LESSON #33: Getting Started with WordPress

By | March 4, 2009

(Part 1 in a series of 4)

Throughout the previous several lessons, I’ve covered a handful of different ways of building a website. Now it’s time to talk about my favorite method!

Today we’re going to use WordPress…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • WordPress = blogging platform and content management system (CMS).

  • A CMS is basically a system of organizing data for a website.

  • WordPress is not the only CMS, and it may not be the best one for some types of websites. But it’s my favorite CMS because…

    1) It’s free.
    2) It’s open source.
    3) The plugins!
    4) It’s easy to install and use.

  • If your web host uses Cpanel with the Fantastico add-on, you can use the “one click” WordPress installer. (If you want a web host with the one-click feature, please click here – and use coupon code: ERICSTIPSCOUPON)

  • If you want/need to install WordPress manually, it’s still pretty easy (see video for full step-by-step walkthrough)

  • WordPress site (where you can download the zip file): www.wordpress.org

  • WP Secret key generator (as referenced in video): https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/

    The best WordPress theme

    Action steps:

    1) Decide if you’re going to use WordPress for your website.

    2) If yes, install it!

    In the next lesson I’ll show you what to do with WordPress AFTER you install it.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 300 thoughts on “LESSON #33: Getting Started with WordPress

    1. Shirley

      Hi Eric,

      I tried to install WordPress using Fantastico in Cpanel and it gave the following error message. Do you know why? For the Cpanel account I haven’t point the DNS to this hosting acct yet because I want to finish building the new design before I point my live site to here. Any suggestions?

      Install WordPress (2/3)

      Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘mystock’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in /tmp/cpanel_phpengine.1322019333.20074K7RlbjmO7O on line 1617
      Access denied for user ‘mystock’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)


      1. paul

        Hi Shirley,

        If you want to work offline on your site design then use Wamp to create a webserver on your laptop or desktop.
        You can then work on your site and after everything is finished you copy the database and files to your webhosting enviroment.

        Or you could make the website unaccessible for people other than your own ip.
        This way nobody has access untill the site is finished.

        For creating an design offline you can also use artisteer .
        This wil create wordpress themes that you can upload in a zip file.


    2. Eric Post author

      It’s because the DNS isn’t pointed yet. WordPress uses the domain rather than the IP, so the site needs to be live.

    3. Angel

      Are you installing the wordpress/blog to the existing wordpress website? in other words, will there be two wordpress installs in one domain

    4. muhib

      Hi Eric, Thanks very much for your excellent video. Could you please give me a tip as to how I can create a download page for a squeeze page.Many thanks

    5. Muhib

      Hi Micah, Thanks very much for the link. I’ll certainly go through the lesson you’ve suggested.I am trying to figure out how to link download page and show ecover (is there any specific size for the ecover) on the squeeze page.
      Finally, I’ve a pdf article, which folder do I need place it in WordPress, and how do I set it up. Do you have a tutorial on this. Also where do put ecover image in WordPress.

      I look forward to your reply.

      P.S: Do I need to write the email in plain text as well as HTML

    6. Micah

      Hello Muhib,

      Here is Eric’s lesson on uploading content to your website via FTP:

      LESSON #29: Uploading a Website Using FTP

      Websites work very much like your computer at home. Items are stored in files and folders. In the lesson above, you will learn how to move files from your computer to your website.

      Email marketers often use both HTML and standard text email formats, but text is fine until you want to try HTML.

    7. Geri

      Eric, God bless you. You are the first person that I have come across, on the internet that gives out this kind of information. You are soooo helpful. I love these lessons!!!!!

    8. ileana

      Hi Eric,
      I need some help. I am trying to use fantastico but when I click in preview inside fantastico and cannot see the theme but the godaddy preview page since my domain is with godady What is what I am missing? Can you please help ?

    9. Micah

      Hello Ileana,

      Have you created any pages for your site yet? The GoDaddy preview page is likely the default page, until you upload an index page at the root of your domain.

    10. Karen

      I need some help as well – I am a total newbie. I have a domain name, and have it on hosted on Bluehost. I installed WordPress from the CPanel.. haven’t done more than that to this point. In the last lesson you mentioned its possible to install WordPress right to my site that I create outside of Bluehost – right from scratch I don’t quite understand the how to do that. After lesson 32 I was very excited because I finally understood about HTML and FTP. After #33 I feel a little confused again.

    11. Eric Post author

      It should work fine with Bluehost also. What problem are you having exactly?

      1. L.S. Sydney

        Hi Eric

        What email can I get straight to you please?

