LESSON #46: Creating an Information Product (Part 2)

By | July 16, 2009

In the previous lesson we looked at where to get content for your information product, so today let’s talk about how to turn that content into a product that your target market will buy…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • How to put together together digital information products such as…

    1) Ebooks – Most information marketers will create one at some point. See Lesson #47 for details.

    2) Ezines and Newsletters

    -Often given away for free as a front end lead-in
    -Can be monetized; most often as a continuity program

    -See video re: Limited time vs. Perpetual subscription models

    Recommended resource: Aweber

    -Give a lot of good information at the beginning.
    -Be consistent.

    3) Digital Reports & White Paper – See lesson #47 for details.

    4) Digital Audio – See lesson #42 for details

    Methods of delivery:
    -Embed it on a web page. (ie. the thank-you page)
    -Link directly to the MP3 file (not recommended, because browsers will try to stream it).
    -Zip the MP3 file and provide download link to the zip file.

    5) Video & Streaming Video – See lesson #41 for details

    -See video re: Live action vs. Screen capture

    Delivery options:
    -Embed on a web page (See lesson #41)
    -Make available for download (See this lesson for demo)

    Recommended formats: Flash (SWF or FLV), MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV

    6) Webinars & Teleseminars

    -You can sell it before it even occurs!
    -Great for live events
    -Record it and sell it forever

    Recommended resource: GoToWebinar

    7) Membership Websites – See lesson #32 for details

    8] Software & Scripts – I use Rent-a-coder

  • Make sure you provide real value, and strive to overdeliver.

  • Most importantly… get it done. Do not let the pursuit of perfection stop you from getting your product done.

    Action steps:

    1) Create an information product. (Get it done!)

    *If you’ve chosen to do an ebook or a report, you can wait until after the next lesson because I’ll be covering more specifics about creating those.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 86 thoughts on “LESSON #46: Creating an Information Product (Part 2)

    1. John

      Once more, many thanks for your great information… although I’ve got to admit that I’ve reached the point in my own business development of “which way to go” syndrome.
      I feel compelled to create two sites that are primarily informational for both public and Christian school teachers. One of them I’m pretty comfortable with, but the other is in for a redesign… probably via WordPress as you suggested.
      But as we approach retirement, I’m also searching for ways to profit some from those or other sites under construction for dropshipping or affiliate marketing.

      Here’s my plan… I’m going back in your lessons and start from the beginning, not necessarily in development, but in solidifying the knowledge needed to produce things spontaneously and quickly.

      As a teacher for 45 years, I know that the learning level is critical to becoming proficient rather than just playing-around-with the stuff.

      Sorry to ramble on, but today was a critical day in putting together the rest of the story for my own sites. I’ve written a book called “Radical Excellence,” and am in the process of writing some ebooks about leadership, teaching and golf.

      You’ve been an amazingly inspirational factor in helping me have the confidence that I can produce a web presence that is beneficial to others and can also bring in a supplement to a retirement income.

      Thanks again.


    2. Eric Post author

      Thanks John, and hopefully my lessons will help you make your sites more profitable, especially as we get into the 2nd half of the 100 lesson series, which is really the money half 🙂

    3. Colin

      Hey Eric, Thanks for the tips, I fell into the trap of the pursuit of perfection and it held up my progess for ages! Once I got it out there though, I could improve it as time went on whilst actually selling it. Got plenty of feedback too from customers! Thanks again!

    4. Janet

      Thanks very much for the lesson and encouragement.

      I agree fully with what you said about not letting the pursuit of perfection stop you from getting your product done. However, I have also been appalled by the poor quality of digital products (both sold and free ones) offered by many internet marketers. (Obviously those mistakes could have been avoided with honest and adequate feedback.) Would you covering in a later lesson how we can get independent feedback?

      God bless and thanks again.

    5. Eric

      Having a product is always a first step but I always use a PLR product and snap my name and recommended resources in the PLR product and sell it as an One time offer for something I offer free. Anyway thanks for your tips.


