LESSON #46: Creating an Information Product (Part 2)

By | July 16, 2009

In the previous lesson we looked at where to get content for your information product, so today let’s talk about how to turn that content into a product that your target market will buy…

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Main points:

  • How to put together together digital information products such as…

    1) Ebooks – Most information marketers will create one at some point. See Lesson #47 for details.

    2) Ezines and Newsletters

    -Often given away for free as a front end lead-in
    -Can be monetized; most often as a continuity program

    -See video re: Limited time vs. Perpetual subscription models

    Recommended resource: Aweber

    -Give a lot of good information at the beginning.
    -Be consistent.

    3) Digital Reports & White Paper – See lesson #47 for details.

    4) Digital Audio – See lesson #42 for details

    Methods of delivery:
    -Embed it on a web page. (ie. the thank-you page)
    -Link directly to the MP3 file (not recommended, because browsers will try to stream it).
    -Zip the MP3 file and provide download link to the zip file.

    5) Video & Streaming Video – See lesson #41 for details

    -See video re: Live action vs. Screen capture

    Delivery options:
    -Embed on a web page (See lesson #41)
    -Make available for download (See this lesson for demo)

    Recommended formats: Flash (SWF or FLV), MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV

    6) Webinars & Teleseminars

    -You can sell it before it even occurs!
    -Great for live events
    -Record it and sell it forever

    Recommended resource: GoToWebinar

    7) Membership Websites – See lesson #32 for details

    8] Software & Scripts – I use Rent-a-coder

  • Make sure you provide real value, and strive to overdeliver.

  • Most importantly… get it done. Do not let the pursuit of perfection stop you from getting your product done.

    Action steps:

    1) Create an information product. (Get it done!)

    *If you’ve chosen to do an ebook or a report, you can wait until after the next lesson because I’ll be covering more specifics about creating those.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

    Have a great day!

  • 86 thoughts on “LESSON #46: Creating an Information Product (Part 2)

    1. Eric Post author

      Generally yes you can choose an existing name as long as the book is different, but I’ve never had trouble coming up with new names.. you just have to think outside the box. I’m not sure what you mean about the license…

    2. Ramesh

      HI ERIC ,It’s Happy to see your reply & Thank you so Much for sparing your valuable time for me. Ok..could u plz help me out with one more big question ..can i write ebook with any choosen nick Name for author.if yes is there any problem while register my product with click bank.com & Amazon.com..I hope u will help me out with this …Thanks a Lot for your support

    3. Eric Post author

      Yes you can use a pseudonym. Even famous authors often use pen names.

      however, in order to register a pseudonym for a Clickbank or amazon account, it would need to be a legal name. In other words, the name of your business, or a “dba”. Or you could simply register the account in the name of your business, which might be an LLC or other business entity.

    4. Ramesh

      Dear eric , Thanks a lot for your advice ,
      My point of view you are a unique and well versatile real time internet marketer i have ever seen…plz keep sending your all valuable lessons

    5. http://www.africaconvention.com

      Hi Eric, It appears your autoresponder choice is AWEBER. I am not certain that the product is available in South Africa. In certain ways, we (South Africans) are not able to take full advantage of all the opportunities available. Do you have advice?

    6. Norma

      Eric, it’s only your email I keep going back and forth. I missed the first lessons. How do I get all of them. I got you only starting lesson 23. Thanks . . .

    7. Sean Breslin

      Doing a video tonite… is there a connection? Pinnacle is an affordable system that lets people make good quality video from a variety of methods! Animoto is tops as well

    8. Rita

      Thanks for the great information Eric. Was doing great all of the sudden seems like I am stuck and no way out.

    9. Rich Hill


      I forget how I found your site, but man am I glad I did! Talk about over delivery, you are the bomb!

      As a long time IM’er I look at each of your “Eric’s Tips” lessons as an individual product that could be sold.

      Thank you so much for all the FREE and most helpful information on the web for Internet Marketers.

    10. GeorgeP.

      Eric, Great Stuff, Please send Lesson 45 ,it did not come my way.. will have to go over some things again , it is very interesting, makes me wish i was a youngster again..
      cheers, george

    11. Nedra

      As always, I appreciate the simplicity and ease of following through with each lesson.

      Thanks, Eric..!

    12. obi

      Eric pls see my problem . i am a pastor and i have a book which i wrote b4 on be your own boss. where will i start?. how can i use that to create my own web site which i have already bought the domaine and hosting including registering with AWEBER. I REALLY NEED A PUSH FROM YOU TO HELP ME MOVE FORWARD. please what are your advice that will help me. this is my telepohone. 8322067045

    13. Dave

      Hi Eric,

      Curious to see what your experience with rent-a-coder has been. I’m looking to have a very simple piece of software created and am seeking some advice on dealing with the site in general. You know, the standard, do’s don’t, any caveats, detailing of projects,etc. Granted it’s a question arguably outside the scope of your site, but I figured I’d ask.

      I’m all ears…


    14. mans

      Hi Eric,

      I have a question, I am setting up a clickbank vendor account and I have almost completed the application, but when iget to the field where I have to put in the thank you page link I, put in this:http://www.mydomain.com/thank you.html/ for this I get an erro mesage, but when I put in http://www.mydonain,com it accepts it ,surly that cant be wright can it what amIdoink wrong?

    15. Micah

      Hello Mans,

      Since you didn’t post your actual domain, my best guess is the “space” character between “thank” and “you.”

      Websites urls need to be free of all non-valid characters.

    16. Edith

      Hi Eric, I am very glad that I am getting your daily tips. I do not remember how I started getting them, and I am wondering how to make them available for other people. Do you pay people to promote your Tips? Yes or no, I would still like to promote them because they are such a breath of fresh air, no nonsense, and plenty of useful information. I will be going through them again and building my website soon, I’m confident that you have given enough info for me to be able to succeed with that.
      Thanks very much,
      Kind regards from

    17. des

      Hi Eric
      I watched a jj jones webinar with Dan Hollins and he recommended Mail Chimp as a free alternative to AWeber. Do you know how they compare to AWeber at all. I like to save money where possible but not at the expense of poor service.
      Great lessons you are giving thanks.

    18. Valerie

      Hello Eric,
      where can I get PLR materials? is there any website I can go to to get them? Also, are there niche specific places to get these PLRs?

    19. Eric Post author

      There are many membership sites with PLR materials available. For example, my coaching club includes a new PLR product each month. Yes there are niche specific PLR membership sites in a handful of popular niches such as marketing, moms, and fitness.

    20. Joseph Cheek

      Hi Eric,

      Awesome lesson today! I am writing an Ebook for my infoproduct, so I’ll be checking out the lesson tomorrow. I’ve already started writing my Ebook, but would love to get as many tips on this as possible.

      Keep up the great work, and all my best wishes.

    21. Marc M. Demers

      Hi Eric,

      Awesome tips again for newbies.

      Thanks for your precious help.

      I can not wait to hear the next video on Ebooks.




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