Affiliate Project X Reviewed – Full of Hype or Help?

By | October 16, 2006

Edition #89 – 10/16/2006

I wish I had gotten this review out a couple of weeks ago when I bought this product, but as many of you know, I was immersed in preparations for another product launch at the time.

When Chris McNeeny launched his latest ebook, Affiliate Project X, earlier this month, I received about a dozen email promos for it. I got them from just about every internet marketer that I subscribe to, including several that I personally know and am friends with.

Since I was bombarded with it, I’m guessing you may have seen some of the same.

The thing is, some of these guys promoting it are really friends of mine…guys who typically do not promote junk, and whom I generally trust for marketing tips.

So naturally, I went and checked out the site.

What I came across was what I would consider to be unquestionably one of the “best-written” sales letters I’ve ever seen. As soon as I saw it, I knew… it’s no wonder so many of my friends are promoting it, this thing must be converting like crazy.

I sat down and read through the page, and by the time I got to the order button I was truly salivating for the information promised by the sales letter. I knew I had to buy it. At that point, I was thinking of it in terms of using this information for MYSELF, and not necessarily as review-material for this newsletter.

So I went ahead and bought it for $77 (since then, the price has gone up to $97 and may be going up to $197 soon).

Unfortunately, this product did not even come close to meeting my expectations, and left me disappointed with the purchase.

I did not ask for a refund, because I don’t think Chris is trying to rip people off, and because I just typically don’t ask for refunds. I also feel like its sort of a courtesy as a fellow marketer, and I feel more justified in giving brutally honest reviews when I’ve paid for it.

Okay, so before I continue, I want to give two disclaimers that I don’t always give.

1) I do not think Chris is trying to rip people off, or that he’s a bad guy.

2) I don’t think my internet marketing friends who promoted it were trying to mislead you, or that you should judge them on the basis of this one product. In fact I think most of them were sincerely trying to help.

Okay, so that said, I’ll tell you what I think…

I think the sales letter is over-the-top full of hyped up claims, and the product does not fulfill those claims.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jumping onto the “all hype is bad” bandwagon.

If you’ve seen any of my product launches, you’ll know that I also weave certain hype elements into my own marketing style. I make no secret about it, because I’ve also TAUGHT in this newsletter about how YOU as an internet marketer can use tactics such as urgency and scarcity to drive your sales.

While there is a contingency who will vehemently disagree with me on this, I feel that as long as your claims are TRUE, and your product helps people in the way you say it will, then there’s an ethical place for marketing “tactics”. If you disagree, then honestly you should get out of this industry altogether. If you feel it is wrong to attempt to sell anything to anyone, then you can’t be an internet marketer.

At the same time, I’m not afraid to call hype for what it is, and separate the facts from the tactics…particularly when those tactics are clouding the truth.

In the case of Affiliate Project X, I think a brilliantly written sales letter kind of got away like a runaway train, and took on a life of its own apart from the product it was originally intended to promote.

Let me break it down a bit and point out some things in the sales letter…

The headline starts by saying, “You’re about to discover the affiliate secrets that the gurus have been keeping from you.”

I’ve started to realize lately that guru-bashing is becoming a very popular and profitable strategy. A good example would be the “AdSense is Dead” guy, whose reports supposedly flew in the face of the gurus. He created instant trust by disagreeing with the gurus, and made an absolute killing when he launched his product shortly thereafter.

I’ve long considered myself to be a “Non-Guru”, but please realize that doesn’t mean that I’m ANTI-guru. There are plenty of good gurus out there, and the way most of them became gurus was by sincerely helping people. If they never helped anyone become more successful, then they wouldn’t have so many followers.

Okay, so that’s not to say that all gurus are trustworthy, I’m just saying that being a guru does not inherently make someone untrustworthy.

But what’s happened lately is that SOME gurus have gone overboard with their hyped up techniques, and it’s caused a large fallout in the internet marketing community where a lot of people now think that ALL gurus are bad.

The ironic thing is that this new breed of anti-guru people are still craving leaders. Maybe the gurus didn’t lead them to success, so they’re looking for someone new to show them the “truth” about making money online.

