LESSON #27: 5 Ways to Build a Website

By | November 20, 2008

Back in lesson 23 I talked about why you need to have your own website.

Since then, we’ve covered several of the prerequisites for having a website (getting a domain, hosting, etc). Today we’re going to talk about your options for building a website, and then we’re going to make it a reality.

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

IMPORTANT: I did not mention this in the video, because it sort of goes without saying. But I think I may need to offer this reminder:

A website does not constitute a business. It is an essential component of your business, but it is not a business by itself.

So please keep that in mind throughout the next several lessons as we focus on building your website.

  • I often prefer to launch a website before the product is done because…

    – Getting your website online is a milestone
    – You can start marketing it before the product is done

  • Note: Website vs. web page (a web page is just one page)

  • Ways to build a website:

    1) Build it from scratch (using a web language like HTML)

    Do you need to know HTML to be an internet marketer? No, but it can be very helpful.

    2) Use a web authoring program (ex. An HTML editor such as FrontPage)

    WYSIWYG = What You See is What You Get (ex. NVU)

    3) Use a template or site builder (ex. HostGator’s site builder)

    Template = shortcut

    My favorite site builder for non-techies: XSitePro

    4) Use a script or CMS (ex. WordPress)

    Great website script for internet marketers: Butterfly Marketing

    Forums: phpBB, Vbulletin, etc.

    WordPress: my favorite free publishing application

    5) Outsource it (pay someone else to do it for you)

    Action step:

    1) Choose a method that you will use to build your website

    Think about all these options, do some research if you need to, and choose ONE to start with. We’ll start building your website in the next lesson.

    By the way, if you DO have a website already… be sure comment and let us know what worked or didn’t work well for you!

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 196 thoughts on “LESSON #27: 5 Ways to Build a Website

    1. Vincent

      Hi Eric

      I have been trying affiliate markteting for sometime now without success, actually it is the starting up that seems to be the challenge. I have joined your site with the hope of somehow getting a breakthrough, and I know you can help me, but I am still struggling.

      I understand it takes longer to start seeing dividends using the free methods than the payed ones, but still. Maybe I am impatient but I have joined several sites too like Global-data-entry and Legitonline jobs. I understand these sites are good but somehow I cannot seem to get the hang of it. Where do you think I should start? It is just that for the payed methods it is a bit out of the question at this stage – financially.

      I am also hopeful too that the lesson about creating a personal website will help me a lot. I visited Michaela’s awesome website and actually wondered if I will ever get there. And I know it takes an awful lot of time, learning and experience, and patience too.

      Can you help? newbie here.

      P.S. I have also been trying online paid surveys but that field is quite slow, since I live outside the United States, or any European country for that matter.

    2. Micah

      Hello Vincent,

      Have you tried out Eric’s free Writing Cash Program?

      While this focuses on the “Paid” methods of affiliate marketing, there are some “Free” methods discussed as well!

    3. baidu123

      This is possibly the highest quality content Ive read on this subject. Phenomenal job. Keep up the fine writing!

    4. Jay

      Good lesson. I’m interested to see how the Host Gator site builder works. I believe I tried using it at one time and it was to complicated at the time. I was very green then too. Now I have to much on my plate to go playing with it, so it will be cool to see you use it in a step by step tutorial.

    5. Nedra

      I love your direct, concise way of teaching.Brings out a alot of ah ha’s to finally have a grip on what has not been made so plain in the past.
      Long before Eric’s Tips I got a build your own website on Go Daddy called Website Tonight. Wish I could say putting it together was as easy as they would like to believe it should be. I have found in program writing that it takes an exceptional person to write basic stuff, and not feel the need the flex their intellectual muscle to show just how intelligent that the are. I have found just one program that I call a ‘Dick and Jane’ primer for filling in the blanks that was as easy as it indicated, but those ARE rare.

      Looking forward to the arrival of my next lesson!!!

    6. Jeff Stanford

      WordPress is undoubtedly the best and easiest platform you could ever use. There are heaps of good free wordpress themes to make your site look fantastic and as for adding content it is so easy and you can add plugins that do everything from automating content,help with SEO,post Youtube videos, monetize your site and so on.I agree with Eric when he says that it is good to learn a bit of HTML because some script’s you buy in the form of complete websites need a bit of tweaking to enable them to be unique for the search engines so that when they “spider them” they will seem to have unique content and rank higher in the search engines.But at the end of the day you have to work at your website and post YOUR own unique articles to give your visitors a good experience which what Google and the other search engines want.I have got a website that generates automatic content every day but i still have to write my own stuff to keep it ranking high in the search engines. It takes time and a bit of patience to get good rankings but with a little bit of work and some strategically placed plugins owning a website is definitely a whole lot easier than it used to be

    7. Jeff Stanford

      Go into your control panel and find fantasico and then find wordpress and install it.Don’t even bother with site builder wordpress is the easiest platform to deal with and is so customizable