        I have a few questions before joining your “Coaching Program



    12. Ben Upaka

      Hello Eric,
      I am an avid fan of yours.I remain a loyal follower of yours too.Over the last couple of days I have bought your List Building Pack.It is remarkably a great resource for newbies like me.Now my question.You never made mention of using wordpress squeeze page templates or themes with in-built squeeze page or landing page creators e.g Getpremise or Profits Theme.DO you advise an investment in themes of that kind?

    13. Ben Upaka

      Thanks a great deal for this video.Please I am little confused.This wordpress installation you just did on the video is manual,[s it?And you mentioned opening a folder for each of your websites,we saw how you have transferred all your wordpress files into your created folder folder.
      Now if you are installing wordpress automatically using fantastico,can the files be stored or kept in a folder too?How can this be done?

    14. Micah

      Hello Ben,

      We recently promoted a product where full WordPress sites may be uploaded very quickly, with even the plugins already loaded.

      You might want to study that product to see how they do it. Just contact us at http://www.ericsupport.com/ for the links.

    15. Candace

      Hello Eric,

      Thank you for another informative lesson. My question is about the Secret Key Generator. I just created my website using WP 3.5. I used the 1-step Fantastico install.

      Do I still need to complete the Secret Key Generator or was that included in the 1-step Fantastico install?

      And if I need to complete the Secret Key Generator do you have the link for WP 3.5 or where would I look for it?

    16. Eric Post author

      They’ve elminated the need to use the secret key generator. So it’s even easier now 🙂

    17. Don

      Hi Eric,
      I always wanted to watch yiur videos but i couldnt play oit on my iphone. Is there any fix on this that you know? Also, your PLR product hot niche that will end itsoffering on the19th, is there a chance that i could get at the end of the month? I could only have money by then.

    18. Don

      I guess, the saying is true ” birds of the same feathers, flock together” i think i dont belong to this group as no one cares of my queries. You all sounded so expert on this andI think i sounded as ignorant about this business that’s why. Honestly, I really am, thats the reason why i bought products of these “real guys”. I just hope someone will help me start this business. I think its not good being too honest of finances situation, coz people will try to ignore you. I hope i still could return product i bought from these ” real guys”.

    19. Carolyn Blake

      Hi Eric, I am really stumped about how to combine WP, at which I am very experienced, with your PLR products, such as Homerun Copywrite. This and some other products I purchased have a ready made website in theme to set up, but I can’t figure out how to do it on WP…like the squeeze pages, reports. Aren’t these HTML sites? How then would you post articles?

    20. Micah

      Hello Don,

      For all support regarding the “Hot Niche Firesale,” please contact Jeff’s helpdesk at http://www.xybercodesupport.com for quick assistance.

      If you wish to view the Eric’s Tips videos on your iPhone, you will need to download one of the many apps that allow you to play Flash videos.

    21. Micah

      Hello Carolyn,

      There is not an included tutorial for that. However, you could simply copy and paste the desired html portion to your WP pages. Also, be sure that the pages are protected, so only those who have been given the correct link, may see them.

    22. Peggy

      I really like your video Tips. I like your voice, I like the way you pronounce your words, I like how clearly you present the info, and I like how well organized the information is. Thank you very much.

    23. Larry

      Hi. I’m a bit confused about one thing. If I use the one-click install of WP through Fantastico, do I still need to create the folder on my desktop and install the WP files? Do you still have to set up the database in the MySQL area?

      1. Micah

        Hello Larry,

        No, you don’t need to put the folder on your desktop if you have that feature with your web host.

    24. onyekachi

      i must confess, i have been seeing a lot of motivating lessons from you Mr Eric,but my problem is that of procrastination,and when i want to subscribe for any of the items,like the Facebook money material before it went offline,i could not because Paypal do not accept Nigerian ,but am working towards it so that i can own a Paypal account that i can fund with my Nigerian debit cards.

      thanks,if there is any help on these.

      1. Micah

        Hello Onyekachi,

        The best solution we have at present, would be to find someone who could make purchases on your behalf, and then send the products to you.

        We’ve heard success stories from nearly every country, but I don’t know any marketers from Nigeria personally.

        We recommend that you view the following inspiring article and user comments:

        Ladan Lashkari: If this girl can succeed – so can you!

        This can help you when there are business restrictions that must be overcome in your country.

    25. Sandy

      Hi, i’m starting out and have a Domain name and about to sign up for hosting. But I have a question at this point. Do I install WordPress instead of setting up my website via HTML, or do I set up my website first with HTML (your previous lessons) and then add WordPress?



