Happy Thanksgiving 2009

By | November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! While I’m aware that only about half of Eric’s Tips readers are in the USA, there’s no reason you can’t be thankful anywhere in the world 🙂

Today I’ve got a few things for you…

1) A Thanksgiving gift
2) A Thanksgiving CONTEST
3) Some stuff for you to check out

First, I want everyone who reads this newsletter to know that I’m thankful for YOU. Without you, Eric’s Tips wouldn’t exist.

Here’s a FREE small gift as a token of my appreciation. It’s a collection of WordPress Sales Letter themes. In other words, these themes enable you to easily create a sales letter on any WordPress site. This is a $27 product:

Click here to download… (14MB zip file)


Next, this is the 2nd annual Eric’s Tips Thanksgiving contest!

We did it last year and it was fun so we’re doing it again…

UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thank you to all who participated! We had approximately 675 comments during the contest.

How the winner was chosen: As stated at the beginning of the contest, it would be random this time (Last year I had such a hard time picking the best comments!). So I took the total # of comments before the deadline, and went to Random.org and generated a number between 1 and that number. Then I counted down from the top of the comments until I reached that number.

The winner will receive the website that I created in this demo video: Site Profit Bot demo

And the winner is…

Nadiya, who posted this comment:

“Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Eric. I have everything to be thankful for – with all the trials and tribulations that comes with life – I have family that is always there for me and we always find a way to try and make the best of it – always with the thought that there are people that have less than us and so the gratitude is always there. And Thank you for always sharing your knowledge and the free gift – Just what I needed!”

Congratulations Nadiya!

OK, lastly…

Here is some stuff for you to check out while you’re laying on the couch digesting turkey this afternoon…

(No longer available)

Have a great day and a happy Thanksgiving!

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