LESSON #61: Setting Up A Customer List

By | April 8, 2010

In the previous lesson we looked at how to set up an opt-in list.

Today we’re going to put it to use, by capturing a list of our paid customers…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • Your customer list is your most valuable list.

  • Three ways to get customers onto a list…

    1) During the payment.

    Integrate it into your checkout process. This works well if you have an integrated shopping cart/autoresponder such as 1Shoppingcart or Infusionsoft.

    Many payment processes can be integrated with AWeber using their prewritten Email Parsers.

    2) Before the payment.

    You can put the opt-in form ON your sales page, or create an interstitial opt-in page before the customer reaches the 3rd-party payment page. (See video for demonstration of both of those options).

    3) After the payment.

    You can put the opt-in form ON your download page (not recommended), or use an interstitial opt-in page after payment is made, before the customer reaches the download page. (See video for demonstration)

    If you want to force all customers to complete a double opt-in, you could deliver the download link via email instead of taking them to a download page. However, this can result in some support issues.

  • If you haven’t yet signed up for a list hosting service, I recommend AWeber Communications

  • For additional education on list building, please see my List Building Pack

    Action step:

    1) Integrate an opt-in form into your sales process to build a customer list.

    Now that we’ve got your customer list set up, it’s time to start building your prospect list. We’ll be talking about squeeze pages in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 59 thoughts on “LESSON #61: Setting Up A Customer List

    1. Sally Neill

      Hi Eric, what a great video, I never realized there was so many ways to capture a buyer’s email, thanks for sharing that, need to go look at all your other videos now, also subscribed to your feed, thanks Sally 🙂

    2. Luca Di Nicola

      Hi Eric, I’ve enjoyed and learned from all your previous videos but these List Building videos will be of great value to all of us. I have not included optin on my sales pages so this video is an eye opener on how to do it. I have to say that I’m of 2 minds about collecting email address from customers in order for them to complete their purchase. I’ve always found it annoying but as you said it did not stopt me if I really wanted the product.

      I’m using Ultimate Marjeting Center http://www.reachsuccessonline.com/uses/umc don’t know if you know of it but it includes autoresponder, web host, affiliate center and even a membership site. I still use aweber but found that it was getting expensive the bigger my list got – any thiughts on UMC.

      I’m really looking forward to the rest of this series. Thanks again Eric.

    3. K. ODA

      Any plans to make your video tips available for download or an audio version ?

    4. mike

      WOW! Eric this lesson was amazing.Been thinking of how to collect the emails of the buyers for a few weeks now. I had an idea that once a customer buys a product through my paypal button, that customers email is stored inside my paypal account but then i thought i couldn’t use that because that would be spamming would it not? because i would not of had there permission to email them. Cheers Eric you have saved me the grief of getting on the wrong side of my future customers. I going to do some split testing with all three. Your a star!!

    5. Eric Post author

      Yes when the lessons are complete I will be selling them as a package in several different formats.

    6. Eric Post author

      Yes I am familiar with them, although I have not used them personally. Although there are a couple of prominent internet marketers that use the service, I generally advise against using any service that puts too many of your eggs in one basket. Don’t get me wrong, their package deal is a good value. But it’s not how I would allocate the assets of my business. I feel that a top notch email host like AWeber is a necessary expense. Thanks

    7. Eric Post author

      You could probably take those email addresses from Paypal and email those customers on a 1-on-1 basis since they are prior customers. But if you were to take them and drop them into an autoresponder or add them to a mass list, some of them very well might try accusing you of spam. So it’s much better to use an opt-in system. And from a practical standpoint, you want to get them onto a list immediately so you can start following up and building the relationship. So yes… this is the route you should take 😉

    8. Ramesh.G

      Dear Eric,

      All your lesons are valuable and this is most valuable lesson for me .

      Thank you for all your lessons.hoping to receive more & more lessons.


