LESSON #30: Using Web Authoring Software

By | January 11, 2009

In the past couple of lessons, I showed you how to build a basic website with HTML and upload it to the web.

But what if you don’t want to become an HTML expert and write your website code from scratch?

One solution for you would be to use a web authoring software program…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • Web authoring software (aka. HTML editor) helps you build a website

    For example…
    -Microsoft FrontPage
    -Adobe Dreamweaver

  • I recommend XSitePro which is a hybrid HTML editor/ site builder/ site management platform.

  • Free option:

    NVU (old version)
    KompoZer (recommended) – http://kompozer.sourceforge.net

    (see demo using KompoZer on video)

  • WYSIWYG HTML editor (such as KompoZer) enables you to build a site without writing any code.

    Action step:

    1) Decide if you would like to use a web authoring program to build your site.

    2) If yes, choose a program and start using it.

    In lesson 27 I covered several different methods of building a website. If you’re not yet sure which method you want to use, I recommend reviewing that lesson.

    We’ve covered the first two methods so far. Next on the list are templates and site builders, and I’ll be covering those in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 164 thoughts on “LESSON #30: Using Web Authoring Software

    1. Chris

      hey man chris from the springs here. I totaly got everything in this ecellent lesson eccept when entering info into the publishing window. What password are you putting in there???????? Im having a similar issue with filezilla i get everything done click quickconnect and it wont work because it doesnt like my password! please correct me if im wrong but didnt you say to use your cPanel password , thats what im using and it works fine for cPanel but thats all.

      1. Micah

        Hello Chris,

        You will need to use the password associated with the username for your domain.

    2. John

      I knoowwwww. Most people fall off at this point because it becomes a bit much. I, on the other hand have spend tooo much time getting to this point to turn around.

    3. Terry Carroll

      Hi Eric
      If I did not use the html option in lesson #28 to create a website, can I load a word document into Kompozer and will it convert to html an source?

      Terry Carroll

    4. Helena Sebastian

      What do you think of the following which I usually see as a skip ad when I open youtube?
      http://www.wix.com/: Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website
      Maybe helpful for those who like drag and drop and are more visual

      I look forward to your training videos every day which is loaded with invaluable tips, useful sites, and advice with minimal spend.

      Can’t believe it’s already 30 days and didn’t miss a single day! The lessons are short, concise and relevant and love that you gently ease us into the next lesson and the simple, doable action steps!

      Thanks and stay blessed!

      1. Eric Post author

        Wix works well for some people. I personally prefer and recommend WordPress on your own domain.

        1. SJ

          I’ve been using wix but we’re pushing it to its limits. The conversion to mobile isn’t pretty – you can hide items, shrink text but not edit, & relocate sections but it looks pretty bad without full edit capabilities. We though WordPress would be harder. Still, for quite of lot of applicants Wix would be great- it’s just hard for our use of new company, new technologies, new applications.

    5. Doug Nicholson

      XsitePro has not been sold or updated in years. Same with Microsoft Frontpage. I would recommend Xara website builder if you want a drag and drop html site builder.


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