LESSON #73: PPC Traffic

By | August 9, 2010

In the previous lesson, we started talking about ways to get web traffic.

Today we’re going to look at PPC advertising, including Google AdWords…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Google has been majorly cracking down on advertisers that violate any of their rules. This includes some rules that seemingly were not previously enforced, and some rules that are only now being written and/or being brought to light. This includes promoting anything that they consider to be an unacceptable business model (ie. – anything they deem to be a get rich quick scheme), anything containing what they consider to be unsupported claims, and any page that they consider to be a “bridge” page. Google AdWords is still a great source of traffic, but be very careful to play by Google’s rules!

  • WARNING: You can lose a lot of money. A key to success is testing and tracking.

  • Terms you need to know…

    PPC = Pay Per Click

    CPC = Cost Per Click

    CPM = Cost Per 1000 Impressions

    CTR = Click Through Rate

  • PPC Traffic Sources/Networks:

    Google – http://adwords.google.com
    Yahoo – http://searchmarketing.yahoo.com
    Bing/MSN – http://adcenter.microsoft.com
    Facebook – (log into your Facebook account)
    Ask.com – http://sponsoredlistings.ask.com
    AOL – http://advertising.aol.com/technology/sponsored-listings
    7search – http://www.7search.com
    Miva – http://www.miva.com
    Bidvertiser – http://www.bidvertiser.com
    Looksmart – http://www.looksmart.com
    AdBrite – http://www.adbrite.com
    pulse360 – http://www.pulse360.com

  • Google AdWords is the biggest, with the most traffic. They’re also easy to get started with, but NOT necessarily the easiest to succeed with.

    (See video for full demo of setting up a Campaign and an Ad Group in AdWords)

  • It’s easier to succeed with AdWords traffic for your own website/offer than it is to succeed with it as an affiliate because…

    -No competition from other affiliates.
    -Better chance of a good Quality Score.
    -Higher profit margin = better chance of positive ROI.

  • Four components of creating a PPC Campaign:

    1) Keyword research
    2) Campaign Settings (bidding, budget, geo-targeting, etc.)
    3) Ad copy
    4) Landing pages

  • Keyword Research:

    Google Keyword Tool (free): https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

    (See video for demo of Google Keyword Tool)

    Paid Keyword Tools:
    PPC Bully
    Keyword Elite
    Keyword Spy
    Market Samurai

    Things to consider when creating your initial keyword list:
    -related keywords
    -variations with hyphens and spaces
    -singular and plural form
    -adjectives people use when searching (best, cheap, cheapest, etc)
    -website URL’s
    -product names
    -people’s names

  • Campaign Settings:

    See the video for details, but here are a few key points…

    -You SHOULD use the Advanced settings for many of the options. Don’t inherently leave Google’s defaults.

    -Ad Groups should be SMALL (2-10 keywords) and very tightly focused.

    -Start with Exact Match or Phrase Match – NOT Broad Match.

    -DO use negative keywords!

  • PPC Ad Copy Formula:


    Headline = Attention/Interest (include keyword if possible)
    1st line of ad copy = Interest/Desire (Include benefit)
    2nd line of ad copy = Desire/Action (Include call to action)
    Website URL = Action (include keyword if possible, or catchy words)

  • Landing Pages:

    #1) Your landing page must be relevant to your keyword.

    -Optimize it like SEO.
    -Put keyword in title and headline.

    #2) Follow all of Google’s guidelines for landing pages!

  • Keep good campaigns, and kill bad campaigns. Take the good ones to other networks.

    Recommended Resources to learn more and stay up-to-date:

    AdWords support
    AdWords online classroom
    AdWords support forum
    Inside AdWords blog
    Google Business channel on YouTube (tons of videos about AdWords)

    Confidential Conversions – Video course teaching how to get cheap traffic on 2nd tier networks.

    Perry Marshall – Mastermind Coaching Club for AdWords. Highly recommended if you plan on pursuing PPC as a traffic source!

    Action steps:

    1) Decide if you want to try PPC.

    2) If yes, choose a network and set up a campaign (start with small test budget).

    We’ll be looking at some advanced PPC techniques in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 85 thoughts on “LESSON #73: PPC Traffic

    1. Eric Post author

      Hi Alexander, thanks for the comment and for thinking of working with me. Due to my schedule I am not currently taking on any new JV projects. However, you are welcome to submit your idea in a ticket at my helpdesk and I will read it. I do not respond personally to all JV requests, but I do read them and I will keep it in mind if I have any openings in the future.
      PS- No I don’t think you’re crazy. It never hurts to ask in a situation like this.

    2. Dave

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.

      I agree with your sentiments about LSI being confusing. My brain almost went into “hyper-shock” when I started looking at the concept. Glad to see it’s not too relevant on the grand scheme.


    3. Michael

      Great looking websites Gary and on time for Halloween no doubt. I agree that the changes should really increase conversions for you. On a side note, have you thought of creating entirely different themed landing pages for your product because the product can benefit anyone wanting traffic besides a specific niche ocult. For example a landing page with a targeting theme for “women” marketers from a statistics and research perspective.