This opened the door for some smart marketers to fill that void by turning themselves into self-proclaimed bearers of the truth (and that opportunity still exists very much). All you have to do is loudly proclaim your anti-guru dissent, and claim to be a revealer of the truth hidden by gurus. And if you can get people to hear you, you will soon have many in agreement with you. The extra dose of irony is that those marketers become instant “gurus” in their own right.

This whole rant is just to say, beware the anti-guru marketing technique. It may be legitimate to a degree, but I’ve been around a lot of gurus, and I can sincerely tell you that in general they are NOT trying to hide secrets from people. In fact, most of the time its just the opposite. They’re trying to learn more so that they can reveal more.

The anti-guru marketing technique is founded upon exploiting the pent-up frustration that so many marketers have toward the gurus.

But this is not where the Affiliate Project X sales letter took a wrong turn. I think that started to happen when the income claims started popping everywhere. Let’s look at some of the income-related lines from the sales letter…

“The methods the real super affiliates use to make $500 per day…”

“Quit your job in weeks, not years and make as much as $1,000 per day…”

“A complete affiliate formula… that will allow you to make at least $5,000 per month…”

“…guiding you every inch of the way until you make the same $2,000 per day that I make.”

“… one of my test subjects caught fire and did $400 in a single day.”

“…had collectively done $643/day in their final week.”

“…a few secrets separate… the abject failures from the $500/day affiliates. ”

“$600 IN MY FIRST TEN DAYS” (testimonial)

“$1,465 SINCE I STARTED” (testimonial)

“…the very reason that some affiliates make as much as $20,000 in a single day”

“…how to 100% guarantee a $200/week income stream”

“…and setup $5,000/month income streams every time”

“…used by the world’s most successful, underground $500/day affiliates”

“…how the super affiliates – the $1k/day guys – do their research”

“…as much as $5,000 per month with NO list and NO special skills required”

“…including a $6,000 per month income stream that you can replicate”

“…you are practically guaranteed to be making $100 per day within 30 days”

“…every promotion that a $600 per day affiliate has ever done”

“…the surest path to $500/day financial freedom on the planet.”

“…replicate, sit back and watch those $2k checks roll in like clockwork.”

“…an hour’s work a day for $2,000 a week, anyone?”

“$19,000 in two weeks…”

“I have generated a little over $400 from a dead start.” (testimonial)

“…when I began to make $1,000 per day.”

“…I have gone from broke to banking over $12,000 in a single day.”

“I was making $300 per week… then $400… and it grew and grew”

“… a few weeks later, I did $750 in profit.”

“…and then I hit $15,000 per week”

“…my income hit the $1k/week level, then a few weeks later, $2k a week.”

“…I hit $3,000 per week in clear profit, then $10k per week”

“…soon I was making an easy $15,000 each and every week.”

“…and another $14,000”

“…hitting $1,000/week within 2 months of my initial experiment”

“$300 IN THIRTY HOURS” (testimonial)

“I made $476 in 3 hours”

“…set up a $50,000 income stream with a single web page”

“…a full $180/day with no advertising costs”

“I setup a $46,000/year income stream while in an Internet cafe in London.”

“…already set up $2,470/month in passive income streams.”

“…were collectively making $1,509/day.”

“…was making fully $300/day despite starting out with no capital.”

“…making $5,000 is one hell of a feeling”

“…when you have your first $1,000 week”

“do this, make $100 per week and repeat” (testimonial)

“…every strategy used by the $100,000+ affiliates”

“…and a full 8 weeks to make $2000 per week”

“I want to make as much as $2,000 per day…”

“…buyers making as much $600 in the 30 hours since launch.”

“…10 of them were making a upwards of $100 per day.”

“…affiliate promotions that make me $100,000 per year.”

Okay, now I’m not saying that those are straight up “income claims” as the FTC would define it, but good grief!

That’s a LOT of numbers for one sales letter, wouldn’t you agree? Normally you want to be extra careful not to confuse your reader, because a confused mind never buys. But in this case, I think the barrage of digits had a bit of a “shock and awe” effect.

