Happy Thanksgiving 2009

By | November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! While I’m aware that only about half of Eric’s Tips readers are in the USA, there’s no reason you can’t be thankful anywhere in the world 🙂

Today I’ve got a few things for you…

1) A Thanksgiving gift
2) A Thanksgiving CONTEST
3) Some stuff for you to check out

First, I want everyone who reads this newsletter to know that I’m thankful for YOU. Without you, Eric’s Tips wouldn’t exist.

Here’s a FREE small gift as a token of my appreciation. It’s a collection of WordPress Sales Letter themes. In other words, these themes enable you to easily create a sales letter on any WordPress site. This is a $27 product:

Click here to download… (14MB zip file)


Next, this is the 2nd annual Eric’s Tips Thanksgiving contest!

We did it last year and it was fun so we’re doing it again…

UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thank you to all who participated! We had approximately 675 comments during the contest.

How the winner was chosen: As stated at the beginning of the contest, it would be random this time (Last year I had such a hard time picking the best comments!). So I took the total # of comments before the deadline, and went to Random.org and generated a number between 1 and that number. Then I counted down from the top of the comments until I reached that number.

The winner will receive the website that I created in this demo video: Site Profit Bot demo

And the winner is…

Nadiya, who posted this comment:

“Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Eric. I have everything to be thankful for – with all the trials and tribulations that comes with life – I have family that is always there for me and we always find a way to try and make the best of it – always with the thought that there are people that have less than us and so the gratitude is always there. And Thank you for always sharing your knowledge and the free gift – Just what I needed!”

Congratulations Nadiya!

OK, lastly…

Here is some stuff for you to check out while you’re laying on the couch digesting turkey this afternoon…

(No longer available)

Have a great day and a happy Thanksgiving!

751 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2009

  1. Eric Post author

    I purchased the “Reseller/Site Flipper” upsell so that I can sell the sites I build with the software. This upsell has nothing to do with the functionality of the software and is totally unnecessary unless you plan on selling websites.

  2. Eric Post author

    You don’t have to sign up for the recurring billing, it is a seperate paypal transaction after the main purchase. And even if you do sign up for it and want to cancel, you may do so at any time within your own Paypal account.

  3. Andre

    Again thanks again for the contest and all of your free gifts and training. Just because I did not know does not mean I will stop being a fan. -:)

  4. ANITA

    Hi Eric,
    Must admit I would NEVER have bought that software without your video and explanation. There were so many words misspelled and bad grammar in the sales page that I would have thought, “If they don’t care any more about their sales page than this, then their software must STINK.” And I wouldn’t have clicked on their videos either. I didn’t know what I was watching when I clicked on your video, and I was blown away!
    I bought it immediately. I have been burned by 2 other programs that claimed similar features but I am trusting his guarantee will be good and honest.

    Do you think I can use subdomains on all of these and still get traffic?
    I don’t want to invest in “used/new” domains if google is going to write these sites off….

  5. Robert Blake

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks for your reply. Doing the tens and tens of website thing right away isn’t in my budget so its out as a strategy as you suggest for people just getting started.

    I do have a hand full of domains sitting on GoDaddy doing absolutely nothing. Its worth giving Site Profit Bot a whirl to see what it does with my dormant domain names. Unless the “Reseller/Site Flipper” up sell is a One Time Offer because now isn’t the time for me to buy it, I can see using this software to quickly build monetized sites to flip a few months later for a nice return on investment.

    Eric, you are one of only a few gurus I listen to without a raised eyebrow at their claims or suggestions to purchase. I doubt you like being called a guru, but this is how I see you. I am afraid you are going to have to deal with that buddy. 🙂

  6. Robert Blake

    By the way Eric, thanks for the free gift. I happen to know it does sell for $27 every day.

    Since Site Profit Pro only comes with a few themes, can themes purchased separately be used by the software?

  7. ging

    Congratulations Nadiya!

    Eric, she deserves it, with a positive outlook in life and always counting her blessings. She has a good heart like you.

  8. Roscoe

    I really enjoy your tips as a newbie…..Thanks
    However, aren’t we really promoting the Ebay and Amazon product using site bot? We’ll we be able to promote our Affiliate programs and how are we able to make sure that we are getting the best search engine ranking as possible if we only use one keyword.

