LESSON #67: More List Building Strategies

By | April 21, 2010

In the previous lesson we looked at some ways to capture subscribers from the various pages of your website.

Today we’re going to look at some additional list building strategies to help you build your opt-in list quickly…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

(See video for specifics)

  • Thank-You Page Ads

    -Other people’s thank-you pages are one of the best places to get QUALITY leads.
    -It’s worth giving away something truly valuable to capture another marketer’s customer list.

    *I forgot to mention in the video- Another good way to entice someone to put your bonus on their thank-you page is to give them the opportunity to earn commissions from your upsell/OTO which occurs immediately after the opt-in (The Butterfly software works well for this).

  • Participating in “Giveaway Events”

    -You can get a lot of subscribers quickly, but they are often not as targeted. (ie. freebie seekers)

    -The key to building a really big list in short period of time is to HOST your own giveaway event.

    Recommended: How to host your own giveaway event

  • Submit software to software directories (Software submitter)

  • Submit ebooks to free ebook directories (Ebook directory)

  • Teleseminars and Webinars (Webinar provider)

    Webinars are awesome:
    – You get a bunch of new subscribers.
    – You build instant trust with them on the webinar.
    – And you sell to them at the end of the webinar and make a bunch of money.

  • Have Contests (*Get it cleared by lawyer)

  • Co-registration and Buying Leads (aka. co-reg leads)

    See video for details. While it’s a legitimate way of doing business, I generally do NOT recommend it.

    I do recommend small scale co-reg/exchanges (ie. One-on-one basis, or a site like TrafficLeadsAndSales).

    I do not recommend buying leads, mainly due to potential spam complaints. You can NOT import purchased leads into AWeber… period.

    Action step:

    1) Start building your list.

    In the next lesson we’re going to look at how to build a RELATIONSHIP with your list.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 50 thoughts on “LESSON #67: More List Building Strategies

    1. Gary Pettit

      Hi Eric,

      It’s cool that you mentioned the Ebook submission option… I’m currently in the process of converting all my articles into ebooks using the great ebook templates I purchased from you(with links to my list building sites of course).I even found a list of the top 10 ebook directories to submit to.

      It’s really becoming clear that theres endless ways to promote and build a list. I just wish there were more hours in a day…lol. Unfortunately I can’t afford to outsource everything at the moment but it’s a good learning experience!


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    2. Jonathan

      Hi Eric

      The first time I heard of putting your offer on other folks thank you pages was from Mark Joyner – he calls it Integration Marketing.

      The tactic was a large part of how he built his first company.

      Such a good tactic Eric. These standard but often forgotten ideas need to be put on the table again and again.

      Wonderful tips here.


    3. Ray

      Great list covering a variety of methods. I agree with not using co-reg leads I’ve tried a couple of times, never made a sale and most bounce or respond abusively.

      I’ve thought about hosting a giveaway event but I’ve heard it takes a huge amount of work. Have you found this to be true? Do you need much of a list to get one going and how would you start your first one off?

      Boost your traffic at:

    4. Joe Mills

      Hi, Eric…Thanks for all that you do. These tips are just another reason why I will always continue to subscribe to, and buy from, you. This series on list building is filled with so much stuff that 99% of internet marketers charge for…Thanks again!

    5. Eric Post author

      I hear ya man. And since there are a limited number of hours in a day, we need to prioritize the business activites that we do spend time on.

      And if we want to make money, we have to prioritize the “income producing” activities, and list-building is definitely high on that list.

    6. Eric Post author

      It does take a lot of work, because you go through all the steps of a product launch (I’ll be covering product launches in lessons #87-91). The only difference is that the product is your membership area with a ton of free stuff.

      The hard work will certainly pay off if the launch is a success. Also, the “giveaway event” scripts available make the technical aspects of it quite manageable. The partners can enter their freebie info directly into the system, and it structures everything for you.

      You don’t need a list to do one. You just need to come up with an attractive concept and website that motivates a couple of partners with lists to participate.

      If you have a hard time getting the first partners on board, I would recommend going to some internet marketing conferences. Make friends with some people with lists, and get them on board. Don’t necessarily target the gurus, just someone with a list.

      Once you’ve got a few partners on board, you can use that as leverage to invite other partners. (Mr. X and Mr. Y have already committed to particpate and they have lists of 3,000 and 5,000 respectively)

      Your first event might not be huge. But even if it’s a moderate success, you will then have the momentum that I talked about in the lesson. You can take that momentum and use it to do an even bigger launch next time.

      I’m not the giveaway expert (that would be my friend Jason http://ericstips.com/giveaway ), but that’s how I would approach it if I were starting from square one.

    7. Erika

      Eric, I got your 7daysonly email, and needed to respond somewhere. I really want to help support your mission trip to Belize, but I am unable to at this time. Please let me know when is the last possible time I can contribute to your trip.

    8. Murray J

      Thanks for this brief lesson Eric, BUT I’d like to move on a little quicker than one-day-at-a-time! I work full time (but am working toward quitting my day job real soon!) and so I have days when I can do 3 or 4 lessons and other days when one lesson is enough. How can I get the next few lessons in sequence? On the right hand side of the site the lessons are way ahead of where we are at the moment and then there are only monthly archives and no-way of knowing which lessons are in each month (as far as I can figure out). Can anyone help me please? Thanks

    9. Thomas

      Hi Eric,

      I appreciate all the great advice…..it’s been most helpful in the creation of my site – which is still an on going project. Keep up the great work!


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    11. Cosmo


      What about tose “honest” PLR you resell sneaking those links in the thank you page to get free traffic without asking or telling the poor, inexperienced sucker who just forked out his hard earned cash on the promise of having his own marketing website up in minutes?
      Is that a strategy you also recommend?

