LESSON #7: What kind of online business will we build?

By | June 20, 2008

In the first 6 lessons, my goal has been more or less to give you the proper perspective of this whole online business thing.

So now let’s talk about what kind of business I’m going to be showing you how to build.

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Main points:

  • Primarily I’m going to be showing you how to build an information marketing business. In other words, you’re going to create and sell your own Info Product.

    (Info products may include… audios, videos, interviews, home study courses, workshops, teleseminars, webinars, email courses, newsletters, CD’s, DVD’s, books, and more)

  • Secondarily, I’ll be covering affiliate marketing because it really goes hand in hand quite nicely with information marketing.

  • These are the two methods by which I’ve made the most money online.

  • If you’ve already chosen another online busines path: although those are the two business models that I’ll be teaching, there are countless other types of businesses that could fit with much of what I’m going to teach. In other words, keep watching the lessons!

  • Why have I chosen the info product route?

    a) You need your own product!
    b) An information product can be created for low cost or zero cost.

    Action steps:

    1) Get some rest and get fired up to start your online business.

    So now that we know WHAT we’re going to do… the next step is to make sure you’ve got the proper tools on hand to get started. You don’t need a whole lot, but there are some things, and I’ll talk about those tools in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 342 thoughts on “LESSON #7: What kind of online business will we build?

    1. Violet

      I am so glad to get your tips. I have been struggling for a long time to make money online. One of the best tips I learned was “Stop Buying Everything”. Everytime I go to a webanar all they want me to do is buy someone elses product. Very expensive!!!! They make money, I find out that I have to spend more money to set it up right. I’m done thanks to you!
      Beautiful baby pic!!

      1. Keith

        I definitely agree with Violet. And too, I would like to know how I can make others affiliates of my courses or books?

        1. Eric Post author

          In this lesson series I teach how to use an affiliate program such as Clickbank, and how to recruit affiliates.

          1. Larry Smith

            Thank you Eric for your training. I am listening and applying your advise as I progress through your lessons. I look forward to the progress that I am making after each and every lesson.
            My plan ultimately is to form a membership website. I have been working on the details for a long time now. I am ready to implement your training. Thank you!

    2. Bev Barraclough

      Hi Eric, Thanks for going at such a good pace so that we can read and consider everything. Although I might be impatient to ‘get going’ have already seen the advantage of getting such a good understanding before we start. Thanks again.

    3. Carine

      Hi Eric, thank you so much for doing this, I am super excited to start. I haven’t fully read the Cashflow Quadrant but I am getting through it. Is it important for me to read it completely before I continue on through the lessons?

      1. Eric Post author

        That’s great! No you don’t have to finish it prior to continuing the lessons. I would recommend finishing it sometime soon though 🙂

    4. Bill

      Right now Idon’t have any business ideas but hopefully that will come.I do on the other hand have a lot of ideas for e-Books that I am keeping track of,so if can help me out on who to contact or a good e-Book to read that would be great. From Texas

    5. Billy Young

      Hello, Eric

      At the current time I am slowly going through your lessons as I get them. I think they are great—and thank you for them. Plus I am taking notes for each one, which I highly recommend to do.

      Basically, I am doing double duty with them: Learning how to build up my business website with PLR articles that I acquired as a sidebar issue, after purchasing a massive ‘PLR Package’ that you brought to attention via an email. Thank you, Eric, for bringing that massive sale to attention, by the way.

      Also, the other part of my double duty is learning how, through your lessons, to put together one of the eBooks from that sale, so that I will be able to eventually list it on the internet.

      All the while—I am having SO MUCH FUN. And learning too, while looking forward to more lessons.

      Thank You, sir.

    6. Mavis

      Like Violet I have struggled endlessly to make money online for many years. Never made a dollar and spent thousands but I am still standing and still expecting now more than ever before. You have shown me a light in the tunnel and I am in every comment and quote taking it all in. Like many others I can see myself being successful because of your teachings, I have been trying other things hoping something would break for me while waiting because I need to have something coming ASAP. Everything I try tell me one thing and do the exact opposite so here I am you seem to be the answer to my prayer.

    7. Theodore Whitaker

      For some reason lesson #6 is missing from my inbox.

      I checked the trash and the spam folder but no luck fining it.

      Is there a way to send me another copy.


      1. Micah

        Hello Ted,

        Eric will still be completing 100 lessons. The next lesson will be sent to you soon. You can also visit the following link to see the latest lesson updates and revisit earlier lessons:

        Here is the direct link to lesson 6:

        LESSON #6: Self Employed or Business Owner?

        You may also simply change the number at the end of the link, to go to a different lesson number (example: /lesson1, /lesson2, /lesson3, etc…).

