LESSON #87: Piggyback Marketing

By | February 27, 2013

We’ve been talking about web traffic in every lesson since #72, and I’ve saved one of my very favorite methods for last…

(Watch this video – it may take a couple minutes to load after clicking it…)

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  • Piggyback Marketing is a strategy in which two or more businesses work together to market their complementary products/services.

    – Often (but not necessarily) a reciprocal arrangement, wherein both parties market each other’s products.
    – An offline and an online marketing method.
    – A free or low-cost strategy with high impact.
    – Often works best if you’re already getting traffic, because then you can leverage that traffic to get more traffic.

  • (See video for various offline and online examples)

  • What makes it mutually beneficial?

    1) The simple act of helping a customer (Free, but that’s not usually enough)
    2) Reciprocal promotion (Free)
    3) Commissions (Paid for referrals only… no cost out of your pocket)
    4) Other incentives. Be creative!

    The type and amount of incentive that you’re offering depends largely on what type of and how much involvement you’re requiring of your piggyback partner.

    Less commitment/involvement = Less impact/results.

  • Focus on points of contact:

    – The email opt-in process.
    – The purchase process.
    – Other communications (email, social media, software updates, etc.)

    (See video for examples)

  • Email opt-in confirmation pages are the best place to get fresh leads.

  • Purchase thank-you pages are the best place to get red-hot buyers. This is my favorite place to piggyback.

  • Important note:

    Competitors are often good prospects for piggyback marketing partners, particularly in the online world. I think there’s a wider range of what’s complementary in online commerce, and even more-so when it comes to information products.

    Even products that seem to be substitute goods may be complementary. For example, a prospect who is interested in learning about a particular topic WILL buy more than one book on that topic.

  • Piggyback on successful or well-known brands when possible.

  • Piggyback on events such as festivals, tradeshows, concerts, sporting events, parades, and social media meetups.

  • Piggyback on current events, news, fads, and Internet memes.

    Action steps:

    1) Find Potential Partners. (Often vendors of complementary products)

    Brainstorm by making a list of keywords and products that are related to your product. Figure out who the vendors are for those complementary products. Look at the order in which consumers tend to purchase these various products or services. Target purchases that occur upstream from you.

    2) Figure out the best way to integrate your marketing with that business. (Customize as needed.)

    Think about any point of contact that the business has with their customers. One of my favorite strategies is to offer a freebie, and position it as an “unadvertised bonus”.

    3) Create a compelling proposal that is mutually beneficial.

    It’s usually going to take an incentive of some sort to get their attention and make it worth their while. That incentive could be reciprocal promotion, it could be affiliate commissions, and it very well might involve both of those components and more.

    In the next lesson we’ll be looking at joint ventures.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 26 thoughts on “LESSON #87: Piggyback Marketing

    1. william

      Hi Eric!
      You know,This video came to a tee. because I’m thinking partner with a friend.
      And I also wanted to ask what kind of video software you use. because I would like to create videos like you do for my future membership website.


    2. Thomas

      Thanks for a great lesson. Been thinking about piggy backing engineering design services within the offshore oil and gas industry. The key for me was – concentrate on upstream purchases.

    3. Eric Post author

      Cool 🙂 Yeah the upstream focus is an important point particularly in certain businesses. In fact, I was just discussing this strategy the other day with a friend who is an engineer. The engineering design seems to come pretty early in the overall flow.

    4. Andrew

      Piggybacking can definitely add value to your existing services quickly, for instance with our writing service we have been working with a great SEO team to offer SEO services to members.

      Thanks Eric.


    5. Michael

      I’m actually doing this right now (just didn’t realize it had a name!). I think it’s great to partner up. The more partners you have the larger your network becomes. It’s like a real-life LinkedIn!

    6. Ron

      Thanks Eric,
      I am just starting to look at this concept. You always have rock solid and actionable information, and I really appreciate that from you.

    7. Mario

      Eric this is good stuff and timely as I am looking for someone as we speak re an eBook…think the biggest challenge is convincing that potential partner to JV as their focus is selling their own goods.

    8. Churchill Lewis

      YESSSS A new lesson, Sigh thought I would be the first to comment.

    9. Akili Kumasi

      Thanks for the good solid direction. I am studying all your traffic videos now. By the way, Socrates is working well!


    10. Podnikanie

      Hello Eric, thank you for another great lesson. I planned to use piggyback marketing, but I didnt know its called piggyback marketing:-) You cleared lot of things in this video.

    11. Brett

      Great lesson Eric, thanks for all the time you dedicate to them to help us all build stronger businesses online.My site would have never have seen the light of day without the things you have taught me over the past year. god bless to you and your family.

    12. yvonne

      I Eric i puschared niche firesale package but will be returening it with this one need a lot of time sorry do not have that?thanks this is for some one at home with lots of time.

    13. Billy

      Hey Eric,
      Hope your missions trip went well.
      I decided to purchase the InfoCash with
      the training course. $197.00.
      I used your link instead of others. Why?
      Because you are a christian and are straight-
      forward in your teaching methods and eassy to
      learn from.
      How much should I start spending on PPC with the
      Info Cash methods?
      Will you be doing any Eeics Tip taraning
      on the methods, or have you already covered them?
      May God Bless you and your business

      Will you b

    14. hidden

      I have a few more questions.

      Since I access internet from libraries, what if I am not able to be at the library when Chris has his monthly webinar scheduled? Is there a way to watch it anytime after it is scheduled?

      Also, do I have to join facebook to be able to place ads on it’s website?

      And, I happened to stumble across other videos from Chris’s offer, after the Info Cash offer video finishes playing. I suspect he did not want people to see these videos until after buying info cash. It appears that he is selling a lot more items. He originally gives the impression that your only cost to make money will be to pay either $47 or $197.
      But once you pay this, he wants you to pay more to purchase his other items to help you be successful. It also appears that there will be other costs involved to place your ads.
      I would need to know ahead of time an estimate of what my monthly expenses would be to make money. I am on disability income, and my income is at the poverty level ($11,000 per year).

      Is there something that I can do to make some money without spending a lot of money?
      Thank You.

    15. Micah

      Hello Yvonne,

      I’m sorry to hear that! Remember that you can work at your own pace.

      If you contact our helpdesk, I’ll be able to send you a special link to a tutorial that can greatly help you with your purchase:

    16. hidden

      I am interested in the no cost income stream. I do not own a computer at the moment. If I sign up, can i watch videos on library computers without downloading them? Or do I have to buy a computer?

    17. Clinton Xander Labrooy

      Well Eric, your ninja was one of recently purchased net info products but after losing much money through so many scams I needed a way to make some money fast so I got into “Empower Network”, have I made another mistake. I am sincerely following your lessons though and just wanna say thanks and God Bless, there should be more of people like you and Chris around.

    18. Eric Post author

      The videos need to be downloaded to watch them, so I don’t think a library computer would work.


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