LESSON #63: Building a Squeeze Page

By | April 14, 2010

In the previous lesson we learned what a squeeze page is, and what it does.

Today we’re going to get our hands dirty (OK, maybe not), and we’re going to go through the process of creating a squeeze page…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • You can build a squeeze page using almost any platform or tool you’re using for your website.

  • Two main formats for short-copy squeeze pages…

    1) Linear
    2) Side-by-side

    (See video for examples)

    Download my free squeeze page template.

  • (See video for walk-through of building a squeeze page)

  • It’s generally best to have no distractions on your confirmation page. The objective is to get the prospect to COMPLETE the double opt-in, so you should show and tell them how to do that.

  • The download page for your freebie can be monetized with offers for your own product(s) and with affiliate links.

  • Be sure to test your squeeze page by doing a live walk-through of the entire opt-in process.

  • If you haven’t yet signed up for a list hosting service, I recommend AWeber Communications

  • For additional education on list building, please see my List Building Pack

    Action steps:

    1) Create a squeeze page.

    2) Create a confirmation page.

    3) Create a download page for your freebie.

    4) Get it all online and test it.

    If you want to do something really cool, you might want to consider adding audio or video to your squeeze page. We’ll be looking at how to do that in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below, and be sure to show us your squeeze page!

    Have a great day!

  • 115 thoughts on “LESSON #63: Building a Squeeze Page

    1. Luther

      Please Eric
      I want you to help me out on this, I have been strogling to set up my sales page but I don’t just really know how to go about it. The country that I am, has not been given access to reacieve payment with paypal that’s why I’av not use the JV zoo service. Pls help me with a link for me to set up my sales page

      1. Eric Post author

        The question is what 3rd party payment processors and/or affiliate networks are available in your country? Clickbank? 2checkout? There are options in almost all countries. If not, there are ways of setting up a foreign account, or partnering with someone in another country. But we need to figure out which solution will work, before we can create the payment button.

    2. Lavan

      I’m trying to build a squeeze I follow your video fill in everything you only I use listwire free autoresponder I got java then I check my domain no squeeze page so this method only works with aweber ?

    3. Aurora Valish

      Hi Eric, I have Get Response instead of A Weber. Do you think this is compatible with your teachings or must I need to subscribe to A Weber too? Thanks.

      1. Eric Post author

        GetResponse is just fine. I actually have a GR account as a backup in case anything ever happens to AWeber.


      Eric i did not mean particularly you . Just some back up and a way to get to it. I am watching the squeeze page video no’ 63. just happened to open it there. the files i have start from lesson 13 ? don’t know where the rest is. Might have been dumped be cause i really did not realise what i was doing back then. John gillies


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