    12. Eric Post author

      I understand what you’re saying, but I totally disagree with your implication that it’s unethical to put ads on thank-you pages of RR/MRR/PLR products.

      First, those ads do not affect the ability of the reseller to make money with the product.

      Second, I do not require that those ads be kept on the page. (And unlike many sellers of RR/PLR, I do NOT put links in my license files and require those to be passed to end users).

      Additionally, I actually TEACH in my lessons how to monetize your thank-you pages by putting your own links on them.

      To answer your question, I do recommend it as a strategy. If you’re selling any type of RR/MRR/PLR, you can gain residual traffic by including links on the thank-you pages, as well as bonus pages included in the zip file, and links in the product itself.

      That’s a form of viral marketing, but there’s nothing sneaky or unethical about it IMO.

      One point I should clarify about your statement above, is that I never “promise” that anyone will have a website up in minutes.

      But I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a LOT easier to put up a pre-built site as a reseller compared to building your own site from scratch.

      You need to realize that I am both a buyer AND seller of RR/PLR material. I practice what I preach. When I see other marketers selling RR/PLR that I feel has good potential ROI, I BUY it.

      And in general, it takes me less than a day to turn around and start selling that same material. It often takes more than a “few minutes”, but that’s still a quick turnaround to have a business up and running.

    13. Ejlor

      Hello Eric,

      How are you,

      Eric I got a message from you asking for an opinion for a custommer that asked you for 1344$
      I hope Im replying to the right mail.

      My opinion is that you shouldnt give it to him.

      If I was at your place and one of my custommers would come asking for money because of his own problem with the copywriter,
      I would love to help him because he is my custommer and I wouldnt want to lose him as a custommer, however, Im not gonna help him by giving him money. I could help my custommers by giving him opinions for what he should do about whatever problem he has, I would give 100% of help. Eric obviously you know much more than I do about internet business. However, my opinion is to not give him that money, even if it was a very very little amount, I personally wouldnt give him that money.
      I have a shipping company with my brother, so I do have a clue about business too and what I should do when one of my custommers would come asking for help. My point is that I have learnt only one thing from my brother, father and the company experience, WHEN YOU HELP SOMEONE W?TH MONEY, LATER ON THERE WILL DEFINITELY BE ANOTHER CUSTOMMER THAT WOULD ASK FOR MONEY (DOESNT MATTER WHAT THE PROBLEM IS).
      Thank you for asking me for my opinion, well thats the least I could do since your giving me lessons about internet business.
      Take care Eric and thanks again for your lessons.

    14. shane

      Eric, I have received your name and respect from J.Comm, I am -yes, do NOT laugh, at least- try not too.
      I need to put an OPT-IN form for my blog.cd2ebook.com for my how to Twitter Tutorial- Can you please help me add the opt-IN page so that subscribers will have to opt-in and not be able, as they are able to currently grab my twitter video tuturial- Bottom Line- Iam Going after the World Record for the Most OPT-INs – giving away very qualityproduct/service.

      II will give you whitelist, etc. for the help- i AM THROUGH aWEBER.\
      tHANK yOU iN aDVANCE,

      sHANE mEADOWS cd2EbOOK

    15. Eric Post author

      Hi Shane, What you need is a squeeze page. I show how to build a squeeze page in this video:

      LESSON #63: Building a Squeeze Page

      But if you’re totally new to list building then I would recommend starting on lesson #59 and going through lessons #59-70 in order.

    16. garland

      I am very, very impressed Eric! It is remarkable content, my only complaint (not a complaint really, more a “wish it were available”) is that there appears to be no down-loadable handbook (I could be wrong and will re-check that). I am not good at retaining via the spoken word, I also require the visual impact of a book (or e-book) that I can thumb through at my leisure.

    17. daryl

      Hi Eric,
      I am very exited about this product below, and after watching your vids it makes me want to create a website / sale page ??

      I have a pysical product that I have no idea how to market. The product is called,
      THE DVD WORKSHOP (Producing How-To Videos For Profit),there is 10 DVD’s plus a bonus DVD.

      How do I get started to market this product…


    18. Cristy Mae

      Dear Eric,

      Thank you so much for this tips! This has been really helpful for me.

      I appreciate it so much!

      Thank you. Thank you.

    19. Nedra

      After each lesson, I have realized I was not equipped to start this business before, now. Now, I feel empowered and excited to build and grow my business, thanks to you, Eric. Keep it comin’

    20. Jose A. Nunez

      Hi Eric, I believe I missed that lesson, in which lesson would I be able to find the Ebook template? so that I can purchase same.

      If you would, please respond to my email address.


    21. Eddie Rushton

      Another good way to build your list is on Facebook. You do this by posting videos of yourself introducing your business. You can get your name out to the masses in a short period of time, and get lots of exposure for your business at the same time. You’ll be able to get targeted opt-ins using FB done the right way. You can find out more about this strategy and others by visiting, http://facebook-ads.net

    22. doodoo

      Hi Eric does aweber give you CTOR (click to open rate) metric? If no do you know which email service provider does?

    23. doodoo

      Sorry but one more question that I forgot to ask..

      do you prefer SOI vs DOI?

    24. Micah

      Hello Doodoo,

      Yes, Aweber gives great metrics, so you can track and improve your messages as needed.

    25. Micah

      Hello Doodoo,

      Double opt-in is the way to go, in this age of overzealous spam complaints.

    26. Mark Butts

      Thanks, Eric, for giving access to the Butterfly script. Since the script is open source what rights do we have since we got them from you?

      God bless you,
      Isaiah 40:31

    27. gail

      gee all the links are functional anymore. what happened to all the recommendations on this page?

      1. Micah

        Hello Gail,

        Thanks, I’m letting Eric know! Hopefully, we’ll be able to exchange the original links for replacements shortly.


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