        If your email happens to block some of the lessons, we recommend that you view this tip on whitelisting an email address:

        How To Add a Sender to Your Whitelist (Safelist)

        1. Marc M. Demers

          Hi Eric,

          This is exactly what I wanted. I’m also interested in PLR stuff.

          Is PLR Membership Site covered in one of the lessons?

          Thank you,


    8. Lynda Duplessis

      Thanks Eric. This information could not be more timely. So far so good.

    9. Eliza

      Hi Eric,

      I recalled past two year ago, this lesson scared me off due to my shortcoming of producing my own
      info product. I knew it would never happen and I was discouraged. PLR products did not exist on my mind back then.
      BTW, two day ago, I lost the lesson on how to create a blog . Would it be okay for you to send it
      to me again? I’m glad that I’m starting all over again with a different view of Internet Marketing.

      Thanks and regards,

    10. Dan Merryday

      It just so happens that I am watching this on a Friday evening – perfect match!

      I’ll take the weekend off to spend time with family and friends, and then return on Monday and be prepared to start building my online business.


    11. Sergio Castorena

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for all the videos and training, everything has been really cool so far. My question is if I can combine the information product marketing + Adsense on my website? And since I´m on a budget which estrategies do you suggest to get ideas for posts? I heard that hiring someone would be ok, but it may be a little expensive first. What can you suggest me here?
      Hope to get to know you at JV Alert live 😉

    12. Sharon Mahon

      If we can learn affiliates marketing, that is very low cost and can make 44%+ commission. That seems the safest. But l have looked at lightyear cell phone co.too. looks like lots of help in marketing, but a 300.00 investment, then 50.00/mo.
      For webhosting. Seems more of a gamble, but how do we know if spen?ding more money pays off sooner. Quess knowng how to advertise is pretty much the best knowledge for anything.

    13. Nirmala

      Hello Micah,
      Thanks for these lessons,i just received the lesson#2..
      and when i got here found i can move forward…I am not
      able to watch videos at the moment because of comp
      problems…But i was able to watch in this site…so I am
      so happy. I have also roamed around and bought many things
      and learned a bit here and there..but not sufficiently…I feel i still
      have not found that aha moment. I need to learn so much more.
      and this lessons give me hope…because we can come and ask
      questions and find u when we need you…plus I appreciate all the
      mission work you all do…Praise God!

    14. Len Wolfe

      RE: In regards to being an Affiliate with your 10 Free Ebooks.

      Hi Eric,

      Thank you for taking the time to read this.
      I’m going to be brief and straight to the point.
      My name is Len Wolfe and I am 57 years old. I got your email and signed up for your 10 Free Ebooks and got my Affiliate link, http://www.10-free-ebooks.com/download/?aff=70416
      In the last few years I have become Disabled in a few ways. I’m not able to do much these days.
      I’m pretty much Computer El iterate. It takes me a long time just to do this email. It’s all that I really know what to do on a computer.
      Being an Affiliate sounds like it would be reasonably simple for a Disabled Person to do.
      All I need is to make a couple of hundred dollars a week to make ends meet.
      If you could help me by telling me and showing me how I could accomplish this, it would be Greatly Appreciated.
      Eric, I would love to refer visitors to your site. I just need to learn and know how to do this. This is where you come in. I would be helping you and you would be Hugely helping me. WIN, WIN.
      Thank You Very Much for your time. I hope to hear back from you.
      I know your very busy with Family and Business, I understand if you don’t reply back.
      Have a Great Day. God Bless.

      Best Regards,?
      Len Wolfe

    15. Roberto

      I have 33k followers (unique likes) in my FB fan page (comovivirunavidamejor) ; however, I haven’t been able to get a dime out of so much activity and dedication….I’m confident your program will help.

    16. Agustin Morales

      A foreign company produces electric equipment, this Company want that I sell equipments ,
      how I’ll make sure that this company will pay my commission by selling each of these items?

    17. Deon

      Hi Eric,

      I just want to say, what a privilege it is for me to finally meet a Christian online entrepreneur. I believe with your help as a successful online entrepreneur blessed by God, I believe, I too will find the correct information how to build a successful online business. I started as a totally newbie to the online world since Dec 2012, went through a lot of trial and errors joining companies filled with empty promises and still got nowhere, except nearly bankrupt.

      I truly thank our Lord God Almighty for finally found someone also spreading the Gospel. May you all have a wonderful life’s journey in Christ Jesus our Savior, while just praising and worshiping God Alone, to receive the benefit of eternal life with God. I’m enjoying the lessons thus far and cannot wait for the day I too can start generate an income and have a more abundantly life with my family, while working full time from home.

      In the meantime, take care and never forget that He called you by your name.