I can tell you that by the time I finished reading the sales letter, I was like… okay I don’t have a clue who this guy is, but I HAVE to know how he makes all those amounts of money.

With all those SPECIFIC numbers, it must be true, right?

I’d be willing to bet that the above numbers ARE true, but here’s my advice. Don’t let numbers alone sell you on ANY product, because they are not necessarily representative of the value you’ll be getting.

Another area of the sales letter that I’d like to mention is the prevalance of “so-called-evil”.

This is another marketing technique that has become highly successful lately, with various “black hat” evil secrets being revealed by the gurus and anti-gurus alike 😉

I guess a lot of people think that the biggest money-making secrets inherently must be evil or illegal in some way, and we’re attracted to it.

The sales letter says things like…

“I would guess that less than 100 affiliates world-wide are using these underground, “black hat” methods”

“…you guys are going to feel a little uneasy when you learn how I have been making my riches.”

“Several of my techniques are so profitable, so devious, so treacherous…”

“My methods are downright evil. Chances are I will get shut down by someone, somewhere…”

However, I didn’t find anything overtly evil in the methods described in the book. A lot of it involves what I would call “spying on the competition”, but nothing particularly unethical, and nothing illegal that I could find.

Once again, it’s a tactic. People are drawn to the dark and mysterious ways of making money. Sometimes those black hat methods are real, but here’s my advice. Don’t buy anything just because it claims to be “bad”. Maybe it really is, but chances are better that it’s just a sales tactic.

I could go through the entire page and pick apart the dozens of hype-laden promises that led me to buy it, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

In the ordering area, he says “It is beyond dispute that any affiliate on the planet will need this at some point” .

To that statement I simply have to disagree. If you’re new to the internet marketing game, this ebook could get you off to a great start. But you’re not destined for failure without it.

He even goes so far as to say, “You will not find my techniques in any e-book on the market. Ever.”

Again, simply not true. In fact, I’d dare say I’ve seen EVERY one of his techniques in other ebooks, though he does put his own spin on a couple of them.

With all of the hype and claims, I really expected the ebook to be “all killer and no filler”. After all, who would have the guts to make such bold claims unless their product seriously rocked?

That’s why I was surprised to find the quantity of information relatively small. The ebook is only 50 pages, and the strategies don’t even start until page 11 (the first 10 pages are an introduction and basics of affiliate marketing).

In all, the ebook covers six techniques over the course of about 32 pages. Again, I was fully aware of all six of these techniques, and I’ve also seen them taught in other places (but maybe not all in the same place).

In fairness, maybe I’m overestimating the prevalence of these techniques being known and used. Maybe I just happen to have spotted these techniques in other places because I’m already one of the super affiliates and I know what to look for. That is possible.

So the bottom line…

Are these six techniques worth the money?

1) YES they are worth the money. In spite of the hype, one small technique (it could be any of them) would easily pay off the price of the ebook.

2) BUT if you already know the techniques (like me)…it obviously isn’t worth your time. I’m guessing that most semi-successful affiliate marketers know this stuff, but again I might be wrong.

3) AND don’t set your expectations too high if you read the sales letter. As I mentioned, I was disappointed because I was expecting life-changing information after reading it.

If you can contain your curiosity; more power to you. But if you just can’t contain your curiosity (like me), then I’d say feel free to take him up on his money back guarantee. He is so brazen as to say that if you’re not making $2000/week within 8 weeks than you can have all your money back.

I’ve covered a lot here… really more than just a product review. I’ve also talked about income claims, anti-guru marketing, and so-called-evil-marketing, all of which are forms of hype in my opinion.

I’d be happy to hear your take on all this.

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

86 thoughts on “Affiliate Project X Reviewed – Full of Hype or Help?

  1. Trish Jones

    Thanks for yet another candid review Eric.

    I wasn’t even enticed into purchasing the product. Every time I received an email about it, I just clicked delete. I’d purchased an ebook from someone some weeks ago – and I believe is probably the very same guy who hasn’t delivered on his promise for the Instant Adesense Secrets bonus. But in my view, this was just a rehash of one of his mentors eboooks. Again, same strategies with a new twist. In the main I’m not against that since who wants to reinvent the wheel right?