      Limited time only. Get 3 Premium WordPress themes for FREE! Click the link below now to
      download now.

      => http://hopurl.com/65758

    6. Eric Post author

      I don’t think I will be specifically covering it, but you do bring up a very good point.

      I’d say that if you’re totally competent in the English language, you should be able to be a pretty good judge of whether the product you’ve created is junk or not. Most of the junk products are put out by marketers who either…

      a) are not competent in English


      b) just don’t care.

      So… if you DO care about quality, then chances are good that your product will not be junk.

      Beyond that, of course it’s great to get feedback. If your family and friends happen to be in your target market, then those are obviously an easy choice for getting free feedback. But be careful because some friends/family may bash your products if they are pessimistic and/or jealous that you’re doing something cool.

      Forums can be a good place to find testers. Go to a forum in your niche, and ask a few people if they would give you some feedback in exchange for a free copy of your product.

      Affiliates are another source of free “beta testers”. You can offer your affiliates a free copy and ask for their feedback and testimonials. Some of them will give a testimonial without even testing the product, which doesn’t really help you. But some of them will test it, and there’s always one or two who will really put it through the ringer and give it a thorough inspection (those are the affiliates who really care about what they’re promoting).

    7. Leanne

      Thanx for the excellent information, Eric. Once again, you have motivated me to get my site monetized, now. I was a serious newbie when I started on this journey with you. Your information and inspiration has been a chief motivating factor. I now have a better understanding, awareness and grasp of the market. I basically started with nothing but a computer and hopefully a good part of a brain. However, you have helped so much and actually made the learning fun and easier. I truly admire you and greatly appreciate the painstaking time you spend to help others freely. You are truly an Eagle Christian and hope to be in a position to return something to you, someday for all you have done and do. I can see why you are blessed and are successful.
      Much gratitude for moving me along and helping me to grow!

    8. Luca Di Nicola

      Hi Eric,
      Great lesson again. I’m guilty of not getting it done or finishing the project. I’m a little to critical of my own work. The other problem I have is that I want my product to be different than what’s already out there. So I’ll take your reminder to just “get it done”. As you say the perfect product does not exist and I need to create a product that delivers quality but I need to get it done. I look forward to the ebook video.
      Thanks again Eric for your gentle but firm push.

    9. Your Uncle BobSquatch

      Well Eric, I wanted to create a product (or more) this weekend, so now I’ve got all I need, I can’t wait, no really, I’m going to start right now 😉

      Hey, I couldn’t help notice the guy above with the “Limited time only” offer. Seems we have an awesome test group right here, is it ok to put our products or links to them in here for folks to tell us what they think?

      Your Uncle BobSquatch

    10. Eric Post author

      Yes you can certainly do that, as long as it’s not spammy and it doesn’t become distracting to the lessons.

    11. Innocent

      Thank you so much Eric for yet another great lesson. I’m sure guilty of trying to make my info product perfect, and so I wear myself out trying to produce one.

      From now on, I will just concentrate on giving the information my target market wants, and give less time and attention to things like formatting and design of the ebook.

      Is that part of what you mean in the lesson? If I’m off track, please put me back.

      Again, thank you so much!

    12. Adesegun Akitoye

      Eric thanks for your wonderful advice given to me in Lesson 45 which have been carried out by me.

      The only difficulty I’m having at the moment is to place a picture especially of myself in the Blog.

      I would appreciate it most if you will guide me on how to place a photo in the Blog.

      The Site is http://www.homebusinessassurance.com

      You can check for the Update.

    13. Eric Post author

      Ideally you still want to make sure it is nicely formatted, but yes… if it comes down to it, the content trumps the format. If you had to sacrifice one or the other for the sake of “getting it done” I would sacrifice in the formatting and make sure you’re providing good information.

    14. Eric Post author

      See lesson #36 to see how to edit the wordpress files. You would probably put a picture in the sidebar.php file or the header.php file.

      Then see lesson #40 for the HTML code to embed an image on your site. You could also add images to your blog posts once in awhile to liven it up.