    8. Jeff Stanford

      I agree. stick with that domain for sure.If you want to have a product specific domain then see if your plan with your hosting company has unlimited “sub” domains and then you could go with something like vitaminsforwoman.bestnhealh.com or go the addon domain like bestnhealth.com/vitaminsforwoman
      This is a question i would like to ask Eric and so far have not been able to get a definitive answer from anyone. What is better as far as the search engines are concerned
      A sub domain or an addon domain given that your main domain is apparently important for over all search engine rankings for a particular keyword? ie:guitarlessons.com for guitar lessons for instants

    9. Clee

      I am just getting started on my web page and all of this is new to me. I really appreciate all the info you share. I just would like your input on turnkey sites as a way to generate revenue or a complete waste of time and simply stick to the plan of creating your own. I am still working on my niche and wanted something going until It was complete. thanks

    10. Ken

      Excellent lesson, Eric. I began my website building journey using an HTML editor. When it transitioned into a WYSIWIG editor, I said “Hallelujah!, my life just got easier”. Well, not really. Som editors really messed up the page in certain browsers.
      Then along came a powerful (well, almost) program called WordPress. And today I like it more than anything else because of the functionality avaliable. But, it is not for the faint of heart, especially if you want security, but it sure can make some pretty sites (with the right templates). Unfortunately, most WordPress websites look about the same.
      Your tips are right on target, Eric, with some excellent choices for everyone.

    11. JITENDER

      HI ERIC,
      When you built your site through some websites builder, are their any issues when you want to opt out to some other host, if yes what can be done than ?

    12. Marija

      Hi Eric,
      I have build 2 different Website: in the first I had used template or site builder method and got help from my Host company. I don’t know how to add more pages to this site and use as affiliate pages.
      and then I have started to build a WP (method use a script or CMS). http://www.coachingtoolsdrmarijahafner.com/blog1.
      I have set it up but have trouble to use it for affiliate programs again and organize it nice with a content. Do I need for every affiliate a new page and how to design these pages? I am completely stuck here.
      And then once I have got Outsource site and set a new domain http://www.rejuvenate-natural.com The company that offered me this has closed my account later. I have chance to activate it again but don’t know how it could be useful? What do you think? I have been also thinking to remove the domain at Go Daddy.
      Any suggestion on all questions are welcome. Thank you very much for your explanation. Best regards, Marija

    13. Richard

      I thought I purchased your Automate Your Business Last night but did not get an email from you about a download. need some help

    14. Jay Perry

      Hi Eric;
      I’m Jay Perry, best known for my candid and honest Consumer Internet Product Reviews. I have been assessing your course and must say how professional and thorough it is. I think all Marketers should eventually give back and I can see this is your way of doing it.
      Internet Marketing is not a 2 month journey – it is a marriage. I feel a lot of people want to be in this business but don’t really have the commitment as you stated in an earlier lesson.. There is a ton to know and lots of frustrations before success. I would like to stress that WordPress is an excellent option for starting out. However, I don’t believe newbies can simply jump on cpanel and ride the wave… invest in a good course like Google Sniper. I began with that solid foundation and today have a solid stable of websites….thanks to that course. No matter how you start, learn everything you can so your sites are smart and professional looking. Thanks Again Eric, you have made us proud, Jay….

    15. Micah

      Hello Jitender,

      Are you able to download the site files via FTP? If you aren’t using any databases, you should be able to download the site to your computer, and upload to the new host.

      However, if the hosts are greedy, and use tricks to keep you hooked to their service, you could try this method.

      Simply right-click any page, and select “View page source.” You could retrieve much of your site design that way.

    16. Ian

      As I am just starting out, I have found all of your tips to be very informative. There is so much to learn but, with your help, I am slowly getting there. Thank you so much!

    17. Mark Lewis

      Thanks, Eric. AS time goes by with these lessons i am feeling more and more relieved. I think this can really happen. I might finally start an internet business.

      Appreciate it man.


    18. james Ryan

      Eric Jeff and Paul, From the training and coaching has been more valuable, than words can say. It has been a breath of fresh air and put me on the right path to internet marketing. so from all the coaching thus far i going to build a website that is going to complement my other domain name http://www.rhythmguitarx.com this is going to have music and information to meet a wider audience with charts and music mp3 files charts chords ect…..

    19. Kelly

      Hi Eric,
      First of all let me say your Eric’s Tips has helped me so much and I really appreciate the effort you put in to creating it.
      Also I just wanted to let you know I purchased your book which is also awesome however on the download page one of your extra links seems to be broken it is: https://instantclickfusion.com/affiliates/affiliates.click.php?userid=10215&username=toplevel&product=freedvd&trackingid=&redirecturlmods=
      Just thought I would let you know.
      Kindest regards,

    20. Micah

      Hello Kelly,

      Thanks! This was a freebie that Russell Brunson was giving away but isn’t anymore. We deleted the link from several of our download pages this week, but may have missed the page you saw it posted on.