    The problem is I’m just fed up with affiliate marketers – and I’m sad to say it is usually the guru’s – who promote these offers without even reviewing them! I purchased another product some weeks ago, signed up to the affiliate program myself (it was a excellent product and I use it) and was shocked to see that the email that the “guru” had used – making out that it was his own experience – was a script from author of the product. Again, nothing wrong with that right? Except to say, I don’t believe that this “guru” even looked at the product. If they used “his” program to create the product, he was promoting it!

    I am not a “guru” basher by any means, but we all have to wise up and in my view, if the product don’t do what it says on the box, ask for a refund!! The only way these people will learn is if someone starts to hit them in the pocket.

    I won’t be asking for a refund for my StompetNet program though. Ken Evoy of SiteBuildIt! was the first person to teach me this stuff back in 2002 and I’ve seen his “sticky” tactics slaughtered by some of the well known Internet Marketers to such an extent that I moved away from creating content rich websites. Funny how these same people didn’t promote the StompetNet program.


  2. Jan

    Hi Eric,
    A great review. My email account was also bamboozled with this offer and I found the sales letter (although masterfully done) had an effect like ‘information overload’ to my brain and, after reading a few lines, my finger was automatically heading for the back button. With a sudden twitch and click, the page was gone. Suffice to say I have learned that the more hype I see on a particular product, the more I am prone to closing the page.
    Thanks again Eric for keeping me informed. I look forward to the next email from you :o)

  3. Butter Bean

    I think everyone here needs to read the Rich Shefren “final chapter” book is F*R*E*E and FULL of tons of useful information to help you REALLY make money

  4. Loren

    Those numbers are fine!!! I mean, C|NET and IGN and DIGG are making those kinds of numbers so why can’t all of us. (pardon my sarcasm)

  5. Walter Gavurnik

    Another to-the-point review Eric! Thanks!
    I too was taken in by the sales page although I resisted purchasing.
    After reading an email from Dr. Mani, an IM I trust, I never made the purchase.
    Following is an excerpt from Dr. Mani:

    Does Affiliate Project X really reveal new tweaks to boost your affiliate marketing results?

    Can Affiliate Proejct X actually help affiliate marketers at all levels of success to get better?

    And will you m.ake m.oney from using Affiliate Project X in your own efforts?

    Those were the questions I set out to answer for myself.

    The problem is that Affiliate Project X is loaded with so much information, you could spend several weeks testing each one out – and still get it wrong. Yes, in the right hands, this is powerful stuff… but in the wrong hands, it loses most of its firepower…

    Trust me, my hands are the wrong hands which is why the purchase was not made. :o)

    Also, I am in disagreement with Paul’s statement above:
    “Eric, why do you NEVER have an opinion that you don’t partially retract for fear of offending someone?”

    I have read many of your posts where you flat out “bash” a marketer or technique you disagree with!
    No DISCLAIMER or RETRACTION! Your unbiased honesty is why you attract readers.

    Mike G’s comment:

    “When was the last time a guru offered you some assistance/advice for nothing in return? Very few will repsond to your emails personally. The bottom line is you are part of their list. You always hear how important your list is. You are not a person to most of them – your are $$$ on their list.”

    I am in total agreement with this. I have sent emails to some of the “GURUS” as well as use their contact/support forms, without
    so much as a reply! Their list is not as important as they would like everyone to think it is!

    One more thing Eric, I am patiently awaiting the arival of IAT! I truely hope it lives up to the “hype” created by you and Joel. 😉

    Thanks again Eric for being a straight forward blogger without fear of the backlash! You ROCK my friend!!


  6. David

    Hi Eric

    ‘Affiliate Project-X’ cost me only $48.50

    Love your reviews… I get hundreds of emails every single week
    and when I first saw ‘Affiliate Project-X’ ebook at $77.00 I was
    tempted but I ignored the offer as I’m currently studying the
    techniques taught by an $millionaire Affiliate marketer by watching
    videos (beats reading ebooks any day) so buying ‘Affiliate Project-X’
    wasn’t exactly at the top of my list

    But a week later I pulled out my credit card and bought
    ‘Affiliate Project-X’ for $97 — So why did I do this…

    For starters it had absolutely nothing to do with any of the reviews
    I had read — the sales copy is convincing, but that’s not what pinned
    me down.