  9. Roscoe

    One other thing. I have hostgator with one domain but unlimited subdomains.Couldn’t I use those subs as additional websites as well? My goal is to have several of these sites promoting my Affiliate programs

  10. Tracy


    I have been following your tips and find them to be the most insightful and helpful that I have EVER seen, to date. There’s no “BS” and everything is straight forward. THANK YOU! I’m on lesson 13.

    My question to you today is regarding the Site Profit Bot software that you are promoting. I am a mother of two, going through divorce, downsized from my 17+ yr job with no income coming in and at the end of my rope. I have been trying to establish a web presence for quite some time and I have spent literally thousands of dollars on downloads, ebooks, etc. I saw the video for the 10 second web site creation and it seems to be quite helpful. My questions are…

    1. Is it really as easy and quick as you make it out to be?
    2. Since I literally have NO money, is it really worth it?
    3. Though I’m no dummy, I have my technical challenges, once a site is created, how would I use it for something like wordpress or blogger.com?
    4. In you demonstration you used your Amazon and Ebay affiliate info, can clickbank also be used?
    5. I know the advertised cost is $67, is there a further discount available for this product?

    Thanks for your help.


  11. Nadiya

    WOW thank you so very much Eric – this is Amazing!!!. .and more to be grateful for in my life- I’m so excited about the website and Thank you again!

  12. Peter

    Hi Eric
    I am surprised and somewhat disappointed at your energetic spruiking of Site Profit Bot.
    Having been a supporter of yours for quite a while – enjoying your lessons, buying your products and supporting your charity activities – it seems that the quick and easy approach offered by Site Profit Bot is at odds with the principles you espouse.
    My positive perception of you as an Internet marketer has been built on your integrity, commitment to quality and hard work. Site Profit Bot does not seem to encourage any of these qualities.
    Regards, Peter.

  13. Bea

    Hi Eric,

    I really want to buy Site Profit Bot (the basic, but I’ll try out the Pro for 30 days), however, I cannot find any contact to ask if the basic one is Mac-friendly.

    This is what the site has, near the bottom:


    The software has been tested under Windows XP (SP2), Vista and Windows 7 environment.
    To access the Pro modules, you only need a web browser (Internet Explorer 6, 7 Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)

    I usually use Firefox (for Mac) but can use Safari. I’m so tired of getting excited about software, and it turns out I cannot use it because it’s not compatible. Can you let me know?

    As I’ve said, if I stick with the ‘Pro’, it’s clear it’s Mac-compatible, but what if I decide I just want the basic?

    Thank you.

  14. Shirley

    Hi Shirley,

    Thank you so much for being there as a teacher for all of us. I like the fact you’re genuine and really want to help people. I hope some day soon I will get close to where you are now – being able to do things that matters to us most and not being worried much about money.

    I am thankful for my family healthy and all even though on a very tight string these days. It’s nice to know there are friends and family around to support you.

    All the thanks to you and please keep up this site.


    PS I hope I can show you my site that I have been working on for the last 7 months soon.

  15. H.M.Tahir Khan

    Dear Friend Eric Holmund !
    It gives me a Great Pleasure to write a few words & try to Express ‘My inner Feelings & Regards’ to you. You have always been a very Kind & a very Generous Friend in “Sharing Your Knowledge” with most of our IM-Friends.
    Eric ! You are doing a very Commendable job. Please Keep it up ‘The Great Job’.Wish & Pray from the core of My Heart for you to SUCCEED THE SUCCESS.
    Take Care & Warmest Regards;
    H.M.Tahir Khan

  16. MIKE

    Hi Eric,
    I saw your new video on SiteProfitBot.
    Once you optimize the website how do you drive traffic to it.

  17. Joyce

    Hey Eric,
    I wish I could afford one of your sites, but at this time I am not working. my husband is paying all the bills, and it is a strain on us, I am glad he has not done away with the internet connection, but then that can happen too.
    Oh well, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family.

  18. Roscoe

    Will site bot allow me to promote my affiliate programs outside of ebay,amazon and adsense?

  19. Kabir

    Hi Eric,

    Would you kindly allow me to download the profit bot software at the discount price which was running for 24 hours. I could not do during that time, but when I try to download right now it is asking for $97 instead of $69 or so.

    I have never tried your product except RSS, but I want to try this out.



