7 Figure Secrets Reviewed

By | June 5, 2008

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and I do not make any current claims regarding this product. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #169 – 06/05/2008

(review removed as I felt it was no longer relevant)

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31 thoughts on “7 Figure Secrets Reviewed

  1. Fermin Suero

    Thanks for the info Eric. I just opted in to get Mike’s 7 Figure Code secrets for free. Greate info!

    On top of it all, it was a great lesson on one-time-offfers, upsells and downsells. You guys have this IM stuff down pat.

    Good luck on your new path…


  2. Richard Rubinstein

    You wrote “Back in February of 2007, Mike held a “secret” Private Workshop near his office in Long Island, New York.” and you indicated that
    the report is based on that Seminar.

    That is directly contradicted by Mike in the video in which he said that in February of 2000, he held an event called “Seven Figures in 2000” which had as its goal teaching people to make 7 figures in the year 2000. This would seem to be a totally separate event from the 7 Figure Code, a product that became available in 2007.

    I was surprised by all of this, since to the best of my knowledge, Mike was not selling any high-ticket items back in 2000, much less a $5000 seminar. When he launched Butterfly Marketing in January 2005, I believe that it was his most expense product up until then.

  3. Eric Post author

    Richard- I’ll have to re-watch the video, but if Mike said “2000” then he simply said the wrong year (or maybe it just sounded like it). The event was in Feb 2007.

    UPDATE- you’re right Richard… I just watched the video again and Mike did say 2000. A simple mistake 😉

  4. Liz

    Upsells, downsells, sidesells to other upsells and three other downsells….honestly, I was getting so confused I almost missed the real “download here” buttons. I can tell you each of those diversions made me angrier and left me feeling a little more cheated than the last. By the time I finally did download the Butterfly Manuscript (knowing full well that it’s two years old and probably every bit of value has been stomped out of it), I felt like one of Barnum’s suckers. And you call this free?

    I’ve been away from the web for 6 months on an assignment. Honestly, Eric, if this is how slimy its all gotten, I can really understand why you want out.

  5. charles tapp

    Hi Mike
    Can you give a guy that is a total newbie a little advice I think you were involved with Joel Comm when he was promoting Instant Resale Templates. The question I have is I thought a guy could start a business with this product am I wrong and if I can how? I have nothing but respect for you Mike and I can not wait until your classes start
    Thanks Chuck

  6. Frankidoh

    Hi Eric

    I’m learning a lot from you, thanks a stack,I live in South Africa and my country does not appear on the order page, I’d like to get Mike’s report, please advice…

    Keep well and blissful regards

  7. Bernie

    Mike’s product may in fact be something good, I don’t know but what I do know is that it’s not “free”. You have to sign up for a $29.95 per month magazine which you can opt out of after you sign up. You cannot uncheck the box that appears on the buy page and ultimately I personally believe that is deceptive.

  8. Jeanette Colburn

    Will this course you are teaching on the 10th/ be by E-mail, a movie or how? Please let me know.
    I enjoy reading your articles, very much.
    Thanh you

  9. Bob Sims

    Sounded great and what a great offer.
    I tried a couple of times to order with no luck as my email addresses were not accepted for some reason.
    Don’t know why that was,but I just have to miss out on this opportunity.

  10. Paul

    Whew! Eric, I just went through all the upsells. What a process! To tell you the truth, I got pretty frustrated. All I wanted was the free product, as offered originally, and felt manipulated by all the other come-ons. I will NOT be this overt in my business. Is is true that Mike started as a car salesman? I can believe it. I like your style, though. Sorry to see you leaving the business.

  11. steven studer

    i ordered Mikes stuff but he recommended to go to tellman Knudson’s site for list building and he had a site to click on but when you clicked on it; it went to no where??? do you know what happened and why?? steve

  12. PlanetDenise

    I am sorry but I have seriously decided that Mike Filsaime is crap.

    I will never trust anyone that tries to give something away for free and then in the fine print it is a membership deal.

    Seriously where have ethics gone to? Ethics command trust. If he wants to have a membership site then he should be honest enough to say it up front.

    Yes it is a trick and yes it is unethical.

    I have been caught twice by this. As soon as it happens I organize a refund and I immediately unsubscribe from their list. They are no longer worth listening to.

    We are only individuals and if we don’t trust someone then we should automatically unsubscribe from them. It is the ‘Power of one’!

    Sorry but not interested in ‘Murky Mike’. The waters are way too Murky.

  13. Richard

    Hi Eric,

    First time visit to your Blog. Thank you for the review, as well as others for their honest comments. I did appreciate the opp. to get the products via an email from Mike, & am looking forward to going through the material.

    The Newsletter process is something I’ve found fairly common, albeit often in the form of ‘free trials’, etc. I’ve saved the un-subscribe info. The upsells/downsells, I found myself enjoying just learning how he did it, although personally I doubt I would choose to do it myself.

    Thanks again Eric and all. I’ll be checking back to learn more about the teaching series you are doing.

  14. make150aday.com

    Haa–People actually going for this..What can I say? Thats how the market is.
    May be I should also come up with a plan for making 5 figure income rather than 7 figure. I m being more practical.
    I bet anyone of you here gets that package and make 7 figure.

    And its free–yeah right–You will pay more than $30 per month–If you don’t believe me then just go to that site and sign up and you will see what I m talking about.

    Anyways–Good Luck.

  15. Mark

    Wait a minute … Did I sign up for the $29.95 a month magazine? I thought it was a free copy of it.

    What is with charging $10 for the pdf version. Isn’t that what the web is all about (electronic documents make things cheaper for everyone)?