    I just sat back and waited… and nearing the tail end of the $77 promotion
    a handfull of marketers were giving away some incredible bonuses — I picked out
    the best (a beta version of a soon to be released adsense arbitrage course
    that will be selling like hot cakes for $97 in the coming weeks)

    My advise… set yourself up with a NEW (throw-away) email address and sign up to
    lots of newsletters. This way you won’t lose out on any hot offers.

  7. Chuck Baslock

    Thanks for the review.
    Yes, I too received numerous e-mails from ‘gurus’ and wannabes alike.

    I think I received about 14 e-mails that except for the signature said exactly
    the same thing. 2 of those 14 were actually from so-called gurus.

    I would have thought that at the least, the gurus would have used their own wording.
    Makes me wonder if they bothered to read the book.

    Thanks again. Always a good read.


  8. ChrisWong

    Hi Eric..
    Ur review is the best…
    I am a newbie in IM though and I bought the ebook at $77 for “fear” that the price will raise and I could no longer afford it 🙁 … however, true to most of you hv said here.. Its really not for the newbies.. I don’t find it a the said “step-by-step” method that really to understand and although it mention the use of using Keyword Elite, there is no sufficient guide on how to use it for someone new in this….

  9. ChrisWong

    Oh… forgot to mention… after getting the book.. I immediately saw a Torrent version … just to test out if its real & i download it… to my Horror , its the same that I hv bought 🙁 *sob*

  10. Nick Bulka

    In 11 days, I’ve already made more than 5 times the $77 investment I made in this book, by using only ONE of the techniques. So how much money did you naysayers make by not buying it? 😉

    As Eric says, the techniques work. Nuff said.


  11. Jon Michael

    Hey Eric,
    You hit another one right on the nose. I was sucked in by the great ad copy and DID buy it and was disappointed from the getgo, so I intend to exercise my right to refund. As Lisa Preston (another shining light in the realms of IM) said, you are a bright light in the internet marketing world and I love your honesty and look forward to your reviews. So while there IS a dark void in the IM world where integrity and honesty are concerned for the moment, the light is growing! Thanks again.

  12. Michelle Hmelevsky

    It sounded so good–I received an email from a guru who said that it was very good, but that it wasn’t for newbies. My jaw ‘dropped’ with that honesty. (I didn’t buy it.) Michelle

  13. Jul

    Hi Eric,

    I am glad to be your member. I am also a newbie who wish to earn some living. I have received lots of email from everyone just want to get our money . I thought no one will be honest to point out the ‘true’ for the product. We newbie have been ‘cheated’ alots of money before making one our own. I agreed with all the readers that you will be in my favourite top list now on. I just order Joel Comm. latest package and still waiting for my delivery. Hopefully, is not another item to be keep in my document file to “collect dust” and waste of money. I will love to share my opion to you and all the readers after ‘trying’ out. Look forwards to receive more helpful advise in future. Thanks buddy 🙂

  14. said hassan

    Dear Eric.
    good day.
    i was subscribe at your program and toled you on my last reply(blog).
    i hope to you all success and progress.
    now i am member at gdi program with above website.
    see you later.

  15. Jon Thornstein

    I’m sure you didn’t have this in mind at all Eric, because you’re a nice guy who likes to help people, and a real anti-guru who would never intentionally stoop to subversive marketing tactics.

    I feel very protective of you, but I’m really afraid some people might misinterpret your sincere desire to help people as a stealth tactic only designed to stuff ill-gotten affiliate checks into your wallet.

    I can see how one could misjedge you because this completely thumbs-down recommendation review contains just about every major hype statement and outlandish claim from the original sales letter itself.

    I hear that some of those guru idiots actually use that strategy to teach copywriting to newbies. You know, like a cheap and lazy way to reproduce a sales letter without paying for it.