    15. Richard

      Thank you for all your help! Great job and a lot of information. Eric do you have a US link for AVG Security. The last time I bought from UK there were extra charges. I am in limited resources. Thank you and God Bless. I tried the one month trial and it was very good.

    16. Tony

      Hey Eric, Thanks for the tips.
      I have been putting off in trying to create a product. I always thought that creating one require huge amount of time and investment. Thanks for the tips Eric. With the steps, I am now thinking of starting on creating one..

    17. Angelina

      Overdeliver! Get it done! Thanks Eric for the clear action steps of the day and the reminder that customers aren’t really looking for perfection in the products they buy…

    18. John Weymouth

      Hi Eric
      I am trying to join your Trading Pro System, but am told that I am already registered and so my details are not being accepted. What can I do about that please?

    19. Pam


      Lessons stopped coming to email account at lesson #46. July 16th, 2009. Is there a break in the lessons? You are not going into spam folder.

      Thanks, Pam

    20. Sue

      I am new to online business, just a couple of months now, and have seen so much hype from so many internet marketers, I get sick of it. I am in the process of unsubscribing from many of the lists I was checking out. One of the ones I will be keeping is Eric’s Tips. Thank you so much for providing real content, with real value. You have risen to the top of my email inbox!

    21. Ging

      Hi Eric,

      I do not have a website nor do i sell anything online but your TIPS are just hard to ignore and they are like pushing me to start something out here in the internet world because you make it appear easy or simple. The way you explain things on how to go about it is pretty much easy to digest, mostly in layman’s terms, user friendly – although how i follow your instructions would be another thing.lol. I am planning to put up a website selling accessories that I make like bracelets, necklaces, stuff like that, but I will have to go back to the previous lessons.

      Anyways, i just like to say more power to you and hope you don’t tire of sharing your wonderful gift of knowledge to all of us here. We really appreciate that.

    22. Eric Post author

      Just use a different email address. OR if you need to use the same one, please submit a helpdesk ticket and we’ll delete the current account so you can signup again (if you had an incomplete signup it creates an account).

    23. Colin Noden

      HaHaHa….just got back, and am glad to catch up. So Eric, did you notice the increase in the tempo of your speech patterns? Is this passion or gravity? Still I love all you have produced so far.

    24. kwame

      Why don’t you also add 2co payment button as another mode of payment since my country(Ghana) is not on the list of Paypal network countries.
      I am really interested in the “How to create your information product” ebook. I can only pay through 2checkout.

    25. Rick Ng

      Hi, Eric:
      Great lessons! I think information product is the best product for home-based business, especially for work-at-home-mom-or-dad during this tough economic conditions in US. Before I get to know about internet business or marketing, I really never thought about that. It’s low cost, good margins and easy to maintain kind of business. It can turn your hobbies, passions or knowledge on something into income, cool!

      Rick Ng

    26. Pete

      Eric, These lessons have taught me so much. I’m a boomer non-techie and I’m learning computer skills as I go, so I’m taking it kind of slowly. I have a blog up and running and would now like to create another website to sell my info product from but I’m not sure how to publish a new site. Can I create a new website from my current WordPress account? I’ve already got the new site hosted and running I’m just not sure how to put content on it. I tried Hostgator site builder but I found out that you can’t use sitebuilder for an add-on domain. What do you suggest? Hopefully something simple for a struggling newbie. Again thanks for these great lessons. Pete

    27. Pete

      Hi Eric,
      I first want to say thank you for these lessons. The format and the way you present them are great! You have given me confidence and inspiration and I greatly appreciate it. I went on your personal website for the first time this morning and the testimonial is wonderful. I too am a “PK” and went through a lot of the same things you did in your younger years. I thank God that I made it through that stage of my life. Anyway, I finally have a blog up and running and I used WordPress. I would like to get another website up to sell my info product on, and I would like to use WordPress again, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Any tips on how to add another website using WordPress would be appreciated. I’m a boomer non-techie but I’m trying to gain as much computer knowlege as I can. Thanks again for your help.

