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The Landing Page System Revealed

Edition #109 – 01/28/2007 I’m back from vacation… I took my wife, kids, and sister-in-law (our favorite babysitter) to Cancun for 10 days and it was really fun. I ate a lot of great food, played on the beach, snorkeled, boogie boarded, windsurfed, ate lots of food, built sand sculptures, fished, and oh… did I […]

Is AdSense DEAD or ALIVE?

Update: Four years after this report was released, AdSense is still alive and well. It is still an incredibly popular way to monetize websites, and Google is still sending paychecks to AdSense publishers. So clearly, AdSense wasn’t dead. Scott Boulch was right that the game was changing… Google has changed their rules and algorithms multiple […]

Google Adwords Length Experiment

Edition #4 – 10/28/2005 I’ve been invited for a second time to participate in Google’s ad length experiment. Here’s part of the email from them… Hello from the Google AdWords Team, Thanks for your earlier participation in our longer ad text experiments. Previously, you created ads up to 200 characters long for us to test […]