    9. Dan

      Compared to videos of other marketers, yours are technically close to perfect (superb content anyway ;~). The volume is the same all the time, sound is top notch. No need to change any sound settings, as on the other guys videos, where they blow you out of your chair or you have to turn up your speakers to max to hear anything at all; forget to turn it back to normal and you throw your mouse out of your window when the next system sound comes, boooom, annoying. In my videos I try to keep the volume “normal”, but it’s not as constant as yours, how do you do that?? Is there a AVC (Automatic Volume Control) tool in Camtasia or external?

      Thanks for enlightenment,

    10. Paul

      I have bookmarked all 61 of your lessons (makes for an awesome library) and look forward to more! You seem to be the only I/M that keeps on track on a regular basis to provide us with valuable information we can use in our business. Some of us are just trying to get off the ground so why is it when we sign up for ‘free’ stuff with other marketers we get inundated with offers for expensive programs (one for $1997)? If I could afford such a program why would I be looking for something ‘free’? I just get very frustrated with the constant barrage of stuff that marketers say “I can’t do without” when all I’m trying to do is GET STARTED in the first place. I like your approach where you recommend products that you are using or have tried (and possibly didn’t like) and pass that info to us….I am a staunch follower of your lessons…I just don’t have an unlimited budget to be able to buy everything that is offered until I have a steady income. Thank you for what you do!

    11. Kathleen

      Hi Eric:

      Thanks for the information…these will be good options to try.
      Question…Have you ever tried setting up an opt-in just on the Thank you page requesting they sign-up for support & updates? If so, does this work well?

      Thanks again,

    12. Eric Post author

      Thanks 🙂

      There is not AVC, but there is volume input control. So it’s just a matter of finding a good setting and then sticking with it.

      Beyond that, a decent microphone can help, as it prevents pops and background noise. I paid $99 for mine.

    13. Eric Post author

      Yes I have, in fact I showed one example of it in the video. The problem is that if you have it on the download page, some customers will just download the product and skip the opt-in.

      I still do it sometimes for convenience, but it’s better to do the interstitial page. Otherwise you’ll miss out on a chunk of your customers (I’d say 20%+).

    14. Andrea

      Hi Eric,
      How do I capture the names of buyers, if I only sell affiliate products like shoes and purses on a blog? The link takes them directly to the the shoe store through my affiliate link. Does this only work for downloadable products? I currently use Aweber to capture new prospects. Thanks for your help! I really appreciate all the great information you freely share!

    15. Eric Post author

      Good question. In many cases it’s not possible.

      There are a couple of advanced methods that may work in some cases. For example, if you capture them to a prospect list initially… you can have a cookie that tracks their IP and keeps track of whether they have made a successful purchase (using the tracking that is built into most affiliate platforms).

      But for most affiliates, the most feasible solution is to simply try to capture as many prospects as possible.

      However, another strategy to capture customers is to offer a bonus. This works very well in some markets. After they make a purchase they must come back (to a squeeze page) where they enter their name, email, and receipt # to claim your bonus!

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    17. Ray

      Hey, another great Video, By Eric. I created a PayPal Button, But I was having a hell of time to get people to go to my membership. So I put the Opt In Page on the Sales Page. Then I redirected the confirmation Link to My Thank You Page With The PayPal Button. This Would Redirect Them To My Membership Log In. But Since watching Your Videos, Infusion Soft Or Shopping Cart Would Be A Choice In The Future. Since My Membership Script Was Free And I Went To The Hassle All Week To Get It too work. Since I had to contact the programmer of the software,which was Membership Ease, And He Corrected the Error. The Error, PayPal MisMatch Error. So This Error Would Not Redirect To The Log In Page. So after a Week, The Programmer Corrected This Error. So If I Could Give AnyOne Advice, Make Sure Your PayPal Button Or Your Membership Is Working, By Testing It. Have Someone Else Buy It And Make Sure It Works.

      Keep Up The Good Work,

      When Is Your Next Vacation Video!!

    18. NSanuri

      Dear ERIC’S

      Right, I agree that List Customer is The most
      valueable PART. Technology can buy, but marketing can’t buy.

      I am newbe and I am learning several lesson information that I get from Your blog , ERIC’S TIPS.