    I mean, some would have thought a line or two – even a paragraph of your articulate vitriol would have gotten the point clearly across. But I agree with you – they’d be wrong. They just don’t understand much more effective your review is when you hammer home how unbelievably effective a sales letter this atrocious product has, not just by stating it, but by quoting each individual major income and social-proof claim from the sales letter…

    “…one point”,

    “…after another”,

    “..after another”

    And a lazy reviewer might have only made the point and quoted just one or two examples for clarity. But you, my dedicated marketer, took your own valuable time to cull through the letter and reproduct a full FIFTY quotes from the sales letter. God, you really know how to bolster your case against that product and there’s now way you could really call this a “rant” without this kind of passion!

    You REALLY made your point, and your readers will be so very well served. But you might see where some nay-sayers and, maybe even some of those evil gurus you protect us against, might think that was just a stealth marketing tactic. Those dicks.

    And I really appreciate you taking the time to identify which of those quotes were testimonials, not sales copy. Otherwise I might have thought there was no social proof of those income claims which are just on the very border of activating the lights and sirens at the FTC, and that it was just really hype-y sales copy.

    And I would never have gotten mad enough at those underhanded emeffers to jump right over to that repulsive sales letter (through your affiliate link, of course) and seen with my own eyes that you were not exaggerating at all — every one of those claims were in the sales letter. Omigod – the cajones those guys have!

    And thanks for the preamble “The sales letter says things like…” before you quoted 3-4 of their most high-powered stealth tactics. That was really educational. I admit I had to dig deeper into the sales letter to find them, but I saw every one! I would never have bothered to look at the sales letter had you not brought that offense to my attention.

    If I have one criticism, it’s only that you didn’t include in your review some images of those outlandish checks and bank statements those evil-doers splash all through the sales letter. I think then people would REALLY understand how impossible it was for this crappy product to ever make good on these claims – outrageous!

    I hope you’re not disappointed, but I ended up buying the product just to see what unmitigated gall these copywriters have. And you’re right – I didn’t learn a single thing! You REALLY know your stuff.

    I’m definitely going to look up my receipt and get a refund, as soon as I can find it and have time to. I might have time to dig it up next week. No way I’m gonna let this end up as digital dust, like the other products that I got sucked into buying because of these totally unbelievable sales letters.

    I notice you care for me like this in a lot of your posts Eric, and I want you to know I really appreciate it. I remember even when all those evil gurus were promoting their adsense product and you stood up to them by letting us know how crappy an investment that was. Thank god I took your advice and waited to buy the adsense stuff you and Joel did…whew, dodged another bullet because of your honest and forthright reviews.

    If I had to make one small criticism (and it’s not such a big deal that I would immediately stop reading your blog or prevent me from taking you seriously at all) … it would be that some of those guru pricks might actually have the balls to suggest that using affiliate links in a product you trash and slash could look like a conflict of interest. You know, like when a review is being sponsored by sales of the product.

    I’d hate for people to so misinterpret your intentions. You are, after all, my watchdog, my beacon of ethics in this void of morality that is the internet. I would be really pissed if someone were to accuse you of having anything other than my interests at heart. They just don’t know you like I do, those jealous dongs.

    Your disciple forever,

    Jon Thornstein
    p.s. I’ve got a great list of charities you can send your affiliate profits to, should you have a pang of conscience along the way. Not that there’s any reason for you to have one, but just because I know you hold yourself to a highers standard and might not want anything to even remotely seem like your were full of it…or yourself. I hope you appreciate I’m just thinking of you and trying to protect you from those jerks.

