LESSON #12: Thinking Like a Marketer

By | July 13, 2008

Back in Lesson #3, I talked about the need to be willing to be a marketer. Now I’m going to expand on that idea, because it’s important to have a solid grasp on it before you dive into building your business.

After this lesson, we’ll be developing the vision and plan for your business, so I’m taking the time to cover this now BEFORE we begin, because I feel it’s really an all too forgotten prerequisite for becoming a successful internet marketer.

I would even say it’s THE missing piece…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • Everyone teaches how to “make money online”, but almost nobody teaches how to think like a marketer. This is the missing piece.

  • If you want to be a successful internet marketer, you need to be a marketer.

  • Trying to build an internet marketing business without BEING a marketer is like trying to build a house with no foundation. It’s no wonder so many people fail!

  • Who wants to be a “sales person”? It doesn’t sound exciting. (but it’s essential)

  • NOBODY makes money until somebody sells something.

  • The very same information could mean tens of thousands of dollars for me, and nothing more than confusion and frustration for you (because it goes through the “marketing filter” in my mind).

  • Do you see opportunities to make money all around you?

  • Do you see the marketer’s side of the marketing messages that bombard you every day or do you see them as a consumer sees them?

  • If you’re a true marketer, you will always have opportunity to make money. You’re recession proof.

  • Disclaimer: Marketing expertise does not automatically equate to internet marketing success. It is the prerequisite, not the measure of potential success.

    Action steps:

    First ask yourself if you know how to think like a marketer, and if your answer is no, begin the learning process.

    1) Read some books, such as…

    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Not a marketing book, but everyone should read it)
    Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar
    How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins
    Selling for Dummies by Tom Hopkins
    How to Sell Anything to Anybody by Joe Girard
    The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner
    (And thousands of others!)

    You can find some of the above titles at your local library.

    2) Make a conscious effort to look at the world through a marketer’s lens.

    When you look at the world through a marketer’s lens, you will start seeing million dollar opportunities all around you.

    So now that you know what kind of a mindset you’re going to need, it’s time to start developing a vision for business, and I’ll be talking about that in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 270 thoughts on “LESSON #12: Thinking Like a Marketer

    1. Simon W

      • “NOBODY makes money until somebody sells something. ”
      [wrong!? Mining – gold or bitcoins etc. Trading – stocks, forex etc, Arbitrage.
      IMHO, not every business involves selling or customers]

      1. Micah

        Hello Simon,

        I’m not sure if you saw my previous reply:

        “Hello Simon,

        Eric is well aware of those forms of income generation.

        He even has numerous products in those categories (See current items at the bottom):


        Those platforms are selling a service. You pay them via micro-transactions, in many cases.”

      2. Elsie

        Come on Simon! You think that mining isn’t selling something? So where did you get your car? And why do mining companies spend millions of dollars hiring the best of the best to MARKET their ores to the highest bidders! And gold? Is that not bought and sold every single day of the week? Where did you get your wife’s wedding band? Or if you aren’t married – where did that lady over there get hers? Did someone not mine the stuff, sell the stuff to someone, who refined it and sold it to someone who made it into rings and sold it? !!!! Bitcoin? It is just another form of monetary transaction – a bit like old-time barter which is only marketing of one product from person to person. Every single thing is bought and sold – maybe not with cash, credit cards or Paypal – but ANY transaction between people is a form of marketing. Even the mother ‘selling’ tonight’s dinner to her suspicious offspring!

        1. Kate

          Of course Simon, where the gold rush was concerned, it was really those who sold pick axes, shovels, tents, boots and panning equipment who made the real wealth.
          Their astute marketing minds realised what the gold diggers would need, so set up their stores right in front of the hungry crowds, most of whom worked all their years but rarely discovered even a nugget of wealth in comparison to the financial comfort those mining suppliers’ store owners enjoyed.

      3. Michael D Gorman

        Selling is the crucial, fundamental pivot on which all business is founded – nothing happens until somebody BUYS something is more to the point. This could be vital, specialized information, the essential way to achieve something, right up to purchasing groceries. The sooner you understand this the sooner you will approach internet marketing in an intelligent, practical way. You can combine good intentions, and a sense of humanity with this, you can give and still make a living! There is nothing grubby about selling, it is just a question of appropriate selling.

    2. Marlo

      We don’t have to lie to provide an item that somebody wants. I have a successful service business that runs on honesty, integrity, doing what I promise, and giving them what they expect. It runs itself.

    3. Jeffrey Scott

      I started viewing the videos however I got to the point of thinking like a marketer and I question whether this is the best course for me. My site is an aggregation of news, history of college realignment. I am not sure if the further lessons are going to be helpful.

      1. Micah

        Hello Jeffrey,

        Are you still looking to promote your site, get more visitors, profit from your site, etc.? If so, the lessons could still prove very helpful to you!

        You can always skip ahead to any lessons that are more in line with what you are looking for!

    4. Barend Groenewald

      Thanks Eric. Much appreciated. I am going to have to shake up my thinking.

    5. Jos van Doorn

      Eric,that, but not now.

      You suggested that I read a couple of books. I will do that, but not now. Later. Somehting else. I did a search on Google for:

      – marketing PDF
      – marketing course PDF
      – marketing e-books PDF

      I must say. I found a lot of information. I saved the information and I will read it. After I have done all your tips. That will be after September 2015.


    6. Shirley

      I was recently “involuntarily retired from my job” as a Marketing Assistant. At 62 I have been in the marketing business in a support capacity since the early 80’s. That being said, having started training in Internet Marketing I am finding it to be quite a “different animal”. What isn’t different is the true essence of sales and marketing – solving people’s problems. Find a market revolving around problems and get in front of it with the confidence that YOU have the solution. Creativity also goes a long way. That’s my two cents… Great job Eric!

    7. joshua

      Eric, thanks so much for your step to step lessons on online marketing. Since the first day I registered my e-mail address on your website, I have not regretted my action. Thanks for the numerous bonuses. To be realistic, I coudn’t wait for the daily automated e-mail. I kept on downloading next lesson through the available link. Once again, thanks a million. keep up the good work. Very soon, as God provides, I will pay for the e-books I promised to buy. Internet marketers like you are rare.
      Anyway, Eric, my vision is to set up a Mathematics website, build forum, set up affliate marketing and many more. You have really opened my eyes to world of opportunites.

    8. Jerry Nielsen

      Eric and all,

      I taught Sales Skills as a trainer at Apple For 15 years. I I were to recommednd one book, it would be “SPIN selling” by Neil Rackham. Sound sales principals based on research!

    9. Jacquelynne Myers

      “Do you see opportunities to make money all around you?” Funny you should ask that question. It seems that just recently I am noticing more opportunities to make money and getting more ideas about how I could make money with things like PLR, Master Resell Rights products on my hard drive, etc.I think my mind is shifting from being a disability pensioner to being a

    10. Marc M. Demers

      Hi Eric,


      Talking like a Marketer.

      I got a communication skill to gain, to talk like Markers.

      I’m gone have to read some of your books references.

      Really appreciate this lesson.



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