      1. Micah

        Hello Sandy,

        If your hosting service has a one-click WordPress installation available, you could simply just do that from within your cPanel.

    26. Julie

      I have been watching your videos from around lesson 26? Tried hosting my sites with a company and I could never finish the websites; I’d add content and sometimes it would show but at other times it would not. I would update it and publish but the previous version would show. I wonder if it’s my computer that has malware? but I have checked it and it seems ok now.

      Got one of your reseller hosting accounts and having a hard time login in. It lets me log in once and the next time it will not accept my password at all. I have to keep waiting in line to chat for support everyday,all day. for the past 5 days. I chose to go with their site builder because I’m so frustrated with everything else like WP. Sometime it will ask me for my billing password but will never accept it. As far as I know that should be the same always right? Yesterday I got a message that said “Saving of passwords has been disabled”. ??

      No matter if I enter the cpanel password and accepts it once, the next time is back to square one.
      I will explain what happened and maybe you can tell me if this might be the cause.
      I got hosting for an business acct. I then decided to switch to a Baby and do a “W” site because it seemed very easy. I then read that those free sites sometimes cancel you for no reason and decided to cancel and get the
      template one that can be customized.
      So far I installed Fantastico and MSQl and E-mail, with redirect but have not been able to upload the site with Filezila. It keeps giving me Ajax error messages or other error like ECONNREFUSED. It looked so easy when you did it. I watched all the instructional videos about configuring the file before using it but was never able to login. (by the way there are about 4 or 5 FTP accounts in my control panel) I might have done 2. I went in and limited the quota to 100 MB for one only and zero for the others.(I read you cannot delete them?)

      Yesterday, using File Mgr, I uploaded the template to public_html and it looks like an open box. If I get to login again How do I install it from there? just double click it or i should have opened it before uploading it? I have a folder under the root file with my website name.
      The instructions shows an image being uploaded and I’m wondering if I did it wrong.
      Sorry this came out to be so long. 🙂 Thank you for all your help.

      1. Micah

        Hello Julie,

        Are you copying and pasting your password? If it isn’t successfully taking your password, you may have accidentally copied an extra space.

        Which template are you attempting to install? If you are setting up a PLR product, there typically isn’t anything to install after simply uploading.

        If you would like to easily take care of your passwords for all of your sites, there is a very simple solution. We have a video tutorial and macro in the Push Button Marketer package called, Logging In – Never Again:

    27. Erika

      Hi Eric,

      I try to install the wp but it doesn`t work. After installing on Hostgator with Quick install ( this is now instead of Fantastico de luxe) and creating the database in SQL then uploading it with Filezilla, I cannot access it with the intallation url. It give me error 404 and the hostgator staff is not capable to solve it. Do you know what could I do?

      1. Micah

        Hello Erika,

        I’m wondering if something was overlooked, in the naming of the databases, installation path, etc.

        You might need to delete everything, and start over, or switch to a manual installation.

    28. Phyllis Kottom

      Firstly let me thank you for your wonderful and explicit lessons. One would normally have to pay for all this advise that you are generously sharing with us free of charge. I have purchased your WP Income Formula, HQ Biz in a Box Monthly, No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Video and Blueprint PLR. My question is will I be able to put all these Courses on one Website, and if yes do you recommend that I do it this way. Another question is,will you be able to assist me to set this all up. Not only am I a Newbie, but a Senior to add insult to injury. LOL. I need to set this up as quickly as possible, as I really need the income from this like yesterday. Many thanks,

      1. Micah

        Hello Phyllis,

        It’s fine to sell courses from one website. But, in some cases, you might also benefit more from having a unique domain name, with a uniquely branded product.

        Eric has put together a bonus tutorial for customers of another PLR product that should be helpful to you as well:

        It will walk you through all the steps of selling PLR content!

        If you still feel like you will need help, you could always outsource any of the steps.

        Here is the link to Eric’s lesson called, Outsourcing Your Website:

        LESSON #39: Outsourcing Your Website

    29. alan suter

      Dear Eric,
      I have installed wordpress on my domain name http://www.keepyourmind.org and following the e-mail address wp have sent me I tried to open it on my browser googlechrome and also on windows edge as I am on windows 10 and it keeps saying webpage is unavailable. Can you advise.

    30. Maya

      WordPress has always been a simple to use with updating a website. Plugins also make it simple as well. Some use wordpress to promote Amazon products.

    31. ileana

      Hi Eric
      I have hosting with hostgator and doamin with go daddy . I have used the wp installation softaculous . but pages are showing down at all time , What is the solution for this ? as per your experience is it best to use the Zilla still ? Thanks


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