LESSON #63: Building a Squeeze Page

In the previous lesson we learned what a squeeze page is, and what it does.

Today we’re going to get our hands dirty (OK, maybe not), and we’re going to go through the process of creating a squeeze page…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • You can build a squeeze page using almost any platform or tool you’re using for your website.

  • Two main formats for short-copy squeeze pages…

    1) Linear
    2) Side-by-side

    (See video for examples)

    Download my free squeeze page template.

  • (See video for walk-through of building a squeeze page)

  • It’s generally best to have no distractions on your confirmation page. The objective is to get the prospect to COMPLETE the double opt-in, so you should show and tell them how to do that.

  • The download page for your freebie can be monetized with offers for your own product(s) and with affiliate links.

  • Be sure to test your squeeze page by doing a live walk-through of the entire opt-in process.

  • If you haven’t yet signed up for a list hosting service, I recommend AWeber Communications

  • For additional education on list building, please see my List Building Pack

    Action steps:

    1) Create a squeeze page.

    2) Create a confirmation page.

    3) Create a download page for your freebie.

    4) Get it all online and test it.

    If you want to do something really cool, you might want to consider adding audio or video to your squeeze page. We’ll be looking at how to do that in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below, and be sure to show us your squeeze page!

    Have a great day!

  • 115 comments on “LESSON #63: Building a Squeeze Page

    1. Micah

      Hello Peggy,

      If you’re promoting for any affiliate product (from the ClickBank Marketplace, CJ, Hydra, etc.) squeeze pages are a smart way to do it!

      That way, you capture their email to your list, even if they don’t buy. They might buy something else that you offer them in a subsequent mailing!

    2. Phil

      Hi Eric – You’ve done an excellent job creating this Squeeze Page tutorial. You made it easier for everyone. By the way, I found a good squeeze page software review from below link. Any thoughts if it’s a good idea to get a squeeze page generator?


    3. Eric Post author

      Depends how many squeeze pages you’re building, and what you’re comfortable using. I personally have never used a generator because I find it easiest to simply take one of my existing squeeze pages and use it as a template whenever I want to make a new one.

    4. Fredo

      Allright! I’ve made my squezze page for the first time. Thank you Erick, little by little I feel getting more confident, you are awesome!

    5. Britt Mittemeijer

      Eric, I get your tips all the time.
      I looked at your Lesson 63 for squeezepage and it looks that I can ALMOST copy you from there, except for the fact that I have iContact for my email account and not AWeber.

      Question 1: Do you have a tutorial for iContact?
      Question 2: Do you or your office help (talk through) non-techi people like me?


    6. Raymond

      Hi Eric, when I open the squeezetemplate.html, only your sample template open not the edit part as shown in the video.

      Lesson 63 is a great presentation, what I am missing?. I am a Mac user


    7. Nedra

      Awesome…as always!!!!! I feel as thought I am being redundant in my comments, but there are no words to describe the ‘ah ha’s” where its finally coming together and making perfect sense.


    8. aida c. suarez

      Wao Eric! When i started taking your lessons and heard about squeeze pages, I said to mayself: now what is taht? But I found out soon that your lessons on internet marketing instead of being more and more complicated because your putting everything on the table to make sense… now… the to me tha lessons are clearer and clearer. Sure i am a newbie and probably will be for a while… but as the days goes by… but i am getting it! Slowly but surely. But also the Lord help me.
      The second time around when i review the 100th lessons I’sure i’ll feel more confident to tackel the business of email of marketing. Once a again: many thanks! And God bless.

    9. mark winget

      I was getting into lesson #63 when it suddenly stopped right in the middle of. This is info. that I really need to get. Can you please check out the problem with the video and reset it or whatever!

    10. Marija

      My great problem as a newbie: I could not understand how have you insert Thank you page in WordPress? Where have you copy the Java script in WP? Sorry, I had asked you this question many times but never got the reply. I can’t continue the next lessons til I solve this. Thank you. Marija

    11. Neal

      Eric, once again you give out great tips..I do appreciate all the information you share to us new beginners.. Thanks again..looking forward to the next lesson

    12. Micah

      Hello Marija,

      If you are using Aweber, they have code that should work on your WordPress pages.

      Eric just uses a normal WordPress “Page” for his thankyou confirmation for people who join his free Eric’s Tips newsletter.

      Here is the direct link to the WordPress support:

      They should be able to answer any questions that you may have about WordPress.

    13. Qutaiba

      Hi Eric,
      Your a very honest man and a great mentor, and I’m really lucky to find your lessons and learn from you. I just built my squeeze page and I would appreciate if you take a look at it and tell me what you think.
      Here is the link:

      Thanks again for all the efforts you’ve put together to help us out.

    14. Eric Post author

      I think it looks good, you’re off to a great start! Although the graphic is attractive, I think it should be something that causes more desire in your prospect. Something like a visual representation of the free website and squeeze page software that you are giving them. In other words, they should see the picture and want it. My example was not the best. However, using an attractive female can also be an effective strategy.

    15. Donniel

      Thank you!!! This is exactly what I needed. D

    16. John Edwards

      Hey Eric…

      Love your tips…I’m going to recommend you as THE guy to turn to for my students…when it comes to creating a squeeze page…top shelf…John

    17. sunnex2rhymes

      i need codes for squeeze page in php

    18. Anonymous

      I recently purchased your NoCostIcomeStream coarse, but was unable to acces any of the videos. Please send me the initial download page.

