Post author

      That is very good thinking, because Prosper 202 automatically creates a UNIQUE ID for every click. However, the problem is still knowing which subscriber is tied to which click. Meaning you would still need to pass some sort of unique subscriber information TO Prosper 202 via the link in your subscriber’s email. It seems like there may be a solution for this, but I can’t think of it. If you decide to ask their staff about it, I’d be interested in what you find out.

    21. CJ

      Thanks Eric. I will keep the forum posted as I get new information about this important feature.

    22. Derek

      Eric I find your Video course and you presentation to be first class thanks for all the good work that you do.

    23. Petre Tudor

      Hi Eric,

      For the time being I still didnt decided to use any advanced strategies for my Squeeze pages but I will. Until then I need some questions as to Butterfly software as OPEN SOURCE as follows:

      I too got BMM in Ian 2006 by means your help (code).Unfortunately, due to an unexpected of electric current my PC’s HDD was fatal damaged and I lost all my info and I just changed my HDD.So that I no longer have old BMM software. Now I just downloaded for FREE Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly software as OPEN SOURCE with PLR rights,no string attached and the bonus BWG as well.
      What’s difference between the old BMM and new Butterfly Software as OPEN SOURCE?
      I downloaded a lot of folders and files for both free programs but to be sincer with you I’m not able to understand how to start to use them to build or generate a website.Are you so kind to give me some advices for the beginning?

      Petre Tudor

    24. Eric Post author

      As far as I know, it’s the same software and the new open source version is the most recent build.

      As far as how to build a website with it, I would suggest following the instructions provided with it. Beyond that, I would honestly recommend joining the paid Butterfly developer community, or joining Nick Temple’s MWG program. Nick helped me with some of my Butterfly sites, so he’s definitely a good person to get training from.

      Also if you search for butterfly marketing training videos, you can find others. I realize the videos may not be as helpful to you, but there is definitely a lot of training material out there already, which is why I probably will not be providing in-depth training on it.

    25. Social Blogging

      Hi Eric,

      Squeeze pages really are a great way to get more subscribers on your list. I have tested a few methods myself. I have a system here which gives the subscriber 7 free ebooks for using their name and email adress in the opt in form. I will leave the url here if anyone is interested in this system to set up on there own domain or even to customize for the advanced users out there. http://bit.ly/3bKWN5 The nice thing I found about this system is that it is a pre-built and ready to use. Using this system in conjunction with other signup systems could really benefit your list building efforts.

      Thanks for the great lesson,


    26. Kathy Williams

      Excellent post. I feel like I have enough information now to start my squeeze page thanks to you and all your hard work.

    27. Lynette Chandler

      Awesome stuff Eric. As I was watching I kept nodding my head this “passing variables” thing is something I’ve been telling people about as well. Unfortunately, sometimes people get a little too intimidated by the tech although it is quite straightforward. That’s why I do technical training for those who need it and one of the modules we cover is this. Of course, for non DIYers and those who don’t care about learning it, outsourcing is the quickest way.

    28. Mike

      Hi Eric, Thanks so much for your time and effort in trying to help all of us get this squeeze page thing straight.
      I am having some trouble trying to get or create a squeeze page that works well with WordPress.
      Could you please post some info regarding how to do this or perhaps recommend a good plugin to use?

      Thanks Again,

    29. Eric Post author

      I just searched the WP plugin database, and interestingly I did not see any plugins specifically designed for creating squeeze pages.

      One method is to simply integrate it into your WP site, like I’ve done here:

      Join Eric’s Tips

      As you can see, I’ve kept the sidebar intact, which is good for navigation and PPC quality score, but not good for opt-in conversion.

      If you want to remove the sidebar, you can find a theme that has the option of removing the sidebar on a per-page basis.

      Also there are some premium WP themes with built-in squeeze page templates. I’ve recommended this one: http://ericstips.com/instantwebsite/

    30. Dale

      Thanks for all the wonderful information you have provided. I am all new at this and it great to have these lessons to help me get started. Keep up the great work.
      Dale Sprotbery

    31. Nombulelo

      Thanks again Eric. I may be slow to implement but I’m building up an arsenal of information to work through systematically probably withsome help when I can afford it

    32. Nedra

      When you changed the picture you selected from You Tube to replace the current picture, how do you know the dimensions of the picture being replaced? Are you using the html?

    33. Micah

      Hello Nedra,

      If you want to know an image’s dimensions, you can right-click the image and select, “Properties.”

    34. aida c. suarez

      Hey Dale, i am in company here. I am also a newbie. And shop saturdays around midday at Sunflower Supermarket the 10th of everymonth.
      It will be interesting to form an club for newbies at internet marketing. Look for my picture at Facebook. See you there! If your interested. They say to heads are better than one. But better will be to have at leat 6.

      Well Eric, after taking this lesson #65, i feel like a kid in kindergarden. And I can see that you have advance internet marketers trying to perfect for their business.
      But i continue to learn and familiarize with the new vocabulary. I know that when i go over the lessons… the story will be different. God bless!

    35. Loan Tran Thi

      These are my questions:
      1. How do I get many visitors to my website?

    36. Loan Tran Thi

      2. You give me a free squeeze. Can I install it to my website. How should I do it?

    37. Churchill Lewis

      I actually did a screen shot of the actual video
      edit it in paint. Then I inserted it in the HTML code and made it the same size as a standard youtube video.

    38. Al Amaro

      All I have to say is I’m speechless with these tips Eric stuff…… where do I start to apply this stuff? the best information I have seen so far online and this is no joke……
      Thank you very much Eric and staff…….
      Al Amaro

    39. Colin Burr

      Hi Eric I am really enjoying your information emails the very best I have seen. your explanations are really clear. i thank you for your efforts.

    40. Claude Haggerty

      Hi Eric:

      Another top notch video you have put together here. I am very impressed with the value you deliver time and time again.

      It is great to see an internet marketer that actually cares about their subscibers.

      I have been on your list for a while and have no plans of leaving.

      Thanks again.

      Claude Haggerty
      Grand Scale Illusionist
      Motivational Speaker

    41. Shelly

      Hi Eric and thank you. Great information here! I’m most interested in using the survey style squeeze page. It suits my business perfectly. However, I have no idea where to look to learn about using the Aweber input fields to customize my sales page. I’m fairly techno-savvy but I do need a road map to follow. Usually you make resource suggestions but in this case you only say that we might consider using a programmer. Honesty, if I could just see a good example of the Aweber (sign up form) HTML code modified for this function, I could then easily use it for my own Signup Forms & Sales Pages. Any idea where I might locate an example of this modified code? I’ve tried Google-ing but I’m not really sure how to search for it either.

      Again, much thanks!


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