My Computer Died and a Crazy Deal

By | April 16, 2008

Edition #163

When I’m at home I typically work from my desktop computer, because I’m more efficient on it than on my laptop.

However, today I woke up and my PC was dead!

Last night I needed to copy two CD-ROM’s onto my hard drive. So before I went to bed, I put one of them in the CD drive, and the other into the CD/DVD drive, and left them to copy over while I was sleeping.

I am wondering if perhaps it overheated or something.

Needless to say, I will be attempting to get it repaired today, but first I needed to jump onto my laptop to tell you about a crazy deal…

(the deal is now over so I’ve removed it from this page)

Enjoy it! I’m off to fix my computer (hopefully).

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on my blog.

Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “My Computer Died and a Crazy Deal

  1. Tari Akpodiete

    ok, i am usually skeptical of anything you have to say, BUT i am – quite literally – typing this with one hand and reaching for my wallet with the other so i can get out my credit card and get over to Joel’s site to buy this.

    i have an old edition of the PDF, and also the dead tree edition of it. for anyone who has never bought a thing that Eric sells/recommends, THIS IS THE ONE ITEN TO GET. and not just because it is cheap. it’s worth it at 10x the cost, which actually was the original price of the ebook. sure you can figure out all this for yourself, by trial and error, and even maybe eventually find all the info piecemeal, mostly buried on various Google sites, but why would you?

    as many people on this site know from what i have written here in the comments, and other places online, i have some VERY strict standards when it comes to listening to anything these ‘gurus’ have to say or buying anything they are selling, but i can state with certainty that it’s one of two-must-have, can’t-live-without ebooks you need if you’re looking to be doing any kind of business online. i hope that Joel puts out a 2nd edition of the paperback version which i bought from Amazon. i like having it in that format.

  2. J. Clemons

    I’ve seen this being promoted by a bunch of the folks I subscribe to, but I chose to purchase it from your link. Reason being that it seemed like all the other folks had the same e-mail script to promote this with, but yours was more personal – especially with what happened with your computer. [Been there, done that!] Good luck with getting it fixed, and I’m looking forward to using this e-book. Peace!

  3. Fauzi

    Hi Eric,
    May be your PC was so over heated and killed the adapter or the stabilizer. Any way just go to the maintenance shop or anywhere it may concerns, and sooner, it could be settle down.
    Regarding the ebook, I think it’s not the right time to buy yet, though it’s worth for me to buy it right now. I think it’s best for you to give a little highlight on the content of the book. Or can anybody who bought the book make a little brief on this stuff?


  4. marcilio

    hello i tried to purchase adsense secrets but it didn´t accept my home address from the credit card.

    i am brazilian, the site may not recognize portuguese!!!!

    and tell that joel comm to use PAYPAL, it´s not expensive!

    does joel lives under a rock???

    please see if you can make him to offer something other than that crazy shopping cart.

    how many sales is he missing?

  5. Alan Young

    Just picked a copy up Eric.
    PS. Continue to Live to the Fullest!
    “God has unlimited resources that He can make available to
    people who think big and believe deeply”

  6. Tom

    Hey sorry about your computer. Been there done that as they say. I already purchased the ebook before seeing your link. It is well worth the price.

  7. Bob Foster

    I ordered Joel’s book through your web site (Order no. 1006184958) last night and received an email thanking me for my order with a receipt. However, I did not receive an email with the download info. as promised. I tried to work through Joel’s helpdesk but I could not register and log in without activating another email that I also did not receive. Both of Joel’s recommended display addresses were white listed all to no avail.

    I buy ebooks frequently and this is the first time I have had this problem–is there something about Joel’s system that is different than everyone else’s?

    Since there is no other way to contact Joel, I thought I would try to get some help from you–that is if Joel’s offer is for real??

    Bob Foster

  8. Gene

    Thanks for explaining the marketing strategy. I think it was a brilliant tactic because: 1) Google Adsense is no longer the Big Thing it was when V1 came out, 2) Most people have already seen a zillion ebooks on the topic, all selling for a penny on Ebay, so it would be hard for Joel to sell his book for $97 today. But since he already established the value with previous editions, $9.95 for the “upgrade” edition seems like a great deal. My one complaint is with the OTO which I thought was overblown and over priced. Often gurus will throw in tons of crap so they can claim some astronomical value (which no one would ever pay) and then say they are discounting it dramatically. I thought Joel’s offer on the backend was SO expensive relative to the front end that it just turned me off. I think if you sell a $10 product, the upsell should be in the $30-$100 range. After all, we buyers have our wallets out and we are willing to buy a little more, but don’t try to sell us the ranch with the kitchen sink thrown in!!


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