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By | October 10, 2006

UPDATE: This product is now outdated, and is no longer available. Additionally, I have removed the links from this article. At the time that we released this product, it was a great shortcut for building content-based websites. While some critics argued that it was spammy, it’s important to note that we ALWAYS taught that it was essential to create websites based on your own high-value content. These were merely templates, and the customers were responsible for adding content to them. There were some changes in Google’s policy that occurred well AFTER we released this product, which rendered portions of it in non-compliance with Google AdSense policy (particularly the use of pictures in conjunction with the ad blocks.) Of course we notified our customers of these changes, and gave instructions to bring them back into compliance. While we stopped selling the templates years ago, I’ve seen our templates in use to this very day by successful marketers who used them as building blocks for building very profitable websites.


As I’ve mentioned on several occasions over the last few months, I’ve been devoting a lot of time to helping Joel Comm with his new program, Instant AdSense Templates VRE Building System.

The package we’ve put together is being called the biggest and best AdSense related product ever to hit the internet.

But it’s also a LOT more than just AdSense.

It’s about building an empire of Virtual Real Estate.

I really feel that this package is going to allow hundreds of people to grow their online businesses to new heights they had never imagined.

We’ve spent several months putting this together for you. The sales page itself is an educational experience, and you can learn some important things about VRE just by reading it.

The first edition of Instant AdSense Templates sold out in under two days. This package is exponentially better than the first generation, and I encourage you to check it out today…

(Link removed – no longer available)

I think you’ll agree it was worth your time!

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

25 thoughts on “Instant AdSense Templates VRE Building System

  1. Rick Macaulay

    Looks great!

    I just made an order for my own set. Any idea how long he waits to ship out his orders Eric? I’m really lokking forward to using these!


  2. said hassan


  3. Commercial Investment Property

    Hi Eric –

    We met at Yanik’s conference earlier this year and sat together at the “Who Killed Yanik” dinner. It was a lot of fun.

    Hey I just invested in this system and am really looking forward to it. I think the value should be trememdous from what you’re offering.

    Thanks for being a straight-shooter and look forward to receiving the AdSense system you and Joel have put together.

    Thanks –

  4. Eric Post author

    Hey thanks guys!

    The CD’s are already being made and will start shipping tomorrow 🙂


  5. Walter Gavurnik

    Thanks Eric!
    I was hemming and hawing about purchasing these templates,
    but after receiving emails from Michael Rasmussen, Mike Filsaime,
    Jeremy Gislason, and then you, I decided I had to purchase them!
    If they are half as good as the testimonials, it will be more than worth
    purchase price!!

    I purchased all 3 programs. If money cannot be made with this system,
    there is nothing on the internet you CAN make money with. 😉

    Thanks again Eric,

  6. Amir

    Hello Eric,

    The program looks very exiting. I was wondering are you offering any bonuses if we buy from your link?


  7. Gary

    Hey Eric,

    I just got through all the salescopy and have to say that this has got to be the best program on the market. Thanks for selling it at a price I can afford. I went ahead and purchased all three components of your system and once the CD’s show up at my door step… You know what I’ll be doing!

    Like Walt said above, If money exist on the Internet — This IS the sytem to get it in MY bank! Of course, he didn’t say it exactly that way, but hey, I’ve gotta put my own spin to it. Thanks and I’ll be emailing you my results.

  8. Derrick

    Last night I decided I’d definitely not be buying IAT. I bought the first edition, and I managed to get as far as putting up exactly one site. My fault, of course. There’s no sense in buying something like this without being prepared to find the time to do something with it. I guess I put up one site, then got distracted by something temporarily more exciting (that happens a lot!).

    Anyway, after reading your post, and reading through the sales page, I went ahead and bought the package. And the one time offer. And the membership. Terrific sales letter.

    I have decided that I will definitely be devoting more time to building content sites in the future (as one of a number of strategies). I’ll probably have to quit my day job just to find the time to do everything I want to do!


  9. Martin Luxton

    Hi Eric

    Congratulations on your launch strategy.

    After the heated comments here about the last big ticket launch that cost only an “affordable” $797 per month (amazing! I’ve already forgotten what it was called), I was happy to see that you and Joel are still grounded in the real world and we still speak the same language.

    Having said that, $197 is a real bargain so I would not be surprised if your double upsell achieves a record conversion rate.

    My heartfelt thanks to you and Joel for giving us such an affordable (real, non-hype, meaning!!) and valuable opportunity.

    Viva la Adsense Kingdom!!

  10. Eric Post author

    Thank you guys very much for the high regards.