    28. F. destruge

      Hello Eric,

      Thank you for your informative classes, I enjoy them a lot. But after I got your # 46 I have not seen a new one.
      Waiting for your reply and thank you again.
      F. Destruge

    29. Eleanor H

      Hi Eric, Has anyone heard from Eric since this lesson #46?

      Just a note to say thank you for all the lessons. However this lesson #46 is the last one that I received from you. Are you giving any more lessons? I thought there were 100. Can you let me know. I miss not hearing from you. Hope you are okay. Thanks EH

    30. Pingback: LESSON #47: How to Create an Ebook | Eric’s Tips

    31. Eric Post author

      Sorry for the delay… I’ve been windsurfing a lot lately 🙂 Lesson #47 is now posted, and yes there will be 100.

    32. Eric Post author

      You could probably sell your infoproduct on the same domain. You could do a 2nd WP installation on it, or you could do an HTML sales page which is seperate from your current WP blog.

      If you want to sell it on a different domain, you can basically just repeat the process. See lessons:

      LESSON #23: Choosing and Registering a Domain Name

      LESSON #24: Choosing a Web Host

      If you’re going to be using multiple domains, your best value is to use a reseller account such as the one available from Hostgator which allows unlimited domains to be hosted for one price.

    33. Eric Post author

      I think my style has evolved since the start of these lessons. I’ve gotten a little more intense, and I’m trying harder to cut out filler 🙂

    34. Pete

      Thanks, Eric. I think I’m going to go with a different domain. And everyone needs to be patient with the lessons. It’s summer, and Colorado winters are long! Come on. Let the man play a little! Anyway, I need time to write my info product before we go on to the next group of lessons. Again thanks.

    35. Manofasia

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your info. I always try to follow your lesson step by step to have my own product on the net..

    36. dyuane

      great information. One of friends recommended your site. I only watched two videos and have learned more in half of an hour that me trying to stumble thru it for 3 months. thanks,

    37. Micah

      Hello Andres,

      While piracy is a legitimate concern in the age of electronic content, there are safeguards you can use to protect your business. Most piracy can be thwarted by using membership scripts, where only paid members can access your content.

    38. LC

      I’m still hanging in. I’ve learned so much so far. Learning the mechanical stuff has been relatively easy and learning more each day how to use WordPress, but, this lesson is the lesson of lessons. I have to really stop and think about what I want to do with my business and concentrate on the content I will offer now. This isn’t so easy! Thank you Eric. I’ve learned so much

    39. Jeral

      Eric,I pruchased your Products to Resell but have not erceived them yet???? is there a back log on getting the products? Please let me know. A.S.A.P.

    40. ANDY

      Helo Eric,
      I ordered and paid for PUSH BUTTON MARKETER, but I was asked to download Fast Content Producer Software (with PLR/MRR) instead. Please help me sort this out.

    41. Claudia

      Hi Eric, These have been great lessons. I was successful adding a video and pictures to my blog. Next I’m gong to add Adsense code.
      I think you must have ESP…I was just asking myself whether my picing was good on my other sites and you popped out with a lesson about pricing! Wow…think and you shall receive!
      Thanks Eric!

    42. Patrick

      Dear Eric,

      When looking at the license agreement on PLR material what does it mean when it says 10 dollars a day to the freelance writer?



    43. Eric Post author

      I have never seen such a thing in a PLR license. It sounds to me like a joke, but you should probably contact the originator of the material. Generally there are no royalties or payments due for PLR material. There are some exceptions (like if you made a private one-on-one deal with a content provider), but I’ve never seen it in standard PLR stuff.

    44. Ramesh

      Hi Eric,

      Once again Thank u v.much for your lessons.
      I am planning to write my e-book soon.i have a question to get it clarified from you.That is can choose a any existing e-book name to name my e-book because most of the Good names have already used by many authors….and how much it will cost to license my info product.hoping to hear from u soon..Thanks a lot


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