  20. Eric Post author

    Sorry but I don’t have any control over it because it’s not my product. But $97 is still a very good deal for it.

  21. Eric Post author

    There are several ways to drive traffic, and I’ll be spending several lessons focusing exclusively on how to drive web traffic.

  22. Eric Post author

    Actually the pro module still relies on the basic program as well, so either way it is only Windows compatible (unless perhaps if you’re running a Windows environment on your mac).

  23. Eric Post author

    Most people who know me will attest that I am a very hard worker. But if there’s a way to get something done easier, I’m all for it!

    Why spend hours building such a website from scratch, when you could press a button and have it done in a minute?

    And never did I say that this is a relacement for the business model I’m teaching. In fact I emphasized that it’s primarily a good way to untilize unmonetized domains. It’s a tactic, not a principle to build your business upon 🙂

  24. Eric Post author

    1) Yes it is! And in the bonus video I further prove it.

    2) If you truly mean no money, then probably not. I’d rather see you feed your kids and give them a good Christmas. But for anyone who can afford it, it’s worth it.

    3) You could technically use the same site for a wordpress blog, but SPB in my opinion is mainly for creating “quick and dirty” sites to monetize unused domains, or to mass produce sites.

    4) The templates are setup for amazon/ebay, but you could modify the templates, or insert your own affiliate links.

    5) Sorry… actually the price has now gone up. Still a good deal though.

  25. Eric Post author

    Ebay and amazon both have affiliate programs, so you can earn commissions for those promotions. You could also insert your own affiliate links for other programs.

  26. Eric Post author

    They will be creating more themes/templates for it, which will be available for purchase. Or you could make your own.

  27. Eric Post author

    You can definitely use it on subdomains. As far as traffic… sure you can get traffic to subdomains. But traffic generally takes either work or money. I’ll be covering traffic in detail in several lessons.

  28. Charlie

    Not only do I suffer from information overload, I really hate all these special offers and bonuses you guys come up with when I purchase something from you. I would much rather have detailed instructions on using what I just bought rather than something else I have to download. I don’t want to have to go through 120 hours of video training to learn how to set up your “7 days only program”. I need immediate information or at least a kick in the right direction after setting up my website and uploading all the files to it. And I don’t need these bonuses that require me to sign up to yet another list.

  29. Narges

    Dear Eric
    Thank you so much for your beneficial lessons. Dear Eric I would like build website for online business. This lesson said ways build website but you didn’t say how can build , I need to a lesson that educate how build step to step a website.
    Dr Narges Delafrooz

  30. Marlin J Thome

    Please help me!!!!
    I really don’t understand what I have just did!

    Did I purchase this business from you and all of these lessons that you’ve been emailing me and are lessons for me to do something with? I have not down-loaded any of these lessons that you have been sending me! I have even been reading the materials. But I found another email message that you sent me, so I opened it and listened to it and to my surprise this is what happened.

    Now here is the real kicker–, I just purchased your 7 day only internet business on a different email and I don’t know if I purchased this twice or not!
    Could you please inform me of what is going on! I don’t know if I bought this course, or not, but I did just buy your other course just now using my other email:
    Being the business savie and honorable sounding man that you seem to be, I know that you are looking out for my best interest.
    Thank you for your time and urgent attention to my problem!
    Marlin J. Thome

  31. Eric Post author

    There are some simple instructions included with that product, and I’m also going to create a very easy step by step tutorial to help customers out even more 😉

  32. Barbara

    Dear Eric,
    thanks for all the great clear info……it will take 3 months if you send one lesson a day 100 lessons. Will you be able to send more per day so I can start create a business faster?
    I bought your trading package can I start selling it before you sending me all 100 lessons? I need help I received so many dowloads but I am so thirsty to learn how to succeed on line
    thanks Barbara

  33. mansfield

    Hi Eric,

    I purchase your 7 day offer to the tailwind market system,and I’v been listening to all your lessons which is great,I was just wondering if there is a specific leson that show exactly how to edit the sales page in HTML editor, I must of missed it.I have looked at lesson #54 over and over but I cant work out the exatc place in the html editor ware my paypal code goes. Can you help.Am ready to go live.


  34. Jason

    Hey Eric Great free product!! Great value. I’m from Anderson and I help local businesses and individuals learn and implement seo marketing. I would love to here more from you on this subject in the future.


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