LESSON #41: How to Put a Video on Your Website

By | June 4, 2009

In the previous lesson, we talked about how to obtain and add graphics to your website.

Today we’re going to put your website into motion by adding video to it.

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • Video is one of the most important forms of content on the Internet.

  • Most Internet users can now stream video (and the quality keeps getting better).

  • Ways to put video onto your website…

    1) An embeddable video from a 3rd party source.

    – Easiest way to put video on your website.
    – Hundreds of sources, including niche sites with videos for syndication
    – Free video hosts like Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, blip.tv, Revver, Tangle, Flickr, Facebook, etc.

    -See video for demo of embedding a Youtube video on a WordPress blog.

    2) Your own “live action” video.

    – Most complicated method… you have to shoot it, transfer it, edit it, encode it, etc.

    – Can be very expensive (ex. $4,000 HD camera, $1300 Final Cut Studio, $700 Adobe Flash, etc)

    – Can be done very cheaply. Try the Flip Video camera ($50 – $200)

    -Two ways to embed it:

    a) Upload it to a video site like Youtube, and then embed it on your website.

    Easy to do, but free video hosts have some downfalls including…
    – Looks less professional
    – Displays ads (overlay on video, or at the beginning/end)
    – Links to the video host

    b) Convert it to flash yourself, and then embed it on your website

    – Free tool: FLV Producer Lite
    – Free flash player included in the above tool, or you could try JW FLV Player

    If you’re doing a lot of heavy video streaming (1000’s of viewers), I recommend upgrading to a dedicated server or else try Amazon S3 to host your video files.

    3) Your own screen capture video.

    – Great for teaching
    – Effective for selling

    – I use Camtasia Studio from Techsmith (Approx. $300)

    – For Camtasia tutorials see: http://www.techsmith.com/learn/camtasia/default.asp

    – (See video for walkthrough of my recommended Camtasia settings)

    – Cool tool from Techsmith to make casual screen capture videos on the fly: http://www.jingproject.com

    – Free screen capture software: http://www.CamStudio.org

    – Better than the free version: http://www.CamStudioPro.org (only $29)

    Recommended resource:

    Video series

    Click here for more information…

    (A four part video series teaching exactly how to create your own screen capture videos for free.)

    Action steps:

    1) Think about how you can incorporate video into your online business.

    Ideas: Blog content, teaching series, intro video, video sales letter, explain checkout process, give your guarantee, explain email opt-in process, testimonials, squeeze page video, exit pop video, etc.

    2) Add a video to your website!

    In the next lesson we’ll be looking at how to put audio onto your website.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 172 thoughts on “LESSON #41: How to Put a Video on Your Website

    1. Richard

      Hi Eric,
      Great Tutorials On Video, I Have Now Purchased Camtasia, Amazing Software.
      I Am Using WordPress, It Seems That They Have Now Changed The Way That Video Is Embedded From Youtube, As The Steps You Outlined Don’t Seem To Work For Me.

    2. Richard

      My Last Post Shows A Beaver Avatar, How Does It Do That? How Does It Link To The Picture? Is This From My Email Address Which I Entered? I Can Only Suspect That Is What Has Happened. Nice.. Perhaps As An Experiment, Next Time I Leave A Comment Will Use One Of My Other Email Addresses. Keep Up The Great Work.

    3. Eric Post author

      Haha nice 🙂 Yes I think you must have associated your email address with that avatar somewhere, such as Gravatar.com.

    4. Carlos

      So far in general terms, your ERIC’S TIPS have been very informative and in the process you try to sell over fifty products that makes money for you and I’m OK with that , my question is? when are you going to show ME “ONE” way step by step to make money, for example, are you going to explain how to promote a click bank products step or are you going to say: you can make lots of money with click bank products.

    5. Eric Post author

      This whole lesson series is the “one way” that I teach. It tsakes awhile to get to the part where you make money, because there’s quite a bit of groundwork to be laid- because this is a long-term strategy. It’s about selling your own information product, not promoting Clickbank products. I view affiliate promotions as a supplementary income source to my primary business model. As I explain in lesson 4, there’s a lot of ways to make money online and mine is not the only way. But it’s my favorite method, and one that I feel is accessible to most aspiring online entrepreneurs.

    6. Carlos

      When you say “Quite a bit of groundwork” How many weeks, months, lessons are you talking about? Since you know the END! Are you going to be specific about a product or…? I’m going to find my own niche?

    7. Micah

      Hello Carlos,

      Have you been watching the tips from the beginning?

      The groundwork comes in things like getting webhosting, building your website, adding a payment processor, doing some SEO, getting traffic to your site.

      This will be a 100 lesson series when completed. But, you don’t have to watch all of the lessons before starting your business.

      There will definitely be a lot of groundwork, if you choose to build your own business. But, you might find that a quick pace works for you.

      Here is an earlier lesson you may have missed.

      How to Choose a Niche (Part 1):

      LESSON #19: How to Choose a Niche (Part 1)

    8. Jorge Garcia

      Eric definitely I have to learn these techniques you taught me today I like the idea that my pages contain video, thanks and regards Jorge

    9. bilal

      Hi eric
      this is absolutely fabulous what your doing here, your giving back what god bless you with and doing this for FREE.

      Well done a god bless you

    10. shannan

      hello gents! Thank you.
      . Im using my same logo image for fan page, website, blog etc might there be a way I can just lay my graphic over a background of solid color for YouTube channel banner? Like putting it on top of a rectangle of green to meet the YouTube Channel Banner requirements for template?
      attaching graphic here, but the size will not translate to channel banner size with out becoming unrecognizable.
      Amazingly untalented, Shannan Brice




      take care

      1. Micah

        Hello Joe,

        Yes, Eric uses Amazon S3 for many of his download pages. We offer streaming in rare instances; but it’s much less hassle all around, to simply provide download links.

    11. abdelhak

      Im using my same logo image for fan page, website, blog etc might there be a way I can just lay my graphic over a background of solid color for YouTube channel banner? Like putting it on top of a rectangle of green to meet the YouTube Channel Banner requirements for template?

    12. Marc M. Demers

      Hi again Eric,

      Just Bought Camtasia as I really think Video is a must and they have to be professional looking.

      I have now to learn how to use it as I have to start to create my personal videos.

      I’m in a huge learning process.

      Thanks for your great job, you make us happy.




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