    That was one of the most frustrating “free” purchases I have ever made.

    It is almost like one of those “get an ipod free” offers where you just have to sign up for 3 offers on each of the 3 pages of promotions.

    I think someone above labeled it right with … “Murky Mike”. Eric and Mike are at complete opposite ends of the Internet Marketing selling spectrum.

  16. Jeff

    I gotta agree with the negative posts here. I’m a relative newbie on the IM scene. Trying to wade through the various links, upsells, $10 for a pdf (LOL), and permanent check box for the $29.95/month newsletter was ridiculous!!!

    And I’ve made it a habit to take notes, print off the sales letters, offer pages, etc for my records. I’m still not sure what I signed up for in order to get the “S&H-only 7-figure secrets” report and the “free butterfly marketing” pdf.

    I’ll be un-subscribing from the monthly newsletter and monitoring my credit card statement like a hawk until I’m positive it’s not being drained on a monthly basis. “Murky Mike” really sums it up!!

    I felt like I was in that scene from the movie “Fargo” at the auto dealership, where the couple comes in to pick up their new car.

    “Got yer car ready for ya…and you’re gonna love that Truecoat!”
    “But I didn’t want the Truecoat…I told you a hundred times!”
    “OK, I’ll talk to my manager”
    “Friggin’ car salesmen…they’re all the same”
    “Well, I was able to knock $100 off that Truecoat.”
    “Oh heck, just give me my checkbook and we’ll take the car…%#$@%!!^%!!”

  17. Alex

    How do you think he makes that 7 figure income?
    He is just a predator, and you are the prey. Didn’t your mama tell you, nothing in life is free? I’m somewhat surprised at you Eric for promoting this

  18. Anonymous

    Yeah! Dear Eric,
    How are you I am Mr, Sanze Abdallah I was away fro Zimbabwe but mind you as said I am Tanzanian and now I am in Tanzania, my qustion is will you gonna help me if I want to start a busness of Enternet cafee here in Tanzania? like jointventure as your branch overhere? that is my asking from you if you can think about it I will be very happy man. Please!

  19. Richard Rubinstein

    Thanks for clarifying. I’m very glad to hear that he mis-spoke and that he was indeed referring to the 2007 event because so much has changed in the world of online marketing since 2007 that much of what was taught in 2000 no longer works and so many things that are important now, such as the use of video weren’t being talked about in 2000.

  20. Nicky

    I have to say I found the tiresome upsells et al really annoying. I’d have preferred it if it had really been free then he contacted me later about further sales. But the worse was that horrible forced sign-up to his news letter. Disappointing and irritating experience.

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  23. Jeromy

    Hi eric,

    Another good review. I think you made it clear that this freebie does have “strings attached” as most any freebie does.

    I agree with the other posts, Mike goes OverBoard with his Upsells, Side sells, etc.
    Apparently it works, although not with me. A smart consumer knows that a “free” product is really an opportunity for the “giver” to sell you something. And we expected that with this offer too, but WOW No means No already.

    One can benifit from the plethora of internet freebies designed to get you on monthly subscription or upsell you. When you decide, “ok I want to give this Marketers material a chance”, stop and remind yourself that is what you are doing. Pay close attention to the details of what its really all about. In the case of this offer, if you don’t cancel you will automatically be subscribed to a monthly marketing magazine. I think the cost is too high, so I don’t want it. So I wrote on my calendar (with an alarm set) to cancel the membership by July X.

    You have full control over recurring fees! You can cancel recurring fees at any time through your credit card and through Pay Pal. Mike also states that you can cancel through his website. This guy knows what he is doing, he has provided a lot of value to the Internet Marketing world. He makes enough money to not have any need to rip anyone off. So if he says you can cancel, you can. While his marketing approach is quite aggressive, his material/products are in fact high quality.

    Thanks Eric,


  24. Rick

    Relax Everyone,

    Read your comments, you guys and gals are using internet marketing vocabulary that you probably didn’t have over a year ago. Upsell? Downsell? Sidesell? Wow!

    Mike is not a bad guy. I don’t think any of the gurus are bad either. Maybe I am a fool, but I think they are really trying to help you.

    I have bought in the last 3 months over $10,000 worth of their goods and they all have value in it. Granted, I am not making any money yet, but that’s o.k., I know with patience and perseverance I will get my first visitor within one year, and I will get my $1 in sales in one year. Simple goals, simple focus.

    But in the mean time, enjoy your education. Because that is what it is, you are all getting smarter by buying and reading this IM stuff.

    The popular thing these days with the Gurus is selling their “Continuity Program”.

    Learn from them, you can always cancel. Is that really deceptive. What is deceptive is when you are charged without knowing it.

    By the way, Murky Mike had a page connected to the uncheckable “checkbox”, that page explained why you couldn’t uncheck it and it gave a phone# +1 (631) 615-4597 for you to call, so you can cancel the newsletter.

    If you are like me, I hate calling people on the phone. But, if I thought like Murky Mike, I would not have a live operator waiting to ask me questions why I wanted to cancel my subscription, I would probably have an automated system to take your ID to unsubscribe to the newsletter.

    Take the plunge, and do what Eric stated on his Video#3 and just Learn, be a student of this game call Internet Marketing. Stay excited.

    Peace and Love to you all

    Thanks Eric and thank you commentors

    Rick – sorry for making this tooooo long

  25. john

    Please be very careful with Filsaime, we had to get a new amex card to stop his billing after 5 months of cancelling his magazine. Just be careful.

  26. Alexander

    Thanks Eric.

    I just began your video tips and my impression is that you are a great educator and excellent personality!



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