    Amir- Since I am a partner on this project I don’t think it would be fair to our JV partners if I offered any bonus to buy from my direct link. So for any of my readers who like to help me out, feel free to buy through the direct link to the site. But if you see anyone offering any bonuses that you’d rather take advantage of, go ahead and buy through their link, as that still helps me 😉

    Take care


  11. Chris

    Thanks Eric.. just subscribed to ur club & bought IAT… I purchased the 3 components but I closed the screen too fast to read whats the last component is all about.. could anyone let me know what is the last one all about ? is it another sets of templates ? thanx

  12. Veronica

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the enormous amount of work you have put into developing this latest package. Whilst we dont have it yet, the package is “ginormous” and I’m itching to get started. The glowing testimonials from so many well known marketers has given huge credibility to it and is a pat on the back for you and Joel and anyone else involved in building the package. I purchased both packages but not the membership. I was tempted, naturally, to get the membership but then I realised that by receiving a new package each month, I would be distracted and would be spending my time reading through the new stuff at the expense of building sites with what I will have. I figured that if I cant make money with a combined package of 300 sites then it isnt going to happen at all. Many people are more disciplined than I am and heaps faster at building sites so they’ll make good use of the membership. I bought via your link as you were the first person to tell us about the package. As for bonuses, you have given them to us in advance with all of the quality information you supply to us from Eric’s Tips.
    Thanks again to you and Joel,
    Kindest regards

  13. Ryan

    I never got in on the first round of IAT so I wanted to make sure that I did this time… It looks very exciting… it looks like you and Joel have made tons of improvements in order to make these templates the complete VRE package. I really like the fact that I am getting it on CD’s and that it was priced with newbies in mind, I know you could have easily got 3 times that much for this package… Thanks for all of your hard work Eric… I look forward to being one of your IAT success stories soon. Keep up all of the great work… And God Bless Your Family…

    Ryan Puusaari.

  14. chonise

    Hi Eric! I was so tempted to order your latest IAT package from some JV partners offering some bonuses, but in the end I decided to order the three component from you. I read your Eric’s Tips testimonials, and people are all on the same tone saying your incomparable tips and support to them. Kudos to that. I may have some issues building my website along the way, and so I am hoping you would be helping me out, too. Thanks and stay as honest as you are!

  15. Henry G.

    I wanted to say thanks to you for all the work you put into this new package of templates. Placed my order on the 10th and just got the shipping confirmation today.

    I plan to use some of these to build sample websites during my online Internet Marketing Technology Workshop to show the Right way to create Adsense sites. Using Camtasia I will show my students how to setup these money makers and hopefully encourage them to make a purchase when Package #3 comes out in a few months… you and Joel are going to do a #3 package right??

    Keep up the great work you are doing for us all Eric.

    (Maybe you need to put the phone on DND and take some time off before Joel calls you with this next porject.


  16. Tony

    Hi Eric,

    I bought IAT and am quite satisfied with what I got! But what has happened to MagicAdTool ?
    I registered for it and have heard nothing.

    The main attraction for me was the ability to bring in CJ ads as well as CB, although the contextual element would be a no-no as far as adsense was concerned. I presume there was a keyword search facility which would have got round that.

    Before I dash off and get myself ClickAdsPro or ClickSensor (and I’m not at all sure that I can get CJ ads by hacking them) can you give me an update on the situation?

    All the best,

    Tony Page

  17. Eric Post author


    As far as I know, MagicAdTool is still in the beta stages, and they are only accepting a certain number of new users per week. So as soon as your name is up in the queue, they will contact you and start your free trial.


  18. simon

    Hi Eric

    I also bought the whole shebang and have now received the first installment DVD. I have been eying off the VRE Gold wondering whether it is good value.? It certainly looks the goods and will I expect speed up the process of putting up a reasonable quality site. However there is a footprint which does concern me….. What’s your take on this ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you…
    Kind Regard

  19. Eric Post author

    Simon- I think the HyperVRE gold upgrade is definitely worth it IF you plan on using the HyperVRE templates. I am not too worried about a footprint with HyperVRE because each site it generates is unique in some ways. And of course you can further modify your template and/or the finished site to reduce chance of any footprints.

  20. Jimmy

    Hi Eric, i have just one question for you, can you tell me how good is the plr article that you guys provide within the packages. As im currently a member of plrpro. How many article do you guys provide in each niche roughly? Im a bit confused at the moment.Sorry if i ask too many question, as you can see im a total newbie.Thanks Eric. Maybe you can do us a video tutorial of how to modify template.

  21. Eric Post author

    We are no longer selling the above package, but Joel does sell the Monthly Resale Templates currently. The PLR articles are very good quality. There is 5 per niche.


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