      Will you please let us know what page you saw the offer posted on?

    21. Serena

      I have always had the most success using the WordPress platform. It is so flexible, customizable and there is such a huge community to support it. The only thing I have learned not to do is download plugins from 3rd party sites that are not listed in WordPress.org database. Only trust the ones that they endorse and track. My current site http://www.girlspartys.com is built on WordPress. And yes the name is misspeled because there are over 100,000 searches with this misspelling! It is actually going to be the trademark that defines our brand name for this store.

    22. Marvin Beasley

      I see lots of references to Microsoft Front Page. Front Page is not fully HTML compliant. It was good when it was introduced. It was discontinued several years ago.
      Expression Web form MS is much better and it is now free. V4 is the last version. MS moved on to Visual Site Developer is overkill.
      I’ve done many websites with Expression Web 4. It is a combo Whizywig and HTML program and supports HTML just below HTML 5. The download is from MS and they provide a free key.

      I have the latest Dreamweaver and have done sites but I just can’t develop a love for the product.

    23. Daniel Galing

      Thank you Eric for your offer & help.
      I don’t have any website of my own. Please help me make one.


    24. Satish Sandle

      i use wordpress and there is always a great selection of plugins to use. I am getting alot of very good comments on my site, but i cannot convert that into sales, even though there is a clickbank product on there, and i need to capture there email address. Any ideas?

    25. Sam

      Sorry Eric have i missed something…When I have chosen a website address with the domain name. Is that the same as building a website from scratch?? The only thing i’d have to do, is load the product/services i’d like to be a affiliate to and add them to the domain name i have chosen? Hope this makes sense

      1. Micah

        Hello Sam,

        Choosing your domain name comes first. The next step is to build your website, using one of the methods shown in this lesson. Finally, you’ll need to upload the website you’ve built, to your purchased domain.

        Here is the link to Eric’s lesson called, Uploading a Website Using FTP:

        LESSON #29: Uploading a Website Using FTP

    26. Gaurav Guleria

      Hey Eric,
      I am new to online marketing and it’s nice to see your website and a mentor like you. Great job Eric.

      I dont want to complain but it’s just when i and watching videos on my computer it stops for while and i also checked for the loading or buffering it’s already downloaded…. and i ve checked with different browsers… it’s same…… and after 20-30 min browser gives error that script not responding.

    27. carl stifter

      Hello Eric,

      I have 2 blog websites built on WordPress. Until this lesson, I did not understand what I had. I have affiliate products on both, but sales are minimal. This lesson on how to build a website 5 different was a ‘small step’ to develop a business using the internet.
      Thank you for your time

      carl stifter

    28. Larry

      I’m not nit picking over you excellent tutorials, however when I’m learning html shouldn’t I be learning html5 instead?

      1. Micah

        Hello Larry,

        Yes, that is the current standard. You could certainly view those tutorials instead.

    29. Robyn

      Thanks for the lesson. I’m a newbie and will be utilizing WordPress on Hostgator. Looking forward to the next lesson.

    30. Marc M. Demers

      Hey Eric,

      I agree with Serena : “I have always had the most success using the WordPress platform. It is so flexible, customizable and there is such a huge community to support it.”

      This is the most reputable platform on the Internet with a huge Plugins feature available (free and paid) for almost every need around blogging.

      My site MarcDemers.com is building with it and very proud of it. I now need to add good content to my Blog site before thinking of selling any products.

      I’m kept going on lessons to get the necessary skill to go to the next level.



    31. Dana Perkins

      I already have several websites, and I’ve used most of these different methods depending upon what the website is used for. Built from scratch using HTML I have http://www.DanaPuppets.com and http://www.DanaPerkins.com . Using Adobe Muse (a much simpler program than Adobe Dreamweaver) I built http://www.MaineShipsInBottles.com . I’ve also used simple Hosting-provided templates for such websites as http://www.cafepress.com/theogunquitmarginalwaygiftshop and http://www.cafepress.com/therussianchildrensartgiftshop along with several others. If people know how to send an email and attach a photo to it, they already have the skills necessary to create their own websites using Eric’s information. I’m taking Eric’s course because I plan on expanding and improving my existing websites, along with creating many more.

    32. Ralph

      With regard to building a website before having a product; doesn’ a website need to be set up so as to reflect the product/products which it will be used for? Or can a website be set up using a general theme and then be changed to directly work with the product/products when they are completed/selected?

      1. Eric Post author

        In general I recommend setting it up specifically for the product(s) it will be used for. If you have a niche and a domain, you could do a general set up (using WordPress for ex.) and then make the customizations after you know what you’ll be selling, etc.


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