    18. Eseigbe

      Dear Eric. I just want to appreciate the time you put into these lessons to make it really fun to follow as well as the honest comments you made in them. I cant wait to move on to the next lessons and ultimately the point when I will start raking in the bucks all things been equal. God bless you so much for these wonderful and inspiring insights.

    19. Evie

      Hello Eric,
      I am so longing to start my own business Online and i am so thrilled and excited to receive your lessons. Thank you

      Warm regards,

    20. Kimmy

      Hi Eric,

      thoroughly enjoying your straight forward simplistic lessons, i love that they are brief and cover only one topic at a time. i have been bombarded with so much information recently in regard to internet marketing and related topics i really didn’t know where to start trying to piece it all together in my head! i really appreciate the way you are going about this video course, especially as a newbie the basics are invaluable. each day i feel more confident that i can finally achieve something profitable online as you are helping to remove the complications, confusion and ‘hype’ and find clarity and confidence in the online world of marketing.
      I”m very interested to read the book by Robert Kiyosaki you recommended in the last lesson, i’ve ordered a copy from bookdepositoryuk and can’t wait until it arrives!
      many thanks Eric!

    21. Sarge

      Hi Eric, as usual a great lesson and among other things, you are a mind reader. I had no idea which business model(s) you were going to teach us. However, having heard so much about affiliate marketing I really hoped that I would get to grips with it at first hand. Obviously too, Info products (which thanks to this lesson I now fully understand its meaning and range) are definitely important to learn about; especially as we will be taught how to create our own.

      Why do you advise us to keep away from MLM (in lesson 4), although in Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant (which you advised us to buy), Kiyosaki “highly recommends MLM” ? He recommends MLM because he “has researched MLM”. He likes the idea that for as little as $200 you can start up a business which is already established and proves itself. Furthermore, it is all “set up for you”, with websites, leads and so on. He admits that it is hard work but if we stick at it the rewards can be very high. Also he gives an example of a millionaire realtor who went into MLM not only to prove that it works but so that he could help others — and does. :)!

      Actually, I think I know why you do not recommend it: I think that perhaps it has something to do with lesson 5 and “How to Avoid Scams”. Right? (Am I right?) I can imagine that scammers operating in the MLM niche can be devastating. The most important thing though, Eric, is that this proves that your lessons are “powerful” and that they follow in the perfect order. Keep up the good work! :)!!

      1. Micah

        Hello Sarge,

        Yes, there are a lot of MLM scams, to be sure.

        Not all MLM is bad. But, Eric focuses on helping you to build your OWN business.


      Hello Eric.
      I wish I have money to join some of the club advertised..
      The more I learned the more I find that I will need help for sure. I have never have a business online or offline. I did some research if what I like to pursue and or put it online to make money. But I need to wait and learn more. The lessons are great and informatives. Keep it coming

    23. alan suter

      So glad to be back with you and have already some options for my first own information product. Although now retired and just turned 65, I just keep telling myself that you are never too old to start something new and also never stop learning.If this serves to encourage other in a similar position to me, consider reading “Never Too Late To be Great.” by Tom Butler-Bowden. published by Virgin Books. Onwards and forwards!!

    24. GARRY Woods

      Just a note of thanks to let you know i’m following along behind where I have been for long time been in and out of hospital over last couple years but Praise to the Good Lord am on the mend now and thank you for the great lessons Eric.

    25. Barry Pickett

      Hi Eric I am a 59 year old disabled man and i use to be a cnc programmer before i broke my neck in an auto accident 11 years ago. I got a lot of money from the insurance the other person had and i have blowed threw that on get rich quick scams. I have all the thing you say i need. I have tried to do affiliate marketing and my biggest problem is i can not write emails. I get them all the time but it looks like they learned how to format all the paragraphs. I cant do a landing page either its like trying to draw and i cant draw at all. How do you learn to make emails look so good? And be able to make a landing page look good i am terrible at it. If you could teach me to just make a couple hundred a month i would really be happy my s.s. disability is not much.

      1. Micah

        Hello Barry,

        We recommend that you hang in there with Eric’s free video lessons at http://www.ericstips.com/. Eric’s lessons have helped many people to go from beginners, to successful online business owners!

        The lessons are presented in a sequence that starts at the very beginning, where the very first things you need to learn about online marketing are shown in the first few lessons!

        If you’re interested to go even more in-depth with marketing, you might also want to take part in Eric’s coaching club:

        Eric, Paul, and Jeff are expert marketers. They will be a great resource for you!

        What is included in the Coaching Club:
        – 2 Live Coaching Webinars Per Month with Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts, and Eric Holmlund
        – Access to the Archive of All Coaching Calls
        – Monthly High Quality PLR Product
        – Massive Video Training Library
        – Community Forum (JV’s, Support, and More)
        – Articles, Bonuses, and More


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