  16. Tari Akpodiete

    ok, Eric, my sincere apologies if i have mixed you up with someone else as you have indicated in terms of receiving an email promo on this. i do have to wonder though, why you’re using an affiliate link if you’re not that happy with the product or how it was promoted.

    i haven’t bought the product myself, but i will say one positive thing: for once, we’re seeing some decent visuals in terms of classier graphics, and a better looking site. honestly, some of the gurus themselves blind one with nasty looking ebooks, ugly boxes, and garish site colours.

    i received an EXCELLENT promo email today from Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing about Rich Schefren’s The Final Chapter. the email was a tad longish, but full of praise and info, none of it over the top, but all of it compelling. i went right over to grab the product which was free (but so valuable as it turns out that it could have been sold), and on the page where I found it, there were testimonials, none of them over the top hype.

    because of how Jim worded his email, packed with important info, but with no sleazy hype, i was much more receptive to what he had to say. i’m sure you know who Rich is as he coaches a lot of the top so-called gurus, including Joel Comm he says. currently, there are 147 comments on his blog today about this release, so clearly other people appreciated the approach and went to check it out.

    i made it a point to hunt down the first two parts of the product as well, The Internet Business Manifesto and The Missing Chapter and i’ll be reading them tonight, and also this weekend, i’ll be listening to the mp3 downloads of coaching interviews he did with Mike Filsaime, Hans Johnson, and Jim Edwards.

  17. Larry M.


    How can I reach Chris Mcneeny so I can request a refund on my purchase of Affiliate ProjectX?


    Larry M.

  18. Karen


    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only that was ripped off by this book. OK I know I’m a relative newbie but I was told that a website would be brought out to help us (no mention that it would cost another $97). But I figured I’d try it anyway,. So do you want to know how mch I’ve made by promoting constantly for the last month a big fat ZERO. So another rip off scam. Luckily for you Eric I didn’t buy through your link and to be honest I will never trust the guy who’s link I went through again, so it’s also his loss.

    The most annoying thing is my laptop crashed big time and I know your supposed to backup your data but I hadn’t so I can’t get a refund, because I don’t have a receipt, I don’t have the book and to be honest I’m pretty p***ed off that Chris hasn’t replied to my emails. But I will not lose hope I’m sure not all you guys out there are the same though I’m beginning to wonder. So Eric prove me wrong.


  19. Jack Hadley

    Hi Eric,

    He got me to but he will never get another penny from me again. He goes on and on and you can’t understand half of what he is saying unless you have been in this business for a lond time. I sent his support systhm an email about this problem but he never sent me back an answer. I would have been surprised if he did. I want my money back. Good luck. That will never happen.
    Jack Hadley

  20. CY


    I believe that the testimonial is true.

    I used the Leech Method and it earns me $500+ commission in just one campaign, with 1600 ROI over 20 days.

    Yes the techniques have been discussed else where, but IMHO Chris explained it really well .

  21. Shea

    Thanks for such an honest review for Affiliate Project X – there was so much hype coming out and I was just about to purchase it when your newsletter arrived. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read a review that really reviews the product. I appreciate the time you took to dig into both the product and sales letter – and provide concrete talking points. So often reviews are done to encourage the reader to buy – regardless of all the shortcomings. Thanks for saving me some money and frustration. Keep up the great reviews and content and I will continue to read and take action.

  22. Steve Stunt

    Excellent quote from Mike G

    “show me a sales page without some hype and over exaggeration and I’ll show you a product that doesn’t sell. A fact of marketing”

    Don’t you all agree?

    To all of you who are sooooooooooooo happy that they saved $97 USD by not purchasing this extremely well written marketing e-book (it marvelously puts all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together)… Think again. This is “your opportunity” to see a real life example of how someone (Chris McNeeny) dominates the affiliate marketing game. Chris is a workhorse… a true workaholic … and a very clever marketer and copywriter.

    “Anyone” should approach this book as a selftest to figure out if she/he has what it takes to become successful in affiliate marketing. No matter what the answer will be – you’ll save a small fortune. Becoming successful in the Affiliate World is a combination of “the will to learn” and “the will to work”…