    4. Self Confidence Hypnosis

      I got banned by Google doing Adword campaigns. Be warned everybody, you can get banned for the smallest violation. I overlooked a reference to a quick rich scheme in a website reference which was not mine!

    5. Chris Stephen

      It’s really quite amazing. Fact that I paid all these gurus money to teach me something that I got for free from Eric’s Tips. I’ve been doing this now for about 6 months. Can’t say how fast I’m getting there but I was really getting nowhere…until now. New life..excited about the lesson and about to try all you’ve taught. PS: I should start reviewing you previous lesson. And spend money on your products rather then the so called greats like ChrisX.

    6. kuran

      I opened my adwords account, funded it, and created my first campaign. The account indicates that it is activated, and my campaign indicates that it is enabled, but my ad for the website does not show up from any of the keywords, (even when there are no other ads). In addition, each keyword indicates that it is eligible and is “showing ads right now.” I just can’t figure it out. Any insights
      Thanks, Kuran

    7. Eric Post author

      Sometimes it takes while before it really becomes active. If still no impressions after a few days, I would suggest contacting Adwords support and ask them. They might have silently flagged your account or ads silently without telling you why.

    8. aleck

      Its a good feeling to no that, on this planet earth, there are people like you Eric who have invested so much of their time and money to help others,not only the marketing intrepreneur of the future, but also the poor children of world.
      This lesson defines you who you are in this business.You have been very careful to where we must pump out money,this one is a must if you real eager to lift up your business and not underestimate split testing. Thank you Eric I can’t think of any expect advise out there that can be so genuine and honestly presented so freely.I know a lot of your Guru Friends,they may be good,but they are no where near you in terms of delivering,I have come and gone,But what I find here is simple genuine and almost everything that internet marketers need.
      When Gurus talk of over delivering, they don’t come close to you.
      I know I’m sounding like a Guru already, so what! Isn’t that’s what I’m here for!

      Thanks again for loads of tips and resources you provide

    9. nicolas an

      hi eric, I am a newbie and need your advice. Will it be safe to give someone my email address with password, my pay pal email address including my click bank account? That someone seems to be trustworthy but I just don’t know what to do and the long term effect in case I give him those info. Also I am a slow learner but I learned a lot from your tips. Thank you.

    10. Eric Post author

      I’d be very careful about that. The only situation where I would recommend giving those passwords to someone is if you are hiring an employee, or outsourcing those tasks to a long-term contractor. In regard to Paypal, you can set up additional users with their own username/password, and you may restrict some of the things they can or cannot do in your account.

    11. George Vasquez


      Thanks for the videos.

      You recommend 2 to 5 keywords per ad campaign (10 maximum) and then you organize the excel csv sheet into what seems to be hundreds of keywords. In lesson #74 you recommend software that can generate thousands (SpeedPPC). What am I missing? Wouldn’t submitting hundreds or thousands of keywords also cost one an extreme amount of money as visitors click thousands of keywords? Also wouldn’t google consider this as a “black-seo” keyword stuffing?

    12. Eric Post author

      Google wants you to spend money with them, so they don’t mind lots of keywords as long as you are being relevant to their searchers.

      In the old days of internet marketing, yes you could submit batches of thousands of keywords and pretty much be guaranteed to get tons of clicks and spend a lot of money, which was a good thing. Remember, if you’re spending money on PPC, you should be making more money as a result… usually doubling your money or better.

      It’s still good to use thousands of keywords for maximum traffic, but you have to break them down into tiny ad groups, like you mentioned. Track everything, and get rid of the keywords that don’t result in sales/conversions.

    13. Ann Moore

      Yay! Now, PPC traffic is making more sense to me! Greatly appreciate all the time you put into this and all your lesson.

    14. Dain

      Hey Eric,

      I’ve appreciated the TONS of value you have brought through this series.

      I’ve been using google adwords and I feel like I’ve had pretty good success, but I don’t know.

      Currently, I have google ads pointing to a couple of squeeze pages offering a free video and template in exchange for their email in order to build my list. My conversion rate for the free offer is about 10%. Is this a good conversion rate for a free offer like that?

      I’ll be selling down my funnel, and I’m assuming that will be the best indicator, but I was just wondering if 10% is a good conversion rate for a free offer.

      P.S. Great tip going outside the U.S. first. I’ll be adjusting to go back to the U.S. but currently I have a CTR rate for some keywords around 50% and 20%. But my total overall is 8%. Thanks!

    15. Micah

      Hello Dain,

      Solid conversion rates will always be a little different depending on the niche. It sounds like you’re having some successful campaigns, but you might want to shoot for another 5-10% by tweaking your page, ad, or offer!

      We’ve seen conversions skyrocket at times from the slightest of changes!

    16. Dain

      Hey Micah,

      Thanks for the advice. I’ve been doing some A/B testing through google to try and tweak some things. I became very surprised so far. I discovered video isn’t what people want to watch when they click on a google ad. At least how I have it set right now.