      Thank you
      Charles McLain

    19. Charles McLain

      Please send me the download page for your course NoCost Income Stream that I purchased a few weeks ago.


    20. Islam Muslim

      Thank’s for this ( Building a Squeeze Page) great tutorials. I was having a hard time with those.

    21. Kathy

      I love your video. I am having a problem opeing up the template in html. It is opening as the graphic example and not html as you show in the video. Anything I should know? I really would love to get this done. Thank you for this awesome tutorial

    22. Mark

      Thanks for breaking it down, Eric. Most appreciated.



    23. tom

      Hey eric, what would you suggest?

      Using double or sinfgle optin?

      I used to have double but my confirmation rate was 57% so I switched to single optin..

      What would you recommend?

    24. Cathie

      Hi Eric, when I download the squeezetemplate zip file I get the Chrome extension and not the file. It asks me to confirm my email, which I already have – any suggestions?

    25. Micah

      Hello Tom,

      Double optin is still worth it in the long run. Your subscribers are going to be the ones that WANT to be on your list, and you avoid the spam complaints.

    26. Micah

      Hello Cathie,

      You would need to right-click the link next time, and select “Save Target As.”

      That should give you the download option.

    27. Anthony Lynch

      Hello Eric
      I just got on here,but what I see is fantastic; this lesson 63 teach me so much about the squeeze page….How can I reach your previous lessons on the squeeze page? Regards

    28. Harvene

      Eric-of all the money I spent trying to learn everything and still don’t have anything to show for it! Fell upon your free tips which made me to spend the money for “No Cost Income Stream” which is better then any high priced program I got. You’re really deliver so much for so litle. Thank you so much!
      Have a question. I am using ListWire which you recommend. Got lesson on how to do squeeze page on that?
      Also, what are the advantages of using aweber or any pd. autoresponder over ListWire?

    29. Eric Post author

      Cool thanks! It’s the same process of building a squeeze page as I show in this lesson. The only difference is your opt-in form code will be from listwire instead of aweber. We show how to create your listwire opt-in form and get the code in NCIS video #9.

      As far as advantages of using Aweber…
      Best quality. Best delivery rates. No advertisements or sharing your list with listwire owner.

    30. Jay

      Hi Eric,

      I am very much a newbie and dont have a website. I think i understand the process of creating the squeeze page but how do I get it online? I obviously need to buy a domain, but what from there? Thanks so much, this viedo is awesome!

    31. Eric Post author

      Hi Jay,
      There are some previous lessons that explain the steps. Lesson #23 is how to get a domain. Lesson #24 is web hosting. Then the following lessons show you how to use your control panel, and also how to upload via FTP (#29). Once you’ve got your domain hosted, you can upload your squeeze page via FTP

    32. Tushar

      When it comes to avoiding being spammy, I’d say a good rule of thumb is avoid making the page long enough to have to scroll if you can. I suppose a little is alright if you have to, but definitely avoid those so-long-it’d-be-a-book-if-you-printed-it ranks. I see those and I run.

    33. Anonymous


      I have been guilty of “New N Shinnyitus” and like most Entrepreneurs I also suffer from ADD… Not a good combination.

      However, Now that I am receiving your tips I am unsubscribing to all others.

      I am hoping and praying that your fabulous tips will help free me from that old devil ADD.

      I gather you are a praying man and so am I. Please pray that I will concentrate on the tips and realize the success that I desire.

      I have bookmarked all the lessons that I have received, up to 63 now. I am beginning to study and put them into action. Hopefully I will catch-up soon. Any suggestions?


    34. Eric Post author

      My advice is to keep taking it one step at a time 🙂

    35. Don Karp

      When someone types in name and email, then hits the submit button, why not have the download sent?
      Why do you need a confirmation and download page?

    36. Eric Post author

      The reason for this is for double opt-in. Having the double opt-in process ensures that everyone has requested to be on your list, and it results in a more responsive list, with fewer complaints. It is possible to do a single opt-in, but generally the only time I do that is with an internal list… like if I’m having my existing subscribers opt into a sub-list, or if it’s an opt-in for a paid product that they just purchased.

    37. Mike Gluck

      Great Stuff! Thanks!

    38. Valerie

      hello Eric,

      My squeeze page is not looking exactly like it is in the template. The headlines are all clumped together. Please how do i resolve this?

      1. Eric Post author

        What is your link? Possibly you are missing some HTML paragraph or break tags.

        1. Valerie

          this is the page url http://www.therealitiesoflife.com/squeeze. i have managed to get the spacing but I cant get rid of the space up there. also the arrows pointing to the opt in box are all over the place. please help me sort this out. I use mailchimp. is Aweber free up to a certain number of subscribers?

            1. valerie

              What I need is help pls. I have tried the HTML codes but there is no difference. Pls help

            2. Eric Post author

              The page is not showing up for me. If there is extra spacing at the top, you may need to get rid of some paragraph or break tags. No Aweber does not have a free option, but they do have a $1 trial for the first month.
              If you need help with HTML, you could get someone to fix the page for $5 on fiverr. Or you could hire someone affordably on a freelancer site such as Freelancer. This is also something we could take a closer look at in my coaching club if you are interested.

    39. kenneth

      as always great info especially from this newbee very well made looking forward to your lessons

    40. David

      Hi I downloaded the squeeze page but it comes up as chrome HTML and i can not open it up in note pad.
      What can i do about it?

      And thank you for your TIPS!
      They are great.

      1. Micah

        Hello David,

        If you right-click the file, there should be an option called, “open with.”

        Just select that option, and choose your notepad program.


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