  23. Harry

    I have to say I agree with Eric fully. I have the book, read it a few times and their certainly isn’t anything in there that is not somewhere else on the net or in another E book or as far as that goes in Googles Help files. I have also watched all his videos which really lacked any kind of professionalism, the guy burped and excused himself so much on one it was painful and embarrassing to listen to. He hypes about his videos too which are really mostly audios as I watched one the screen sat still and on a Google search page ( showing a search for his previous product Adwords Miracle) for about 10 minutes while he went on talking about being an affiliate and stating that failing campaign after campaign in adwords comes with the territory. I know for a fact that his presell was written by some guy named Andre Chapron, he states this in one of his videos. And Chris is definitely not Anti-guru. I have emailed him back and forth and felt him out and he is right in with them and in fact was one of the Guru’s that got an advanced copy of the Pipeline Profits program that’s been a big hype lately.
    I have all books on Adwords and I think one of the best is Perry Marshalls The Definitive Guide. But not one of these books walk you through an actual live campaign. I think if your a beginner you can learn everything you need in the adwords help files and a simple search in google will bring up all these so called hidden secrets. And there are a lot of free adwords books that have just as much info in them as his book does. And one of his methods is to only bid on keywords using the brand names but in Adwords that’s a direct Trademark infringement and if you do that not only will your ads be disabled but you probably won’t be paid by the vendor. Google also frowns on Squeeze pages and pages that simply re-direct and have opt-in boxes, if your ads are not disabled for it they will be penalized with poor quality score for your landing page. For example try promoting one of Yahoo’s sites or products, if you use any keywords with Yahoo or ad copy with yahoo or any of yahoo’s companies (read their affiliate agreement) not only won’t you be paid but your ad’s will be disabled. He and many others have left a lot of important little facts that you need to know when you are working in adwords, things you will go through with your ad’s daily.

  24. Craig


    As someone who has read loads of e-books on affiliate marketing and anything else to help me make money online, I found that the Affiliate X e-book is no better or worst than the rest. It gives some valuable information but to me its not worth the price of admission.

  25. BIll

    I appreciate the half-honest review. I had just watched the video for it and was kind of excited.

    Not anymore. Really I don’t get it. Either it’s good or it’s not. Apparently excessive HYPE and then not delivering is OK. What does respect for “a fellow marketer” really mean? One might think it means writing and ranking for Affiliate X review hoping to make sales of the product. Your review isn’t bad enough to upset any gooroos or good enough to really help someone that doesn’t need the product. Aren’t your readers fellow marketers also$?

    Thanks for the info. In most cases I think you give good advice even if grey today.

  26. giovanni

    Dear eric,

    I was ready to get my credit card to buy affiliate x just like most of you.
    I have a question about your review.
    Your review is about affiliate project x and i was ready to buy affiliate x.It should be from the same author of dayjob killer.Affiliate x is an automated software system.But the author would be chris x.
    Is this the same product as affiliate project x?
    kind regards,


  27. giovanni


    And i forgot to say that it was a killer salesletter too!!!.And i think it is well copywrited because the text differs.


  28. samantha

    Thank you for the review. Based on the hype and e-mails i’ve been getting I honestly thought this was a killer product. Based on your review I can see that it does offer good value, it seems that it covers stuff I may already have seen. considering that i’ve bought commissionblueprint2 among other excellent products.

  29. joe hardy

    more rubbish from someone trying to get new peopel to handover cash and then give them little in return , how on earth wold 36pages make you any money , i know of a local guy called andrew fox and believe me he has the leased cars, the rented house and leased boat but its all through conning people into thinking they will make money , by selling rubbish ebooks , ONLY PEOPLE MAKING MONEY ARE THESE GUYS MOST OF THE TIME YOU CANNOT GET A REFUND , DNT BE SUCKERED PEOPLE , I AM THE ANTI GURU AND PROUD OFF IT !!!

  30. noel f hayes

    Thanks for the review,
    To be on top of the game in any field we must always read everything we can thats out their, even if its to say we already know this stuff. The day we think we know it all is when we start to die.
    Have an awesome day
    play to win

  31. Dakota

    Hey Eric – I also found this product not to be what it was advertised – i asked for a refund and haven’t heard back for 5 days now.

  32. harry

    thanks for the reveiw.i to got so many e-mails and spent the money and i am a newbe and this is way over my head.the 1,2,3 step i got lost and e-mail them for help no one got back to me!so i am going for a refund.i have spent so much money on trying to be a affiliate and so far have made no money!


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