      I’m going to continue using the A/B testing. improve those conversions 🙂

      Thanks once again!

    17. Giddu

      Hi Eric,

      Good lesson as usual. I have a question though. Can i use Facebook PPC marketing to send traffic to a squeez page? Is it permissible?


    18. Bill Fontaine

      is there a subject index or table of contents for your lesson series?

      Thanks, Bill

    19. Jim

      Hey Eric
      I am enjoying the tips. Also getting started with IPE.
      Also love your testimony about Mission Trips. I support 2 children in 3rd world countries. Sure would like to speak to you personally sometime and talk. God is God! Thanks for sharing Him.

    20. Nedra

      What an amazing lesson. It’s great to come away from a lesson and feel as though I not only understand, but I also can takes the steps.

    21. aida c. suarez

      Eric, AIDA is still with you following your interesting and lenthy vedeo and wrinting tips. No tricks here… but a lot of persuassion. This is internet marketing! Now i can see that i’ll be in training for ever. But all this info. is food for my brains. Even though you claim is not rocket science, I see that theres is a lot to digest. Thanks a lot for all these interesting information. Superb!

      Now i am going to ask you a favor… please…. you or your bro. Misha, to help me get in touch with Naveed Instant Product Engine. Everytime i try to get in with his helpdesk they repond i that i got a wrong log in info. But you know what? I just cut it from his email and paste it on the site.
      Sorry i am giving you guys this trouble! Please use my email go give me some instructions. Thanks!

    22. Micah

      Hello Aida,

      It sounds like your computer just has the wrong login information saved in it’s memory cache. Please try clearing your cookies and web history, before entering the login information again.

    23. Mark

      PPC seems like a great way to create traffic, Eric. I don’t know though. A friend of mine tried ppc before and lost every cent without making a penny. I like your way of explaining though. I’ll try it when the time comes.

      Thanks for another great lesson.


    24. Virginia

      Eric, when will you discuss ways of tracking campaigns… what is pixel tracking, etc. How does one set that up if there’s no budget for hundreds of dollars a month… Can that be done inexpensively?

    25. Eric Post author

      Hi Virginia, check out lesson #71 and lesson #57:

      LESSON #71: Tracking Your Results

      LESSON #57: Testing to Improve Your Marketing

      Pixel tracking is simply a method of tracking where a one-pixel (tiny) image is loaded on a thank-you page (or other target page). This little pixel tells the tracking software that your visitor indeed reached the page.
      Yes it can be done inexpensively and free in some cases. Some affiliate program providers have built-in pixel tracking functionality, where you can essentially put your own pixel on the download page. Other vendors may be willing to add your pixel (or other tracking code) manually if you are sending them some good traffic. If you’re simply looking to track things on your own sites, it’s really easy. The product I recommend is Conversion Prophet.

    26. Nicole

      Hi, thank you for a great video. If i may ask. Most CPA offers are only allowed in certain countries and from what i understand, that means that i can only drive traffic from those countries (if allowed country is US then visitors can only be from US), if i got it right. But can i (i live in Europe) promote those offers? Does it matter if i want to promote to US but don’t live there? Will my ads show to people living in US ? Thank you for an answer in advance

      1. Micah

        Hello Nicole,

        You would need to view the terms of the offers you wish to promote. Typically, your desired affiliate/CPA program will either be fully compatible with your country, or you will have no options at all.

    27. Kimbro

      Eric these videos are sooooooooo good.
      So far I have only looked at the videos up to lesson #73 so I don’t know if you will cover alternative paid advertising later. Just thought I’d let you know of a place that I have found to be of great ROI in advertising and very simple to use.
      If you go to http://mikode[dot]net/activity/ you will find advert placements on that page. When you click you come to their adserver where you can choose options for advertising. Costs $7 for 7 days, made 4 sales in the first 3 days. Their tracking utility is great as well and free for advertisers. I think they are new, so maybe that’s why so effective.
      I’m going to watch the rest of your videos now.
      Thanks for making them available. I have bought your products in the past and am a very happy customer.

    28. Chuck Holmes

      I personally love PPC. Unfortunately, my account was terminated several years ago, without warning. After doing some research online, I found that happened to a lot of folks in the network marketing and home based business niche. I lose a lot of traffic and business overnight. I do well now with Facebook Ads, but they are cracking down too. It’s frustrating, but you have to adapt or get left behind. Personally, I love PPC.


    29. Bo

      Hello Eric,
      Tbank you for your teachin in ppc. I have a question and looking forward for your advise. I am doibg a test with Stuads. Com by using two affiliate hop link from Clickbank with a very limited budget. I have over 6000 impression on onecof the product but around 53 clcks rafter 6 dys of campaign butcnot even obe conversion yet. I just hope that if I xan get acleas 3-5 sell then I will consider to put in more in my nesy budget. Is there any good but cheaper one you can recommend for my PPC campaign to promote Clickbank affiliate prdicts ? Thank you.

      1. Eric Post author

        Hello Bo,

        Stuads.Com is a dead page. Did you misstype that? You might be sending traffic to an incorrect/non-working link.


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