      Now I built a blog affiliate, Can I campaign
      ERIC’S TIP in my blog ? to be earn ?
      Please tell me , how to take ERIC’S TIPS blog
      to promote in blog http://freshingandfit.com
      with all my dear,

    19. Eric Post author

      Yes you can link to Eric’s Tips, and in fact you can potentially earn commissions from it. I use ClickBank for the affiliate program:


    20. Christain

      I have not been able to earn a single dollar online primarily because i don’t understand the internet languages/terms. i wish i could really understand them.

    21. Christain

      Dear Eric,

      i have a personalised website to promote online. how do i do it? how can i biuld my own blog?

    22. Eric Post author

      I cover blogging in lessons #33 – 38.

      I’ll cover promotion (traffic) in lessons #72 – 85.

    23. mike


      Great job as always.
      one thing I want to ask, on the third option of collecting the list after paying you added an interstitial opt-in page which leads to the download page, but if one customer made a copy of the URL for that page,he/she would be able to give it to anybody and they can skip the paying while getting access to the download page. is there a way to lock the page except for those directed from the paying page?

    24. Eric Post author

      Yes you can protect the interstitial page the same way you would protect a download page. Whether you want to go through the effort to do so may depend on the value of your product, and the liklihood of the URL being leaked. But if you do decide to protect it, you could use a script such as DLGuard: http://ericstips.com/dlguard/

    25. Ray Cowie

      Hi Eric, when you have the opt in form on the download page, how about if you added something like, “Don’t worry, when you subscribe you will still remain on this download page.”

      Maybe a few more people would opt in.

      Cheers, Ray

    26. Doris

      hi Eric
      sont know if you got my other comment, but I have aherbnich with affiliate products. I have tried free ebooks etc but they are not working. I am thinking about using something like a small gift certificate.

      I believe my target group would be those with ill health or the health nut who wants to prevent ill health . Actually 2 very diffrent groups

    27. Micah

      Hello Doris,

      Eric successfully uses certificates and discount codes from time to time. If free ebooks aren’t working for you, why not give your certificate idea a try!

    28. Pete Kici

      I have been listening and wow look of info I am swimming in info best thought on how to manage all this and make it work?
      I think an hour a day?
      give me some thoughts please.

      Pete Kici

    29. Eric Post author

      What exactly are you asking? I think an hour a day would be a bare minimum to build this business, more time would be better.

    30. Eric Post author

      Hi Eric, I cover this in the next 9 lessons… especially lesson #66-67, as well as several of the traffic lessons later on.

    31. GeorgeP.

      Eric, this list stuff is Fantastic will have to go over it some more, Thanks for it all. cheers george

    32. Marija

      Eric, please reply me on previous question.How to find a place in WP site to copy the Java script and get a Thank you page. Do I go to plugin or Where I insert a Java script? Where will appear my Thank you page then?
      I miss this explanation on video. Thank you Marija

    33. Micah

      Hello Marija,

      If you are using Aweber, they have code that should work on your WordPress pages.

      Eric just uses a normal WordPress “Page” for his thankyou confirmation for people who join his free Eric’s Tips newsletter.

      Here is the direct link to the WordPress support:

      They should be able to answer any questions that you may have about WordPress.

    34. oubram

      hello Eric,
      thank you for all these videos, it’s realy a big job.
      i enjoyed them all.
      i am from Morocco and i am sorry my english is weak.
      thank you.

    35. Russell

      Hi Eric,

      I love the free stuff you are giving out. I usually join peoples list with the same email list because of the bombardment of emails. I have put you in my private email address because yours have been the best i have seen by far. Keep up the good work buddy, i hope i can get some success from this 🙂

    36. Ron Warren

      Can you tell me the Brand, Model, and where you bought it?

      Thanks for your videos. I am taking notes


    37. yulisssita

      Hey eric! It’s possible to download your product for free… You showed the download url from the optin…

      Please protect it 🙂

    38. Eric Post author

      That’s good thinking. But it’s ok, it’s just a demo for now. I don’t mind if my subscribers download it 🙂


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